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Ubuntu-MY Fund-raising

  • Date: To be confirmed

  • Purpose: For funding upcoming Ubuntu-MY project. For now, it is for Ubuntu-MY Ubuntu Awareness Poster for Schools and College. Decission will be made later after this pioneer project whether donations for Ubuntu-MY fund will be continue on or not.
  • Details for Ubuntu-MY Ubuntu Awareness Poster:
    1. Amount of fund needed for this project are MYR 450.00 for printing only (minimum 300 copy at MYR 1.50 per copy), postage fees still not included. It is expected MYR 6.00 are needed per postage.
    2. Anyone can donate, and members are encourage to find any company/corporate to donate as well.
    3. For transparencies of the fund, each donation have to be registered via this document for a record. Each donations will be updated into the list of donation for once in every 48 hours. Donator can check their donation in the list and if it's still not been updated after 48hours they can email to susahsebut[@] or they can make enquiries to any Ubuntu-MY admin/key-members or Ubuntu-MY facebook groups with proof of donations attached. (e-banking/cash deposit machine/counter receipt)

    4. Poster will be sent for printing once we have enough fund for this project. Separate document will be made for distribution of poster to schoold and college.
    5. 100 copy of the poster will be for pioneer project, 50 will be stock the pinoeer project if we have high demands of the poster for schools and college. 6 copy are for the Ubuntu-MY Ubuntu Awareness Poster Competition and another 144 copies will be opt for sale amongst Ubuntu-MY members to create fund for project postage fees and to re-print the poster if needed. 6 . The poster are available for sale for Ubuntu-MY members with a package of 2 posters at MYR 10.00 excluding postage fees. Postage fees are expected to be at MYR 6.00 for up untill 20 copies per postage.

Recent events

Ubuntu-MY Ubuntu Awareness Poster Competition

Ubuntu-my LoCo Team IRC Meeting (September 2012)

  • Date:29th September 2012

  • Time:9:00pm - 11:00pm

  • Venue: Channel #ubuntu-my @

  • Log: UbuntuMYSeptemberIRCMeetingLog

  • Agenda And Reports:
    1. Ubuntu-MY structure - nee more volunteer to fill in he vacant position. Got a few members volunteering themselves, ssusahsebut need to update their name into the organization chart. The specific of each teams/section need to be draft-out in written for discussion.

    2. Ubuntu-MY Ubuntu Awareness Poster Project
      1. Request for poster has been made from one of ubuntu-my members in FB Group Wall to be displayed in Computer Lab of his college.

      2. After some discussion, Ubuntu-MY agree to make this our latest project, in which the poster are targeted to be distribute among Schools and College within Malaysia for free. The fund for this project will be raised by donations among ubuntu-my members and company/corporate in which associated to any ubuntu-my members (if any) for printing and distributing cost of the poster. susahsebut will prepare all the necessary paperwork/process regarding the fund raising for approval from Ubuntu-MY admin and key-members.

      3. A contest has been successfully carried out in order to search for the best poster materials for the project

    3. Re-Approval of Ubuntu-MY LoCo team by LoCo Council.

      1. Announcement been made by fenris for Re-Approval of Ubuntu-MY as an approved LoCo team at 30^th October 2012.

      2. Key-members need to prepared all necessary reports regarding the re-approval process.
      3. Some reference link has been given to key-members TeamApprovalGuidelines and Approved Loco Team members

Free & Open Source Software Campaign for Consumers FOMCA Digital Mall PJ

Ubuntu-MY Meetup And UDS Freebies

  • Date: 10^th June 2012

  • Time: 11:00am - afternoon/night (depends)
  • Venue: NZ Curry House (Carrefour Wangsa Maju area)

  • Contact Representative:
    1. Kamaruddin Yusoff
    2. Pen Returns
  • Activities:
    1. Icebreaking Session
    2. Distribution of 12.04 Precise Pangoline CD's and some goodies from UDS-Q brought by fenris

