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Thursday, December 6th 2012, 16:00 UTC

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MOTU Meeting, Friday, June 30, 2007.

Should REVU Days be a fixed topic

EmmetHikory proposed that scheduling of REVU days be considered a fixed topic for MOTU Meetings. After brief discussion, this was adopted.

Sponsorship processing for SRUs

EmmetHikory asked if there should be changes to Sponsorship Processing to encourage more sponsorship of SRUs. After discussion, it was determined that SRUs should be sponsored as with any other upload, that MOTUs unsure of whether a specific patch should be an SRU could use the motu-sru-verification to indicate that the patch looked fine, but that they wanted a second opinion before upload, and that the SRU Process would be adjusted to allow those sponsored to follow-up with managing the testing and migration from -proposed to -updates, rather than requiring the sponsor do so.

DaD and MoM

ArthurLoiret introduced DaDandMoM as a writeup of ideas to resolve the confusion caused by competing merge processing sites. ScottJamesRemnant joined the meeting to note that MoM was part of the infrastructure that provided patches.ubuntu.com, and was difficult to replace, while acknowledging that the interface could use work. After discussion of the proposals, and new proposals, it was determined that the DaD developers would work with Scott to develop a new interface for MoM, and request testing via email to ubuntu-devel@lists.ubuntu.com prior to deployment.

Policy issues for ClamAV backports

ScottKitterman returned again to push interest in backporting ClamAV, as the current packages cannot adequately provide virus protection for older systems. There are 17 rdepends that need to be rebuilt, and the deployment managed carefully. DanielHolbach suggested using Breaks: for 6.10 and 7.04, but AndrewMitchell pointed out that this would not work for 6.06 LTS. It was determined that a wiki page would be created to track developers willing to test-build and upload packages, with the final deployment plan deferred until a future date.

Other Business

Congratulations are extended to the two newest MOTUs: RichardJohnson and ChrisCheney.

Next meeting time

The next MOTU meeting will be held at 0:00 UTC on Saturday, July 14th. It was suggested that the time shift by ~12 hours for each meeting, to allow those in other timezones to attend more easily.

Next Universe Hug Day

The next Universe Hug Day is scheduled for 6th July. In addition to extended effort to fix bugs, additional triage and updating "bitesize" bugs is appreciated, as new contributors are finding it more difficult to find easy targets.

Next Universe Q&A session

The next Universe Q&A Sessions will be held at 0:00 and 12:00 UTC on 12th July, in #ubuntu-motu on freenode. Note that this is a change from previous sessions, held in #ubuntu-classroom.

Next REVU Days

Due to the REVU backlog, two REVU days were scheduled: the 2nd and 9th of July. The goal of REVU days is to try to get REVU to a manageable size, with packages appropriately commented, uploaded, and archived.

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