Over the past two years I've work on varies bits of the Ubuntu wiki, starting very small on Backup Your System by cleaning up the table on there. It is now far easier to add another row to that table.

After that I've done a lot of systematic renaming over on the Ubuntu Beginners Team. When they decided to change the naming from Padawan to Apprentice, Master to Guide to name a few examples. Also updating the banner to the correct date and combining two separate table lines into a single one.

After that I started working on the Lubuntu wiki pages. First I generalized the Testing page during the Natty release cycle. Around the Oneiric release I had some personal issues to deal with so no mayor changes anywhere. After the summer I got back to editing and since January 2012 I've become the Wiki/Docs Team Leader of Lubuntu. Since then things still continued it's course.

One of the more mayor operations I've completed is the moving of [Wiki] Documentation/Help to it's (permanent?) new home [Help] Documentation/Help.

Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter

I've also started helping the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter team starting with Issue 243. I have absolutely no idea why I started helping with that edition, but one of my objectives was to get more awareness for Lubuntu by adding their weekly meeting to the UWN. That resulted in some heated responses which I can't trace all back to mailing-list archives. But the end result was a new section in the UWN starting with the wrong name but fixed the next issue. Since then I've tried to update the links to the meetings every week and write summaries when I've got time, but the team does an amazing job even without me.


I once started out helping people on IRC. However I noticed that wasn't my strongest point, so I decided to ditch that in favour helping different teams like Lubuntu and UWN. However I still reside on a few support channel and aid whenever possible.

The second reason I use IRC is to keep in touch which the teams I'm in and have direct conversations instead of waiting for email responses to arrive. So you'll find me a lot on the different Ubuntu related channel for the different teams. How to get in touch with me I revert you to my wiki-home.

I've also become the co-Team-leader of the Lubuntu IRC OP's team to help keep #lubuntu and #lubuntu-offtopic channels clean and free from (verbal) violence.

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