    3. Ubuntu-MY community disscussion (future activities and project)

      4 . Some pictures of the meetup and Ubuntu-MYMeetupAlbumInFacebook :

Ubuntu-my LoCo Team IRC Meeting (June 2012)

Ubuntu-My Precise Pangoline Release Party

  • Date: 29th April 2012

  • Time: 10:00am - 6:00pm

  • Venue: No 20, Jalan Dahlia 9/4, Taman Dahlia, Bandar Baru Salak Tinggi

  • Official Invitation Link: Ubuntu-MY Facebook Events

  • Sneak Preview:
    1. Ubuntu Precise Pangolin are LTS version, so we decide to make the release party quite a grand one. With suggestion from our chairman fenris we agreed to use geeknic format for our release party.

    2. The party has been succesfully carried out on the stated date as above. A lot of Ubuntu-MY members come on that day and get to know each other, have a discussion about precise pengolin, upgrading, installing and trying - also some troubleshooting after installations.
    3. Other than precise pangolin we also have "family related activities" on that day since the party are not only for precise release, but also as a family day for all ubuntu-my members attending the party on that day. 4 . We are looking forward to organising another release party similar to this in the future.
    4. Here are some pictures on the party

Ubuntu-my LoCo Team IRC Meeting (March 2012)

  • Date:30th March 2012

  • Time:9:30pm - 12:00pm

  • Venue: Channel #ubuntu-my @

  • Log: UbuntuMYMarchIRCMeetingLog

  • Agenda And Reports:
    1. Ubuntu-MY Organisation Chart
      1. UbuntuMYOrganisationChartinFacebook

      2. President - fenris, Vice President deensokmo and a Secretary susahsebut has been appointed by ubuntu-my members via vote during meeting to draft all the details regarding the organisation chart for further discussion in the next monthly meeting.

    2. Precise Pangolin Translations
      1. Tajul has been appointed as a leader for Precise Pangolin Translation Team and will delegate all the necessary job related for translation to all members of transalation team which has been also appointed voluntarily during meeting.

      2. Translation has been agreed to be made by apps basis.
    3. UKM Event
      1. Everyone agreed for this event to be taken out from meeting agenda since there is no responds from event organizer.
    4. Ubuntu Server And Desktop Introduction in Altfa Solutions Training Center.
      1. Call fro speaker/instructor from Ubuntu-MY by Altfa Solutions Training Sdn Bhd. Ahmad Aizuddin Tajul Ariff has agreed to participate if the event take place in weekend.

      2. Tajul will get all the necessary details regarding this event with Altfa Soultions Training Center representative and make all the necessary preparations if we are able to send some representative to give talk.

    5. Ubuntu Survey in Malaysia
      1. Will be discussed in the next monthly meeting
    6. Ubuntu-MY Fund Raising
      1. A Marketing Team has been setup with SaufiWahab as a leader, helped by Jin Kang Cheng and Chan Ju Ping to draft all the necessary details regarding ubuntu-my fund raising.

      2. another members from central or other region will be included in the team later since all the appointed members fro marketing team are from northern Malaysia.
      3. A few suggestion received during meeting are as listed below:
        1. Ubuntu-MY merchandise such as Mug, Cap, shirt, sticker etc.
        2. Job and Project Sharing Portal.
        3. 1 to 1 ubuntu coaching with small fees.
        4. Online/Offline Cart in website
        5. Carwash
        6. Formatting laptop into ubuntu with a small fees.
        7. Ubuntu Courses
    7. Precise Pangolin awareness and promotion
      1. All members need to include precise pangolin countdown widdget into their personal website/blog.
      2. Using facebook to promote precise pangolin.
    8. Precise Pangolin Release Party
      1. Date:29th April 2012

