Who am I?


I'm Pasi Lallinaho, known as knome from IRC. I'm a 27 year old entrepreneur from Helsinki, Finland. I'm a self-taught professional, and I've worked with the computer business for over 10 years. My company Digitoucan provides services on graphic design, web and content consultancy. Education-wise, I am a bachelor of social services.

Open source and me

I've worked with Xubuntu since 2008 and open source since 2006. I'm the sitting Project Lead since October 2011. Previously, I worked as the Xubuntu Marketing Lead from September 2008 to April 2010.

During my years working with Xubuntu, I've worked closely with all subteams in Xubuntu as well as with other teams in the Ubuntu ecosystem. My period as the Project Lead has taught me even more about the Ubuntu processes, for good and bad. In addition to working primarily with Xubuntu, I have been helping out other Ubuntu teams where I can.

Some of my biggest projects with Xubuntu include:

  • New Strategy Document
  • Complete offline documentation rewrite
  • Work with the artwork, including desktop suites and wallpapers for various versions
  • Other marketing efforts (eg. two website refreshes)
  • Work on growing the community

Future plans

If my term as the Xubuntu Project Lead is extended, I will continue working towards the updated goals set for Xubuntu. The goals are explained more thoroughly in the rewritten Xubuntu Strategy Document. In addition to keep working to improve the overall experience according to the areas of interest mentioned and described in the strategy document, there are a few challenges the Xubuntu team will face in the near future.

At the moment, the Xubuntu team only has two people with direct upload access to the Ubuntu repositories. During the next two cycles, the Xubuntu team should strive to get more able to get new features to the archives via sponsored uploads and ultimately, team delegation.

The Xubuntu team needs to continue with the marketing efforts and projects started in the last few cycles. While we are close to realizing several of the projects soon, the marketing team will need new contributors in the future. This is why we need to keep both the marketing material and our web presence up to date on contributing.

Ubuntu, including the community, will keep on changing. While the direction is sometimes uncomfortable and brings us new challenges, we need to keep communicating with the community and where needed, establish new connections. We can only keep on working towards our own goals effectively if we are part of the larger community.


  • I finally became a formal member of the Xubuntu project while Pasi was leading the team and throughout my involvement he's been a strong leader who has been a pleasure to work with as we've extended our online presence through social media, continue improvements to the website, made sure our support outlets were properly staffed and in general work toward quality improvements in Xubuntu itself. I strongly support him remaining in role for the next two cycles. -- lyz 2013-04-01 23:59:53

  • I've worked with Pasi for quite a while prior to him becoming XPL, and I can say I enjoyed it back then. I very much appreciate all he has done for Xubuntu as a project and for us specifically growing together as a team since then. While his core skills lie within artwork and design, he displayed great interpersonal abilities and very quickly switched from being a team member to becoming a real team leader. I strongly support his application and hope that he will receive your vote for guiding the project and its contributors during the next cycles. -- simon-steinbeiss 2013-04-02 22:49:43

  • I've been working with Pasi since I've become involved in the Ubuntu/Xubuntu community and its been a pleasure. He has consistently worked to pull everything and everyone together to accomplish the goal of delivering quality release after quality release. I wholeheartedly support his application to continue being the Xubuntu Project Lead for many cycles to come. -- smd-seandavis 2013-04-11 23:43:15

  • Since I've been using Xubuntu I have been using the Xubuntu IRC channels, spending some time helping as much as I'm able to, it was within those channels that I first met knome. His help and enthusiasm were a good part of my continuing to use Xubuntu both released and dev versions. While many people within the Xubuntu team do sterling work in producing an awesome distribution for us - any team needs a firm hand at the tiller to keep the ship sailing in the direction it's wanted to go. As far as I am concerned knome is quite suited to steering the ship and has my full support in his wish to carry on. -- elfy 2013-04-22 22:28:55

  • Hi, I've known knome for a couple (or more) cycles now. When lubuntu were in the early days he offered us every assistance. He still does. Xubuntu have a fantastic guy, it is without hesitation that I ask for you to keep him 'at the helm'. -- phillw (Lubuntu Release Manager) 2013-04-30 00:46:50

  • Pasi is a true leader. Leading the Xubuntu Team for numerous cycles and solving problems, Xubuntu is one of the most popular Linux operating system. He has resolved conflicts and coordinated with dozens of Ubuntu teams. As the Ubuntu Studio Release Manager, I sincerely recommend you all to vote for him as the Xubuntu Project Lead. -- smartboyhw 2013-04-30 10:47:12

  • Pasi is a smart individual with good leadership skills. Having met him both online and in the flesh, and seen first hand his activities within the Ubuntu world, I heartily recommend him for continuation as Xubuntu project lead. -- JussiSchultink 2013-04-30 16:13:12

  • I've found Pasi to be an organized leader, with well thought out goals, and having a positive influence on the Xubuntu community. A big recommendation to keep him as the Xubuntu project lead from me as well. -- zequence 2013-05-01 11:49:42

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