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Write up your details, and let your teammates know where you are located and your interests. This information will help organizers of meet-ups and local-community-specific efforts.

Edit this wiki page and add your Name(s), Geographic Area, and Special LoCo Interest

  • John Haitas (johnhaitas), Nashville, Ubuntu+1, Ubuntu Bugsquad, Ubuntu Desktop and Ubuntu Server

  • AlexLowe (Lengau), Murfreesboro (Middle TN), Kubuntu desktop, Ubuntu server, Xubuntu desktop, Xubuntu plaything.

  • Andrew Croney sumguy231, Murfreesboro (Middle TN), using Kubuntu and Xubuntu.

  • CalebCupples, Savannah (West TN, near the TN/AL/MS border), Kubuntu desktop, Ubuntu server.

  • Chris Talley aka chris4585.
  • Don Harper w4ett, Dickson, Unanswered Posts Team, Beginners Team, Ubuntu Bugsquad, Desktop Alpha/Beta Tester, Ham Radio Integration.

  • Matt Latsha Saxonjf, Nashville(Bellvue), Gnome Desktop Art (Combining Controls with Window Borders and Icons), creating desktop backgrounds.

  • MichaelBerger (tideline), Knoxville, Ubuntu Server, Carrier Grade Ubuntu, Sparc Team, Bug Squad.

  • Rob Case robc4, Nashville, Ubuntu Server, Kubuntu Desktop, Xubuntu Desktop, Possible MTSU organizer if needed.

  • Todd Taylor, Lenoir City (between Knoxville and Chattanooga), digital photography, music editing,gaming with Ubuntu Desktop on desktops, netbooks and servers.

  • Tracy_Phillips (bucketshop), Cookeville (Middle TN), Ubuntu, Ubuntu Server.

  • Trenton Bussell (exodus_ms), Tullahoma (Middle TN), Ubuntu Desktop New to Linux

  • WilliamFPearson (LibertyTiger), Cordova(Memphis), Linux Systems Engineer -

  • Mike Smith ([tpm]), Chattanooga, Ubuntu Server/Desktop

  • Brandon Sharp (bsharp), Hendersonville (Nashville), Ubuntu Server/Desktop.
  • Zach Gibbens (1nf0(0p411), Cleveland (Chattanooga Area), Whatever I can get a hold of.

  • Thomas Williamstjcertified, Clarksville, Ubuntu + education

  • Brad Aytes (baytes/eights), Knoxville, Ubuntu Bugsquad, Launchpad, Security, Open Source Web Technologies

  • Michael Stokes (mmb113) {Clinton, TN} Student, & new to Linux

  • Patrick Hill(Xoanan).{Gallatin, TN} Xubuntu + education
  • Joseph Fennell(jfenn2199) Memphis TN; Ubuntu, Linux, and Netbooks

  • Christopher Lunsford(chrispluns, binarymutant), Knoxville, TN, Ubuntu, Debian

  • Justin White, North-eastern TN, Ubuntu and web design.
  • Wesley Stout (wrst), Livingston, Ubuntu, Ubuntu Server
  • Jonas Buckner (KidShenck), Johnson City (Tri-Cities) Anything Open Source

  • Brendan Sullivan(galant14b), Louisville, Glad to help where I can, and will soak up useful knowledge in the mean time Wink ;)

  • Gary Strange (linuxman410), Morristown, Ubuntu and any other thing i can help with
  • mac9416, North of Memphis, TN (West); Python, Wordpress (PHP/CSS), Keryx

  • Genie Clarke (defragmeout), Memphis, Introducing people to Ubuntu desktop environment

  • Lewis Stingfellow( redsoxking, Memphis, Noob to Ubuntu and the Tech World, just trying to learn from some of the best

  • Rich Gray (netritious), South of Memphis, Ubuntu Server, Virtualization, Security

  • Christos "Chris" Ekimogloy (Xpistos), Columbia (South of Nashville) Ubuntu Laptop, Ubuntu Server and Linux newb just trying to make a difference

  • Eric Goddard (ericgod48, ericG), Memphis, Ubuntu Desktop, netbooks, GRASS

  • JP Russell (RagnarokAngel) Knoxville/Harrogate TN; Ubuntu laptop, netbooks.

  • Jason Raup (jasonr2210) Crossville, TN. New to the Ubuntu world.
  • Scott Mosier, (Launchpad, Wiki) Shelbyville/Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Ubuntu, education, custom solutions, Virtualbox, server - classroom applications.

  • Joe Schwentker (Launchpad), (chibihogoshino) Knoxville, Tn. linux,ubuntu,laptop/desktop,photography,photo correction

  • CR Andrews (Shocktheatre) Johnson City, TN. Ubuntu desktop & server -- especially lean alternate installs with customizations; Apache, VirtualBox

  • Jason Myers (jamdatadude) Rutherford County, Ubuntu and Enterprise networking, Ubuntu documentation team

  • Omar Owens,(vychune), Whitehaven, Memphis, TN. Ubuntu in general. My website is Chestpaint Social.

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