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When I first started using Ubuntu, on 6.06 release day, I needed a lot of help and I also had a lot of questions which may have appeared silly to some people but were challenging questions to me and the members of the Ubuntu Forums where a great help to me.

I am still a beginner with some/many aspects of Ubuntu/*nix, but as a thank you to the community for the help I received/receive I try my hardest to help others with the parts that I know, or even parts I don't know and I will learn as I solve others problems.

I spend time in the "Absolute Beginner Talk" Forum on the Ubuntu Forums trying to help everyone I can, although most of my time is spent in the #ubuntu-beginners-help channel as I can do this from anywhere by simply connecting via ssh. If I can not help someone myself most the time I will spend time searching around the web and trying to find an answer by any means possible to help the person in need. I am near enough always connected to irc and willing to help even if not present to reply immediately, when I return to my computer I will read pms and get back to people on there problems.

Saj - Here To Help

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* Became a member of the Unanswered Posts Team - 26 June 2008

* Became a member of the Ubuntuforums Beginners Team - 5 August 2008

* Became Leader of Beginners Team Education Focus Group - 14 October 2009


Contributions To Ubuntu Community

*TermTutor - Developer of a project which is a cli based python script which aims to teach people, new to the world of Linux, how to use a bash shell to preform everyday tasks. The project was started by Bodsda .

* Ubuland (Name to be confirmed) - Project Leader & Developer on a project to provide free web hosting to members of the Ubuntu community. [CURRENTLY INACTIVE]

* UbuntuForums - On the forums daily normally for a good amount of hours, trying to help people with their problems, no matter how big or small.

* ALPHA/BETA Testing - Since 6.10 I have been ALPHA & BETA testing Ubuntu, Kubuntu and Xubuntu extensively along side each other to help find bugs.

* Live IRC Help - I'm active on IRC ready to help anyone who needs it.

* Active Member Of The Unanswered Posts Team.

* Active Member Of The Ubuntuforums Beginners Team.

  • Beginners Team Master
  • Development FG
  • Education FG
  • Forums FG
  • IRC FG
  • Wiki FG

Wiki Page Contributions

Rhythmbox - Bulk of Content

Working On - Whole Page - Whole Page - Whole Page - Update Page

Fixed Bugs

Future Targets

* Become a Ubuntu Member

* Learn python & PERL and help debug and maintain applications, to a level where I will be to help the MOTU team just before release.

* Make sure all the pre-installed ubuntu applications have a up to date wiki page.

* Become a Member of the Documentation Team(Both System and Wiki)


forestpixie - I have worked with saj0577 in the Beginners Team since I joined it myself, a very a helpful and patient person. I find him easy to work with and have noticed his help on the forums on many occasions - his help there is easily understood new users. I think he would make a good member and I have no qualms whatosever in adding my name to those supporting his application for Ubuntu membership.

Joeb454 - Having worked with Saj0577 on the beginners team, he gives fantastic help to anybody who asks, regardless of how much he knows about the subject. He seems to look into it just to help that person, which is fantastic. As well as this I've noticed Saj on the forum's, where he is just as helpful and always polite in his posts. I fully support Saj's application for Ubuntu membership, as well as any further involvement in the Ubuntu Community.

ShaunDennie Saj0577 is a smart and helpful person that contributes a lot to our community. I know him primarily via IRC and he's always helpful and a model example of how an Ubuntu Member should act. I fully support his application for membership.

DavidFutcher - I have worked with Saj0577 on the Ubuland project and he is a great leader. He is very hard working and is dedicated towards making the Ubuntu community a better place for others.

Stephen, the utopian helping hand.

For me it is a pleasure to write this testimonial about how Stephen has helped me during the past months.

On one hand, I should mention his gorgeous technical culture (hardware, software, any kind of problem) and knowledge, teaching about it better than any kind of professional teacher could. Moreover, he always is up-to-date in cooler ubuntu news that can be interesting for me, and show me his cool works and offers to explain me how to do them when I be free of college exams.

On the other hand, he always opens me private conversation on MSN to ask me for how was my day, and tries to help me when I’m on a stressful time telling me how we gonna enjoy learning cool things when I finish all the stuff.

To sum up, I’m sure he has been one of the best things that has happened me since I’ve got internet.

Looking forward to keep chatting with him, Fred - Fredscripts


I've enjoyed Saj0577's company since back in March of this year, when i applied for the Beginners team. He was always there, as my 'unofficial master', giving me tips and tutorials. He even takes it a step furthur and helps me with my schoolwork. He's always cool and willing and after seeing how devoted he is to the ubuntu community, i fully support his application for membership.

He has been very helpful and a good friend Glad that I got to know him. He knows a lot about Linux, he is great for people ho just started to use Linux, like me for example. At first, I didn't know what I was doing so I went on the forums. Here is where I found Saj0577.

Hehe, I remember when I first talked to him. I was requesting help with duel monitors. I had everything set up. Lead, laptop and my other monitor. Monitor just had the display of 'no input' so I was receiving help and Saj0577 was helping me. Then he asked to go on msn. So we did and went through everything to get it working. Nothing worked. Editing the xorg.conf never did anything. But, around a month later, I noticed that the VGA lead I was using was broken xD

Saj0577 spends most of him time (when hes not doing anything) helping the community. He is very good and has great understanding of Linux. I would recommend him anything anywhere for help - Tom--d

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