This is the home of the Ubuntu translations knowledgebase, where you'll find all information around translating Ubuntu.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about translating Ubuntu and using Launchpad for translations


Set of recommended guidelines and best practices, aimed at translation team coordinators, but also interesting for all translators.


Set of policies governing the teams in the Ubuntu Translators translation group. The translation of Ubuntu is only possible for the teams in this group.


Ubuntu Translation teams

General documentation


Special translations

These are translations that do not follow the usual translation lifecycle.

Utilities and translation helping tools

  • Nightmonkey - Helps you translate package description

  • Karmic Translations Report - a better view over translation templates (search, see upstream and sort over all templates)

  • Ubuntu Translations Tools various script to help you with translation related task (ex. search string in local installed translations)

Developer documentation

This documentation should assist developers in preparing their Ubuntu applications and packages for translation

General resources


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