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About you


Arabic and English

The Leader of StartUbuntu Project


Lubuntu Artwork Team Leader - contributing with creating Artwork for StartUbuntu Project


Member of Lubuntu QA Team and Active Ubutnu Forum Member


New in the Lubuntu-Community, but knows lot of people still using XP

SonikkuAmerica (also Launchpad)

Ubuntu user since 2010; fluent in almost all Ubuntu flavors, Ubuntu word-spreader, member of Lubuntu Communications and Ubuntu GNOME Communications

Jörn Schönyan

Helps with "2000 discs for Munich"-project in Germany


Ubuntu user since 2008, passionate about free software and always willing to learn.


I hate Microsoft, and I spread the word of (L/K)ubuntu to everyone Smile :-) I am 14 year old.


I first installed Karmic Koala on my own in 2009. I run a business that remotely helps people to install Ubuntu.


Italian(native) and English

I tried different distro since 2010, but I promote ubuntu to all new users for its simplicity


Dutch(native), German, English, Hebrew

Ubuntu Tester since 2006. Hope I'm useful for the project.


Finnish, English

Open source advocate and general contributor, can do lots of social media spamming

Ted Teddy

Croatian, English

Testing, bug reporting and translating Ubuntu

Bar Hofesh

Hebrew, English

Linux Sysadmin, Open source enthusiast. I have a small Facebook Ubuntu group for Hebrew speaking users



Linux Sysadmin, CommunityManager, UbuntuQA-Team, LubuntuDocs-Leader



Linux Sysadmin, Developer, LocoTeam member, Free Software activist

Marco Giannini

Italian, English

Italian blogger, Kubuntu addicted

M Verhagen

Dutch, English

Linux (Mint/Ubuntu) enthousiast

Pablo Capeluto

Spanish, English

Linux Sysadmin, UnityShellBlog Editor

Jose Ahumada

Spanish, English

Linux Sysadmin, LocoTeams Council UbuntuColombia

Jānis-Marks Gailis

Latvian, English and French

Ubuntu Translator, Takes a part in Ubuntu Marketing and Community's life in France.


Spanish, some of English

I am a geek, and lover of all Ubuntu Family I use Linux since 2011 and now I use Lubuntu

Nury Farelo

Spanish - English

Web developer and free software activist. Ubuntu Lover

Marcello Tescari

Italian , English

Kubuntu enthusiastic user and free sofrware activist. Language graduate with translation knowledge



Ubuntu User, Ubuntu QATeam Tester

Fábio Nogueira

Brazilian Portuguese (Native),English

Ubuntu Member (since 2005), Ubuntu Brazilian Community Council Member, Leader of Ubuntu Brazilian Translators Team, Leader of Ubuntu Brazilian Planet, etc...

Sean Ito

English and Tagalog

Contributing Developer of Ubuntu GNOME, Linux Enthusiast, Open source advocate

Abdur-Rahman Rozell


Pierre van Male

French, English, Spanish

Using GNU/Linux since 2000 and Ubuntu since 2006, I am working for humanitarian organizations in various countries. I am currently in Addis, Ethiopia

Daan Bos

Dutch (native), English

Open source advocate and Ubuntu user since Lucid Lynx.

Robert Streeter


Ubuntu advocate and Ubuntu user since Warty Warthog (4.10)

Bagus Aji Santoso

Bahasa Indonesia / English

I really excited in spreading Linux in Indonesia.


Arabic , Frensh & English

Ubuntu us3r since 2008 and member of Ubuntu-TN LoCo Team, Ubuntu GNOME team and active member of other communities.


Serbian & English

FOSS enthusiast, advocate and contributor.

Rob Ward


Moved from XP to Xubuntu XP2XU


Serbian, English

Linux and FOSS activist and advocate.

George Mulak


Moved from XP to Ubuntu and Xubuntu [http://www.computertechchannel.com/lab


Portuguese & English

User of Ubuntu since 2010, after a "not so good" experience with Windows


English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese

User of Debian since 2005, advocate of Bodhi Linux i.e. a derivative of Ubuntu and Debian since 2010.

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