Ubuntu Media Center has its own artwork, derived from the Ubuntu one, and specific for media center needs.

The name of the artwork is Chlorophyll, since the project has selected the green and black as the main colors.


Use cases

  • Default Ubuntu MC artwork
  • Extra themes for Ubuntu MC.



The artwork is packaged in themes. Each theme contains (only considering the graphic side):

  • The Ubuntu Media Center logo,
  • A splash screen,
  • The background image(s) of the screen(s),
  • Background image for buttons, with and without focus,
  • Images to identify the different modules : TV, FM, movies, music and pictures, ...
  • Font information (name and size).


Color palette

The KDE Oxygen color palette has been selected. However, it needs a better green selection before being useful to the project.

oxygen-palette.png 1: UMC-Palette_01.png UMC-Palette.svg

Here are some base logo ideas:

1: umc-logo-img1.png 2: umc-logo-img2.png 3: umc-logo-txt1.png 4: umc-logo-txt2.png 5: umc-logo-img0.png 6: UMC_Logo5.png 7: UMC_Logo6_0KVV.png 7': UMC_Logo7_rotated.png 8: UMC_Logo-08.png 8g: UMC_Logo-08g.png 9: UMC_Logo-10.png 10: UMC-logo-11.png 10b: UMC-logo-11b.png 11: umc-logo-tango.png

Modules Icons

Here are some base icon ideas:

Music: umc-module-music1.png


These data will be implemented using the UMC User Interface Specs


Data preservation and migration

Outstanding issues

BoF agenda and discussion

  • Topic : An UMC logo is needed The logo selected is #8g for the moment. Note from Jason Simanek: I do like the idea of having the imagery being displayed on the display. If we could develop a compelling image that represents music and video it could be displayed on the LCD screen in the larger logos and then perhaps we could simply use the music and video image by itself for the extremely small logos. That would be quite elegant.


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