The UbuCon New York - February 16 - Google Office, New York, NY

If you're an Ubuntu user, sysadmin, or developer, please join us at TheUbucon on February 16 (the day after LinuxWorld Open Solutions Summit) at the brand spanking new Google office in Manhattan. What should Ubuntu users know? How do you use Ubuntu? Bring your ideas and enthusiasm.

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Want to come? We'll need you to register by Feb. 14 - TheUbucon/NYC2007/RSVP

Conference Schedule

The Ubucon will be part un-conference, part installfest, and part user group meeting with some active Ubuntu community members. This will only be partially filled, as much of the schedule will not be determined until that day.

Breakfast will start at 8:30 AM; the conference proceedings open at 9; lunch is served from 12 - 1; and we'll be outta there by 6. You can see a partially filled schedule taking shape now.

Venue Information

Google's NYC office] is located at 76 9th Avenue in Chelsea, Manhattan, between 8th and 9th Avenue and 15th and 16th Street. Please enter the building on the northwest side (16th Street & 9th Avenue). A Google representative will be on hand to greet you, provide you with a building badge, and direct you to the 8th floor.

To get to Google New York, take the A/C/E or L subway to 14th Street, and exit onto 8th Avenue. Alternatively, the 1/2/3 subway lines and M11, M14, and M20 buses service the surrounding area. If you are driving, the closest parking lot is located in the building, accessible from 15th or 16th Street.

Connect and Interact

There are a variety of ways to get in touch with fellow UbuCon'ers.

Key Signing Party

Read about it here => KeySigningParty

Don't forget to print out and bring your list! KeySignatureList

The UbuCon Blog

Get the latest info at The UbuCon Blog, including commentary on Linux desktop news, some wiki updates, and everything else to suit your UbuCon fancy. Notify the blog authors if you wish to contribute.

IRC Chatroom

Meet other Ubucon folks in #ubucon on Come by on Friday's at 6pm Eastern to participate in planning sessions. There are a variety of IRC clients. I like Gaim. See Jan. 26 meeting notes, or Feb. 02 meeting notes

Mailing List

Join The Ubucon mailing list!

Email: theubucon-request AT theubucon DOT org with "subscribe" in the subject or simply click here.

Other Stuff - Meetups, Ridesharing, Hotels

Looking for someone to share a hotel room? Hoping for a ride from the airport? Want to organize a walk in Central Park over the weekend? Collaborate on the TheUbucon/NYC2007/NyMeetups page.

A Word of Thanks

Many thanks to Google for hosting this conference - and for providing snacks for attendees. In particular, Leslie, Chris D. and Susan for helping make this a reality.

Also, from Canonical/Ubuntu, many thanks to Jono, Jane, and a few others whose names escape us at the moment.

Thanks to Hyperic, John Mark's employer, for paying people to work on free software.

And most of all, thanks to Mark for starting the Ubuntu project, and thanks to everyone that has participated thus far.


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