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Instructional Development

The U+1 Team is looking for new members. Only basic skills are needed for most tasks. This is an opportunity to join a friendly and talented community, learn fast and be an active part in Ubuntu future. Click here to know more.


The purpose of this section is to help each contributor organize a list of his ongoing activities and make them public, so others know what each of us is doing (and hopefully jump in to help).


High Priority

  • RNs List / Contact non-members - Ask again to join U+1
  • Better partnership with UF for recruitment (define processes) - check with bodhi
  • Finish (U+1)+QA specification/proposal.
  • Monthly report / newsletter: Members, CC (transparency)
  • Publish agenda / (monthly?) meetings: Suggest topics, editable by members (check IRC Situation)
  • Define dates for leadership / council process before QQ.
  • Improve roadmap/status (tracker?).
  • Improve recruitment content
  • Recruitment: First list: 68 potential candidates. Contact
  • Recruitment: PM/Mail "regulars" that haven't yet registered (23 found).
  • Create roles table (improve / add) - check with Cariboo907.
  • Define roles, add to processes documentation, publicize roles.

Medium Priority

  • Wiki: Improve. Bash basics, scripting, services, debugging, logs, reporting bugs, VMs, checkbox, testdrive
  • Follow up and support resolution for the IRC situation. Define meeting once it's ready.
  • Improve Staff script (Solution for UbuntuForums handles? - So far Local SQL table manually updated to associate LP account/IRC nickname to UF handle. Not very practical).

  • Members profile: Define data model for poll data
  • Poll: Hardware / flavor / preferences / skills
  • Get useful tools/scripts to Team LP PPA, create script to update Wiki/Tools links.
  • Agenda: Some teams have added Google Agenda, which is great for collaboration. Example.

  • Replace with Shared Google Calendar / tasks (Embed / thunderbird tutorial)

Low Priority

  • Add "Recently updated" MoinMoin macro somewhere.

ventrical (aka twocamels)

I have already wrote the introduction, created some artwork for intro (Human beings at Work), Sudo Code Quick Grabber and lines. Also have wrote preliminary content for several other topics in the testers-wiki.

Uploaded three topics and pics to tools section.

Continue to develop the testers wiki with artwork, other content fill and more generalized user freindly format.

Attempt to parse through the larger databases of past distibutions and glean for helpful sudo code fixes for the Sudo Code Quick Grabber project.

Clean up and edit. Remove redundant files from attachments, etc..

grahammechanical (aka greymech)

  • Proof-read the U+1 testers wiki and learn how to edit the wiki at the same time. Status: started.
  • Implement my HD partitioning plan so as to be a more useful tester. Status: still thinking.
  • Keep a place in my activities for personal computer projects. Status: on-going.
  • Re-run the checkbox application test suite to see if the recent update to Orca corrected some of its deficiencies
  • ToDo activity #5

  • last edited: 22nd March 2012.

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