About Me

First Name: Vincent
Nickname: Winael
Age : 33 yrs old

Let's talk about Me

I discovered "Linux" later on. As a formed sound designer, I decided to redirected my career in IT as a support technician for personal reason. It was during my studies that I discovered Linux-based operating systems, Mandriva first, then OpenSuSE and finally Ubuntu. Unfortunately my first encounter with Ubuntu (6.10) was very chaotic and I couldn't use it.

So I opened a topic on the forum of the Ubuntu French Community and quickly met someone who came and gave me some elements to fixe my issues.That's how I discovered the power of the Ubuntu Community. It was after this experience that I decided to learn more about Ubuntu and its Community.

In 2008, I joined the Ubuntu Party Paris' team in charge of the organization of the Ubuntu Parties in Paris. It was the first time I was active in the community. Fairly quickly, I wanted to invest a little more.

After being a volunteer welcoming visitors to the Ubuntu Party, I'm interested in the communication around this event and how to involve the French community to participate and come to our differents events.

Meanwhile, since I felt comfortable with the audience, I have participated in other opensource events to represent the french community Ubuntu-fr. I quickly realized that I needed a broad general knowledge of the ecosystem Ubuntu if I wanted to answer the various questions that were asked me.

In November 2009, I had the chance and the privilege to interview Mark Shuttleworth at Ubuntu Party Paris 9.10. I have to admit that his vision, charism and pragmatism had a big impact on me. Mark influences me more than Richard M. Stallman does.

Since then, I became a real Ubuntu Advocate.

Every time I can take someone to Ubuntu, I do. And because I'm often wearing Ubuntu clothes, I am often stopped in the street or in the subway to talk about Ubuntu. I often rise on social networks (Google+ essentially) and forums to respond, clarify, or correct things about Ubuntu. I translate some article, made presentations and try to grow and involve people into the community the best I can do.

Last year, I opened the french reddit about Ubuntu for French LoCo, and made some press reviews. But unfortunately, I had to stop this last activity due to a lack of time. If only I have more times to offer to the community...

In February 2015, I had the chance to be selected to be an Ubuntuphone Insiders. I'm one of the first person to have an Ubuntuphone BQ, thx to Canonical.

Personal thoughts about the Ubuntu Community

We are Ubuntu Evangelist or we are not! When I start to install Ubuntu for the first time. It failed. I wrote an help message on the French Forum but thinking that I will not have an answer. But I did, very quickly. An answer that explain to me why it failed and how to fix it, with simple word that a noobie like me could understand.

It was my first contact to the great community, where people try to help others, a community with kind and very openmind people.

With my participation on the Ubuntu Parties I discovered a community of people very involved, who loved innovate and share with a strong brotherhood

But with the time, I've seen how the Community changed. The first people who composed the Community came from the Free Software mouvement, are (h)ac(k)tivists, but more and more Ubuntu attract more pragmatic people, who love how simple it is to use Ubuntu, who understand our concerns about privacy, but wanted to be free to use their system as they wanted too, with free and non free content.

The Community gives a great liberty of choice.

Many people was desapointing with some choice made on Ubuntu (Unity, Amazon, etc.). But the great force of the Community is to give them a choice of flavors, and finally we still in the same family

From all the effort results the envy to be involved. And for that you have all the documentation you wanted, you are supervised, you can follow the great discussions that drive the project.

Thanks to the Community Team, Ubuntu is one of the greatest Community, capable of changing the world.

And Then ?

I like the contact with the public, whether online or irl. I love sharing my passion for Ubuntu and I want to be more involved in the management of the Community, whether locally, for the French public, but also globally.

The arrival of Ubuntu in the mobile world and the Internet of things will bring us a whole new audience, but also open up new opportunities for innovation. I want to support people to these new technologies, and, beyond being an evangelist Ubuntu, being a snappy evangelist.


- from olive : Winael nous accompagne depuis très longtemps dans l'aventure des Ubuntu Party et est une force de propositions remarquée dans la communauté Ubuntu-fr. Il est l'un de nos principaux référents "Actualités" et participe activement à la promotion de nos activités. Merci à lui !

- Winael comes help the team that welcome visitors at our ubuntu party every 6 month since a while, and because he is now an "ubuntu phone insider" (lucky him!) he helps us doing ubuntu phone showcases there. I have to admit that he missed once an ubuntu party, but it was only because he was just becoming a father at that time. He is for sure an Ubuntu enthusiast. cm-t

- costales: I met Vincent this year in person and I was really impressed by his enthusiasm towards Ubuntu. Undoubtedly, the Ubuntu community is stronger thanks to members like Vincent! Smart, friendly and hard worker, he's a keymember of the Ubuntu community in France. I support his application!

- simosx: I met Winael in February and my impression from the beginning has been that he is an funny, enthusiastic and friendly Ubuntu user. He is the type of person that can lift others and get them excited about Ubuntu. I wholeheartedly support his application for Ubuntu Member!

- Winael is helping in our Ubuntu Parties since a long time, and he's promoting ubuntu and our events on all the social networks. YoBoY

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