This Page aims to collect Spec ideas to discuss at the next UDS for the Mobile and Embedded team.
  • Include Gnome Globalmenu Patch or something like in GTK to support screen sizes of 1024x576 on mobile devices with standard gnome apps. (OliverGrawert)

  • Inspect patch from (drag metacity windows everywhere without using alt key) which could massively improve window handling on touchscreens. (OliverGrawert)

  • Review xrandr interfaces, and provide for a simple rotation widget in the default interface: verify that the panels work smoothly with only 600 (or 576) horizontal pixels. (EmmetHikory)

  • Performance gains/power savings of lpia: is i386 good enough? (LoicMinier)

  • What images to maintain? UNR versus Hildon/Moblin images (LoicMinier)

  • Accessibility needs work. Outside of meaning that this Ubuntu flavour is *not* accessible for all it makes running automated UI testing with dogtail or LDTP impossible. See this bug . After recent 30/10/2008 IRC discussion it seems dogtail should just work on ubuntu-mobile as it uses a gnome desktop not hildon. This needs to be tested and scripts written for the main applications. A script run at DIF, one at FF, one at Beta, and one at RC is probably sensible. So, roughly, a dogtail run in late January, late February, mid March and mid April. (IanLawrence)

  • Solve touchscreen calibration once and for all ... currently touchscreen calibration requires a lot of manual fiddling, jaunty should solve that situation for all touchscreen devices and probably even tablets. (OliverGrawert)

  • Recovery partition: provide a mean to reinstall/recover/rescue a system from an on disk partition, perhaps similar to a live system; tools to create this partition, modifications to the installer to allow creation and setup of this partition, tools to update/maintain this partition, dist upgrades from the partition etc. (LoicMinier)

  • Save a memory image to disk on successful boot ala s2disk each time after system updates have been applied to allow booting directly into it, bypassing the regular userspace startup mechanism/slow init scripts (LoicMinier, suggested by DavidMandala)

  • Converting installation from one architecture to another, e.g. upgrading from intrepid/lpia to intrepid/i386, from /i386 to /amd64 or vice-versa. (LoicMinier)

  • Hildon 2.2 integration (proposed by LoicMinier)

  • UNR integration (proposed by LoicMinier)

  • Squashfs initrds discussion and research (proposed by LoicMinier)

  • Image bootmenu a la gfxboot (as used on the liveCD), this is including to merge images by architecture and offer a selection of the flavour (-mid, -umpc or netbook) to be installed (proposed by OliverGrawert)

Registered Specs for UDSJaunty

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