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Clear message

We're here to promote Ubuntu's uptake in various ways, all in essence being ways of telling people who want to hear what we have to offer, listening to what they need and trying to identify just that in Ubuntu. Remember: we market Ubuntu, we do not make it more marketable as a priority. Just about every other team does however, so please pick the appropriate team for suggestions.

All Ubuntu users are/can be a part of its marketing effort. We hope to support them to be able to participate in local marketing, which is what we need most. The Marketing Team itself cannot reach out to every single spot on earth and approach individuals - but the LoCos can, and the Marketing Team can save each of these a lot of redundant work by doing some of it centrally, globally.

Ubuntu [ Bug #1] is our inspiration and its final bugfix is our final goal. Spreading all Free Software is within the interest of the Team, and Ubuntu among that is its main focus.

Find Us

MarketingTeam on Launchpad:

MarketingTeam IRC channel: #ubuntu-marketing on

MarketingTeam mailing list: (Learn about [:/MailingListIntro: our mailing list])

MarketingTeam Meeting Agenda:

If you are interested in participating in this team, please read down


We're working to define what the Marketing Team is responsible for and how we can best work to market Ubuntu.

In the past, the responsibilities of the team have been defined as:

  • Provide a unified front to enable the proliferation of the Ubuntu distribution, inclusive of all marketing activities
  • Creatively advocate and positively promote the Ubuntu distribution on behalf of the Ubuntu community
  • Understand and respond to the requirements of individuals interested in migrating to the Ubuntu distribution, make it easier for others to do so.
  • Understand the need to find zero-cost and cost-effective awareness strategies that allow for unlimited scalability
  • Provide resources that enable positive and accurate press coverage with a long reach
  • Develop long-standing stakeholder relationships that encourage open dialogue and deeper understanding
  • Remain approachable by all members of the general public, regardless of technical ability
  • Remain an 'open' team, understanding that a perfect marketing team recognises that all users are potential advocates
  • Be prepared to change and mould to the waves of market forces whilst resolute in our founding principles
  • Respect and incorporate the views of the one another, the FOSS and Ubuntu community, Canonical Ltd and all users
  • Ensure professionalism and Quality of Service at all times


Currently under discussion This is a list of proposed projects / sub-teams for further development, listed in alphabetical order. Please add your name to the list as a member or contact the team leader if you would like to get involved.



To Do




[:/UbuntuViralVideos: Ubuntu Viral Videos]

Viral Video Marketing

Establish a project to promote the creation of short videos designed to promote Ubuntu. See for concept

Getting Started



[:Fridge:The Fridge]

Community News Site

we need stories about Ubuntu and the Ubuntu community, bearing in mind this is seen as an official news source. We also need ideas on how to expand and improve The Fridge


JorgeCastro, MatthewRevell, MatthewEast

#ubuntu-fridge on

[:UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter:Ubuntu Weekly News]

News for the community about the community

Write content, especially for the "In the press" and "Feature of the week" sections - or suggest new sections!


CoreyBurger, CodySomerville, RichJohnson,LoucasSoteriou

#ubuntu-marketing on

[ Case studies]

Gathering Ubuntu use cases

Write a use case, help edit and publish use cases


ChrisKenyon, MatthewRevell?

Herd reports

updates on the development progress of Feisty Fawn

Write reports for each knot release


CoreyBurger, RichJohnson


[:/UbuntuVideo: Ubuntu Video]

Portal showcasing Ubuntu videos

Send screencasts, video links to JohnLittle




[ Ubuntu Counter]

Website registering Ubuntu users for promotional uses

Needs promotion itself




[:/SurveyQuestionIdeas:Marketing Surveys]

Surveys on the needs of current, potential and previous users

Creating and promoting on-line surveys

Getting Started

MelissaDraper, MarcosLarios

#ubuntu-marketing on

[:/SpreadUbuntu: Spread Ubuntu] website

website to provide resources for grassroots advocacy and avoid duplicating purpose of main Ubuntu website. Coordinate with LoCo teams

Divided into subprojects

JendaVancura, NickMcMahon, PaulOmalley, AlanRae, Seifip


[:/DIYWebsite: DIY Website] site

gathering place for DIY Marketing materials, homegrown campaigns and DIY howtos - subproject of SpreadUbuntu

Sputtering to a halt

JendaVancura, Martin Albisetti


[:/UbuntuStats: Ubuntustats] website

The main idea behind this project is to reflect the enormous activity Ubuntu has on all fronts.

In production

MartinAlbisetti, FelipeLerena

Martin Albisetti

Main Ubuntu website input

help coordinating main website with community input

help with main website content, direction, etc, if appropriate.

Not active



[:PressTeam:Media Relations Project]

Resource for the media and for Ubuntu teams dealing with the media

provide resources for community, mainly LoCo Teams for PR work



EldoVarghese or #ubuntu-marketing on

[:/iheartubuntu:I heart Ubuntu]

I heart ubuntu website

An Ubuntu Community related photographs site

in production


Lipe_ or #ubuntu-marketing on

We will expand each of these projects as they develop and request approval from the Community Council as they mature. If _you_ have an idea for a project, please do throw it around on the mailing list or IRC. These can be linked to via a Project-specific Wiki (MarketingTeam/YourProject).

Getting Involved

The marketing team is always looking for more people to help out. We have huge plans to bring the wonder of ubuntu to the world and the more people helping to do that the faster we can make progress.

We try to maintain a list of tasks that need to be done at the /Ideas page. Existing projects and those underway are listed above.


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