Email: <torsten AT SPAMFREE ubuntu DOT com>


  • Working for Canonical Corporate Services

    • Premium Service Engineer for Canonical customers
    • Ubuntu Training

    • Supporting Ubuntu
    • Bug triaging and fixing
    • Multimedia on Ubuntu
  • Old Homepage at Chair for Computer Aided Architectural Design at the ETH Zurich

    • Integration of video streaming and building automation services (smart home)
    • Image database prototype and web based browsers
    • Consulting on software projects
    • Infrastructure
  • Organizer of LinuxTag

    • Program Chair from 1998 to 2003
    • Program Committee Member
    • Founding member LinuxTag e.V.

  • Former co-owner of stern-sten, consulting and training; imagis
  • Contracted as instructor for IBM GLS Switzerland, Red Hat, Sendmail, HP
  • Supervised projects on software packaging, build environment
  • Custom software development
  • System Administration since 1993 (IBM AIX, HP-UX, Linux)

Testimonials for Ubuntu membership

  • MarcDeslauriers: The bugs Torsten files are always well done and detailed, and I have successfully sponsored a virtinst debdiff from him. I believe Torsten has the knowledge and experience necessary to be a Ubuntu member.

  • Torsten has done some great work contributing to Ubuntu cloud, his work to UEC presistency was great. He's always active on #ubuntu-cloud answering questions and helping. He also presented a session on Ubuntu Cloud Days (AhmedKamal)

  • TeTeT is very active on the cloud arena, and shows the persistence/patience/respect that are key to winning over people on UEC and Ubuntu. I am glad for the work he is doing and believe he will do great as an Ubuntu member (Hggdh)

  • I've worked with Torsten primarily when he is working as a "power user" of Ubuntu. By that, I mean that in his role educating about Ubuntu, he is interested in ubuntu being polished and working well for real world users. As a result, he files bugs and contacts the developers to help that happen. It was his idea to pursue "UEC Persistency", which brings back 2 major features to 10.04 LTS.
  • Torsten has done a great job in the Ubuntu world for several years now. I was impressed by his diligence more than one time. Whenever he asked technical questions, he had done his research before and his answer always was "Ok thanks, and I fixed the documentation."

Recent Talks and Publications

  • UEC persistency, UbuntuCloudDays

  • The Ubuntu Home, LinuxConf Europe, Speaker

  • Ubuntu IT Infrastructure Management, Ubuntu Live, Speaker
  • Supporting Ubuntu, LinuxTag, Speaker

  • Ubuntu Love Day, LinuxTag, Panel Chair

  • Privacy in Video Surveilled Areas, Privacy Security and Trust 2006, Best Paper Award, Lead Author

  • Enhancing Privacy in Video Surveilled Rooms, UKUUG Linux Summer Conference 2006, Lead Author
  • Video - Wiedergabe, Bearbeitung und Streaming unter Linux, Open Source Press 2005, Editor
  • Videobearbeitung mit MLT, LinuxTag 2005, Author

  • Serious Fun. Pervasive Game Design as a CAAD Teaching and Research Method, eCAADe 2005, Co Author


  • Currently applying for PhD at ETH Zurich on 'Privacy in Video Surveilled Spaces'
  • Master level in Computer Science and Economics, received from University of Kaiserslautern

  • Ubuntu Certified Professional
  • LPI Level 1 Certified
  • Red Hat Certified Examiner and Engineer


  • Biking
  • Gaming
  • Flight Sims


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