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Instructional Development

The U+1 Team is looking for new members. Only basic skills are needed for most tasks. This is an opportunity to join a friendly and talented community, learn fast and be an active part in Ubuntu future. Click here to know more.

Instructional Development

The team should think over some ideas of how we can efficiently contribute a knowledge base and content to an area called 'Instructional Development'. That would mean that this area would contain links to tutorials. The Library section already has some How To's and some tutorials but this type of redundancy is not necessarily negative. The Instructional Development was my idea in the first place so the brunt of the work should be on my shoulders , however, help and ideas are always appreciated. If you have some training in Moin Moin then please leave some ideas at the Blog section of the wiki. Thanks.

Incorporate Ubuntuforums

I want to incorporate ubuntuforums into the wiki. I would like to have a section dedicated to essential links that are topical to testing and solutions. Even pics of solutions. Ubuntuforums is very versatile and has a wealthy KB. Lets use it somehow. I need ideas. Anyone ?

Streamline the U+1 wiki

Add content to the various sections available at the wiki, reduce redundancy and present a more user friendly format.

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