      2. Time:10:00am - 6:00pm

      3. Venue: 20, Jalan Dahlia 9/4, Taman Dahlia, Bandar Baru Salak Tinggi, Selangor, Malaysia

      4. Event Links: Ubuntu-MY Precise Pangolin Release Party Event in Facebook

      5. Activities:
        1. Icebreaking Sessions
        2. BBQ preparations
        3. Precise Pangolin Installations (installfest)
        4. 0ad Matchups
        5. Mystery Gift
        6. Music Chair
        7. Ubuntu-my discussions (generally)
        8. Cleaning of event area
      6. Further discussions will be made in Facebook and IRC regarding the party by Release Party Committee susahsebut Ahmad Helmi Deensokmo Pencinta Kucing Penreturns

Ubuntu-MY Global Jam Event

Ubuntu-my LoCo Team IRC Meeting (February 2012)

  • Date: 22nd February 2012

  • Time: 21:30 - 23:30 MYT (+0800)

  • Venue: Channel #ubuntu-my @

  • Log: Ubuntu-MY February IRC Meeting Log

  • Agenda:
    • Ubuntu Malaysia LoCo Plan for 2012

      • Postponed to March 2012 meeting since ubuntu-my president were unable to attend the meeting. decioded by vote for by each members in meeting.
    • renovations
    • Ubuntu Global Jam
      • Will be held on 4th March 2012 at Altfa Solutions Training Center Bandar Baru Bangi, from 9am - 8pm. (Venue are sponsored by Altfa Solutions)
      • Jam themes are Upgrade, Documentation, Translation and Packaging.
    • UKM Event on March 2012
      • Tajul Azhar will get the confirmation from Puan Noraini for UKM Event. Further disscussion will be made after that.

    • Live streaming on each ubuntu-my events. donations from community for hardware required.
      • Wan Mohd Fairuz volunteered for donating RM100 to buy hardware for live streaming.

      • En Saufi Wahab has been appointed to be coordinator for Ubuntu-MY Live Streaming Team.
    • others
      • Winner for Ubuntu-MY Shirt Design Contest been selected by vote. Angker2008 has been chosen to be the winner. Here are the link for 2012UbuntuMYOfficialTShirt

Malaysia Ubuntu LoCo Team Booth at KMPP (Pulau Pinang Matriculation College)

  • Date: 18th February 2012

  • Time: 8:00am to 5:00pm

  • Venue: KMPP - Kolej Matrikulasi Pulau Pinang (Pulau Pinang Matriculation College)

  • Activities:
    • Promoting Ubuntu to public and KMPP student during that day
  • Reports:
    • Khairul Aizat, Saufi Wahab and Tajul Azhar in-charge of a booth for than event.
    • Students come and ask about Ubuntu and many of them install with guide from three of us.
    • This event will be organized annually and Ubuntu will take part for the next event.
    • Lecturers and outside campus visitors came and ask about Ubuntu and some of them planning to have the same awareness in School or offices nearby.

More pictures on the event can be view on our Ubuntu-MY Facebook page

Ubuntu-my 1st 2012 Meetup

  • Date: 4th February 2012

  • Time: 12:30pm - 5:30pm

  • Venue: McDonaldsDesajayaKepongKuala Lumpur

  • Links: Ubuntu-my1st2012Meetup@Facebook

  • Activities:
    • Ice-breaking sessions. events attended by 14 person.
    • Discussions about ubuntu and ubuntu-my (latest news, development etc)
    • Discussions about Ubuntu-my survey - Ubuntu Usage in Malaysia: questionnaire (as started in Mailing-list by MakLan) This disscussion has been carried forward for another time.

    • Distribution of goodies by Fenris aka ejat

Ubuntu Malaysia LoCo Team IRC Meeting (January 2012)

  • Date: 28th January 2012

  • Time: 10:00 PM

  • Venue: Channel #ubuntu-my @

  • Agenda:
    • Team Meetup in February 2012 2012 MeetUp

    • discussion on how to make back alive as a main tutorials, How To's and disscussion medium instead of using Facebook Group.

