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Putting ideas together for TennesseeTeam. Add, add, add, add your ideas! Any ideas at all.

  • Try keeping the idea summary short and readable, then supplement the ideas with additional facts in a bullet list.
  • Be positive when responding to ideas, because we want to encourage any and all ideas here.
  • Provide links to wiki and external pages whenever possible.

Feel free to add your ideas below and comment on other people's ideas...

Results from Leadership Meeting 08/18/2010

  • Update documentation to show what this loco has done (get things up to date with previous accomplishments on the web site and/or wiki)
  • Each POC should attempt to facilitate a meet and greet in their region before we go to Council (Take Pictures for the web site!)
  • Add to the list of accomplishments the involvement of each team member regardless of position with other lug(s)
  • Every leader work towards becomming a ubuntu member https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Membership

  • Add a testimonial for the various members on the wiki page (Wiki Jam - Aug 25 2010 @ 8pm EDT/ 7pm CDT)
  • Add to wiki (loco application) that the setting up a portal to other resources is a way to show what ubuntu is good for, thus spreading ubutnu via testimonials
  • Start working on the Approval Application (<yourteam>ApprovalApplication) to present to the council in Nov 2010

Some ideas taken from the NY LoCo page I thought would be good ideas for us to branch out. (baytes)

Support Ubuntu Within Our local Community

  • Support existing Tennessee GNU/Linux user groups (i.e KLUG - Knoxville Linux Users Group)
  • Partner with local computer user groups to assist with events

Assist our members in growing in the global Ubuntu community

  • Help our members find Ubuntu teams that align with their personal interests
  • Start an Ubuntu Bug Day (for those interested) to help squash bugs in your favorite application(s).

Consolidate (Possibly Regionally) a mass order from Shipit of "Official" copies of the 7.10 Gutsy Release in both the i686 and 64bit versions for distribution and use during install parties. (w4ett)

  • Shipit is now accepting pre-orders of Gutsy Gibbon https://shipit.ubuntu.com/ I ordered 10 CDs 10/8/07. For those active on Launchpad and the Forums should be able to order up to 10 CDs on the initial order. For those of you looking for a stand alone CD of Open Office, the download is available here: http://download.openoffice.org/common/instructions.html For those wanting to do an upgrade only, the Update Manager should be enabled for Distribution Upgrade on or about 10/18/07 (Remember to backup your home folder/partition before upgrading). (w4ett)

  • If you are intent on downloading the Final of Gutsy Gibbon to do a clean install, it is requested that you use the usual Torrent sites to free up the available bandwith from Canonical. (w4ett)
  • The pressed copies are much more impressive to the public than a burned CD (maybe I need a lightscribe? Smile :) ) I include one Canonical Disk with every PC I sell. (w4ett)

Get Ubuntu install disks into state libraries. (desertc)

  • I placed 12 Feisty Disks with my Business Cards in the local Henderson County (Lexington) Library on 09/03/07 #3 are remaining on 10/08/07 (w4ett)
  • They are extra Canonical pressed disks (I had a few extra)...I have received 3 calls for tech support, since I included my card, so not a bad return on investment! (w4ett)

Get some ideas for those of us in rural areas of the state that can be handled singlehandedly or in a very small group without overwhelming any users. (JohnCub)

  • Currently I simply keep a copy of ubuntu with me and give it to anyone that will take it. It doesn't seem like much but it, at the very least, gets the name out there. (JohnCub)

Set up local sub-teams in the Memphis, Nashville, Knoxville, Chattanooga, and Tri-Cities so members can meet up in the real world. (saxonjf)

  • I also suggest adding Jackson as a regional sub-team...then there will be coverage with approximately 100 miles between each population centre. (w4ett)
  • Getting the ideas brought up from the meetups back onto the wiki or team-wide repository (desertc)
  • Tennessee is a very wide state. The distance between Memphis and Johnson City is further than San Francisco and Los Angeles. Regional meetups will be good in some areas, but it may not be possible to cover the state so everyone has a meetup within a short driving distance. (desertc)
  • For cities on the state lines, consider your neighbors over the boarder. Inquiring with neighboring LoCo teams, might generate as many attendants as soliciting our own state LoCo members. (desertc)

  • We should set up cameras and TVs at each meeting, so we can conference amongst the meetings.

Getting Team LoCo Approved (desertc)

  • LoCoGettingApproved =>Research and formulate a roadmap of activities/events that out new team is capable of completing to place us on the path to approval. (w4ett)

  • We should contact computer clubs of all the downtown campuses (TSU, Vandy, Belmont, Lipscomb) to see if there's any interest there. (saxonjf)

Set Up regular IRC chat times (saxonjf)

  • Set up a time, perhaps a couple days a week, when all members can expect to find others.
  • This would not preclude other times, but allow chat to focus on times everyone knows to show up.

Mental roadmap of Ubuntu and LoCos

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