Training Suggestions

Translations are a vital part of l10n and i18n and our aim is to deliver Ubuntu in every user's native language with the help of community. In order to be able to do this we need everyone's help.

Making translations is an easy way to contribute and it doesn't require programming knowledge, just a good working knowledge of English. But even people willing to be translators need a little help at the beginning to get them started.

We are looking for people willing to provide this kind of help that is to prepare and lead training sessions for new translators in IRC.

Is there anything you would like to see covered in one of our next translations training session?

Leave your ideas or comments below!

Session Suggestions

Translation Teams

  • Starting a translation team

    • General process to start a team

    • Setting up the team
    • Getting members to help
    • Joining a translation team
      • How to contact translation teams, prerequisites for joining
    • Translation workflows
      • Workflow 1: Online translation in Launchpad, then upstreaming
      • Workflow 2: Upstream translation, only Ubuntu-specific translation in Launchpad

  • Organizing and running a Translation Jam

    • Organizing the Jam
      • The venue
      • Promotion
      • Setting goals
    • Running the Jam
      • Intro, welcoming participants
      • Workflow suggestions
    • After the Jam
      • Reporting about the Jam

Translating in Launchpad

  • The Launchpad Translations Web Interface

    • Point and click translation
    • How to use suggestions
    • Message sharing
    • Automatic imports and exports
    • Special symbols in strings (accelerators, XML tags, etc)
    • Translating Ubuntu online and offline

  • Ubuntu Translations Lifecycle

    • How translations get into Launchpad
      • Importing upstream translations
        • From packages
        • From bzr branches
      • Translating online
    • How translations are exported from Launchpad
      • Language packs
      • Langpack-o-matic
    • Releasing translation updates
      • Testing language packs

Translation Quality

  • Ubuntu Translations Quality

    • Why is translation quality important
    • Basic rules for translation quality
    • Reviewing translations for quality assurance
    • Use of glossaries and other translation aids
    • Using the weekly translations PPA
    • Review workflows

Ubuntu Translations and Other Projects

  • Ubuntu Translations and Upstreams

    • Intro: upstream and downstream
    • As an upstream
      • How is Ubuntu translated
      • Modifications for a better Ubuntu integration
      • How to get Ubuntu translations
      • Translations copyright
    • As a translator
      • Why is it necessary to contribute back to upstream?
      • General contribution guidelines
      • Other resources to track upstreams

  • Automatic Imports from Upstream Branches

    • Translation import workflow
      • Importing upstream translations
        • Imports from packages
        • Imports from branches
      • Importing user uploads
    • Import branches in Launchpad
      • Upstream projects for imports with Closed permissions
      • Ongoing Launchpad feature work
        • Setting up upstream links

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