    • LoCo Team plan for 2012 regarding monthly meeting, wiki updates etc.

    • Plan to start a meta-project for ubuntu-my in launchpad for any suggestion on improvement, activities, problems and anything at all regarding ubuntu-my.
  • Meeting Log: #ubuntu-my IRC Meeting Log 01/28/2012

  • Minutes:
    • Meeting chaired by M. Fauzilkamil (apogee), susahsebut, and deensokmo on specific meeting agenda.

    • Team Meetup in February 2012
      • - New Facebook Page Event regarding the Ubuntu-my 1st 2012 Meetup has been created due to previous event's page name are not specifically made for ubuntu-my. Each members in Ubuntu Malaysia LoCo Team has been sent invitation for RSVP to the events. - The Event's name, date and time are are decided via vote.

        • Event name:
          • 1 - Ubuntu-My Gathering 2012 suggested by MakLan
            2 - Eye contact with Opensource Ubuntu User suggested by MrPen
            3 - ubuntu-my bird of feather suggested by Kaibathelegacy
            4 - ubuntu LoCo for all suggested by MFauzirahman
            5 - Ubuntu-my 1st 2012 Meetup suggested by ejat

          - Ubuntu-my 1st 2012 won the vote by 8 Votes For, 0 votes Against and 0 votes Abstention.
        • Event Location:

          - All members agreed to vote for previous meetup location at McDonalds Desajaya Kepong

        • Time: - All members agreed to vote for the previous meetup time. 12:30pm - 5:30pm.
        • MeetUp Activities

          • 1 - Ice-Breaking Session
            2 - Ubuntu installation for any new members (if any)
            3 - Discussion about ubuntu and ubuntu-my. (new development etc)
            4 - A short discussion about MakLan suggestion on ubuntu survey - Ubuntu usage in Malaysia: questionnaire

        - 2012 Ubuntu Official LoCo Team T-Shirt as suggested by deensokmo. originally this is to be brought up upon MeetUp but for better disscussion, its been discussed in meeting instead.

        • T-Shirt details:
          • 1 - Color - Black
            - Votes for:7 Votes against:1 Abstentions:0
            2 - Collar
            - Votes for:9 Votes against:0 Abstentions:1
            3 - Price estimated at: RM40
            - Votes for:9 Votes against:0 Abstentions:0
            4 - The T-Shirt project will be fully handled by deensokmo
            5 - A competition for designing a Logo and Theme for the T-Shirt will be opened to all members of ubuntu-my. deensokmo will be the Organizers for the competition and have to come up with all the info and Terms & Conditions for the competition and post it in the forum and link the competition's topic to Facebook page ubuntu-my. any discussion regarding the T&C (if any) can be made via IRC or Mailing list.

    • discussion on how to make back alive as a main tutorials, How To's and disscussion medium instead of using Facebook Group.

      • Need more users to be active on forums for:
        • 1 - Create new tutorials since all the existing tutorials are outdated. even some of them have dead links and obsoleted.
          2 - Answering any problems/topics made.
          3 - Transfer tutorials from Docs in facebook group into forum for better format of tutorials.
          4 - promoting forums for solutions on any problems rise by new user in facebook group.

    • LoCo Team plan for 2012 regarding monthly meeting, wiki updates etc.

      • M. Fauzilkamil (apogee) suggested to postpone this discussion in February meeting. Each members agreed.

      • Each members need to get ready with suggestion/reports regarding plan for 2012 before february meeting.
      • Meeting for february are set to be on Friday, and start at 9:00pm. Date will be announce later via forums, Mailing-List and facebook page.
    • M. Fauzikamil (apogee) will create ubuntu-my meta-project for ubuntu-my in launchpad.

    • MakLan raise an issues about representatives from ubuntu-my to submit articles for Majalah Sumber Terbuka (Open Source Magazine) KOSTEM Selangor.

      • - MakLan need to discuss this matter with all members using mailing-list or forum.


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