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The U+1 Team is looking for new members. Only basic skills are needed for most tasks. This is an opportunity to join a friendly and talented community, learn fast and be an active part in Ubuntu future. Click here to know more.

Ubuntu Forums Portal

Only the most current links from development version will be included. For other threads or closed threads see "other" section.

Kernel Release Candidate Discussions

The first link will always be the current link.

Kerenel Release Candidate Discussions

Testing New Kernel Versions

Ubuntu Unity Desktop

Two processes attempt to mount blank optical discs

systemd now respectful of ssd on older machine

New package = dconf-editor

Wily 28-5-15 daily build LVM funny second decrypt code?

Wily Werewolf sets a new record low: 9 minutes installation

Wily Desktop, How do I set to work on Desktop Version Only?

Launcher and Panel Improvements

flawless install of ubuntu from 15.10 iso

Has anyone got skype working on 64 bit 15.04?

using /devel/

Visual Studio and Visual C++ free

It's the 23rd today: Where is it?

Headphone/Speaker Rapid Switching

Creating from mini.iso - weird error

Ubuntu 15.04 UEFI bug?

Gnome3 at login Abiword always starts

art work/themes

Vivid Vervet 2nd, 3rd and 4th installation: Feedback

Ubuntu-Gnome Desktop

Gnome-shell 3.16.2

Is anyone trying Gnome on Wayland?

Ubuntu GNOME boots to tty1 w/i945 graphics

testing xwayland on ubuntugnome 15.10

[SOLVED] Gnome Flashback no longer works in Wily

gnome-classic has come a long way

choosing upstart then restart kills machine

Xubuntu Desktop

Xubuntu Wily with love

Brackets: Dependency is not satisfiable: libgcrypt11 (>=1.4.5)

Lubuntu Desktop

Lubuntu 15.10 Installation from a CD

Snappy Internet of Things

First Snappy Clinic OnAir

Snappy Survey

Ubuntu Snappy Personal Desktop

How to install apps on Snappy Personal

LXD Containers command line help for snappy core

Kubuntu Desktop

Ubuntu Mate

Mate 1.10 release.


Vivid boot to emergency root shell

Is Mir already in?

error mounting Windows partiton-closed


All Variants

will upstart be killted during next dev cycle ?



[SOLVED] LightDM Breakage: if it ain't broke you haven't tweaked it enough

Missing letters ...

Ubuntu next

Wily Mate Tilda

[SOLVED] Is Mir already in?

Terminal Commands for snappy??

Bye bye Vivid

Ubuntu 15.10 installation, additional login security?

Wily Proposed

Systemd discussion - during the W cycle

16 May 2015

This section, previously Team Reports, will be parsed out and replaced with new subject header 'Ubuntu Forums'.

13 May 2015

Streamlining and editing of NavBar is ongoing. Some topic headers have been changed; ie, 'Useful Links' has been changed to Library ..etc..effenberg and elfy have been of great help instructing me with some more advanced aspects of moin moin. (-- dale-f-beaudoin 2015-05-13 06:21:59)

11 May 2015

New toolchain for cycle 15.10 uploaded. Codename Wily Werewolf.(-- dale-f-beaudoin 2015-05-11 13:19:49)

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