This page is intended put some structure around the various aspects of release management, and use this as a page for gathering information, processes, etc.

Active Release Status

Links to help track current activity of a release:

Brainstorming on better metrics to track releases quality:

Release Processes

These are the check lists necessary to set up the infrastructure for a release, manage it through the life cycle, get it burned to ISOs, and track after release to look for ways to improve.

New Release Kickoff

Review and update key information about a release in:

Work through:

Make necessary additions to:

Update templates and propose initial schedule for release+2 (for advanced planning of activites/etc.)

Tracking and Management

Archive Freeze Management


Post Release Feedback

  • TO DO: add in WIKI page of things to check at UDS.

Stable Release Updates

Security Updates

End of Life


These are the mechanisms we use to communicate with each other and manage the release and its quality.


Updates to the documentation to accompany the release should follow the following.

Only ubuntu-doc-committers can commit to the main code.

Contributors can/should only push to the personal branches and propose a merge, or simply create a bundle and submit to the list for committers to review and accept/merge to the main.



Translations are amalgamated and handled by ubuntu-langpack team.

Process documentation is contained in langpack-o-matic. see:


Last, but not least:

  • Every new Release is a beginning of a new era. So some wish to celebrate this, to support the Distribution of their choice by Release-Parties.

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