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[DIFF] 00:58 Info alexmurray Update for hirsute devel opening
[DIFF] 00:56 Info alexmurray Update for hirsute devel opening
[DIFF] 20:27 Info paride [1-2]
[DIFF] 19:04 Info brian-murray It has a name.
[DIFF] 18:18 Info jdstrand Remove confusing 'for up to 10 years in more recent LTS releases' comment. we already link to https://wiki.ubuntu. com/SecurityTeam/FAQ #Official_Support
[DIFF] 15:50 Info vorlon
[DIFF] 15:48 Info vorlon
[DIFF] 13:10 Info sukso96100 [1-5] #02 Add new members
#05 Add new team member
[DIFF] 12:41 Info laney Renamed from 'HH/ReleaseSchedule' .
[DIFF] 08:49 Info jonathan-ferguson [1-4] #01 Jonathan Ferguson
#02 Jonathan Ferguson
#03 Jonathan Ferguson
#04 Jonathan Ferguson
[DIFF] 22:47 Info vorlon add cloud-images to list of teams that need livefses branched at series opening
[DIFF] 20:19 Info jelmorini
[DIFF] 19:30 Info brian-murray
[DIFF] 18:20 Info laney distro-info-data exception (reviewd by bdmurray)
[DIFF] 16:51 Info ian-may
[DIFF] 20:44 Info bashing-om
[DIFF] 20:22 Info bashing-om
[DIFF] 20:21 Info bashing-om
[DIFF] 20:18 Info bashing-om
[DIFF] 20:13 Info bashing-om [1-3]
[DIFF] 20:00 Info sergiodj [1-4] #01 Add links to my reviews
#02 Add my Ubuntu Server triage reports
#03 Add links to my +1 maintenance reports
#04 Not a draft anymore
[DIFF] 19:26 Info torsten.franz
[DIFF] 18:00 Info linaporras
[DIFF] 15:47 Info smb [1-4]
[DIFF] 15:44 Info setuid
[DIFF] 14:45 Info sforshee [1-2]
[DIFF] 14:41 Info sforshee
[DIFF] 13:51 Info smb
[DIFF] 01:49 Info alexmurray [1-2] #01 Update for groovy release
#02 Update for groovy release
[DIFF] 01:14 Info alexmurray Update for groovy
[DIFF] 01:13 Info alexmurray Update for groovy and use https for manpages links
[DIFF] 14:41 Info torsten.franz fix link
[DIFF] 13:56 Info torsten.franz [1-3] #01 fix link
#02 fix link
#03 marketing -> core-marketing
[DIFF] 05:33 Info kazken3 [1-2] #02 initial commit form https://wiki.ubuntul a/ReleaseNotes/Ja rev #16
[DIFF] 08:49 Info laney
[DIFF] 16:38 Info rexbouwense
[DIFF] 16:34 Info rexbouwense
[DELETED] 15:00 Info laney
[DIFF] 14:22 Info mhcerri [1-2] #01 Fix date formatting
[DIFF] 07:32 Info alexmurray Update for groovy release


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