This team is now deprecated. Official announcement about the team's closure can be found here.

General Structure

The Ubuntu Beginners Team exists to enhance the initial experience of new Ubuntu users and to guide existing Ubuntu users to become part of the global Ubuntu community. We are open for all and anyone can join our team and contribute to the community from day 1. Smile :)

We all learn and we all have something to contribute. Only rule 'Do your best to give users correct information'



You are a member of the Beginners Team from the day you think of contributing to the Ubuntu community.

All team members are expected to adhere to the Ubuntu Code of Conduct, and should consider signing the Code of Conduct on Launchpad.

Our team works hard to educate users about all things Ubuntu and all about the Ubuntu community. Our goal is that these individuals will stay on the team to continue the tradition of passing down their knowledge to those just getting interested in Ubuntu and its community.


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