Ubuntu GNOME 14.04 LTS

The Ubuntu GNOME Team is proposing that the Ubuntu GNOME 14.04 release be supported for 3 years as an LTS release.


  • Ubuntu GNOME 14.04 will be our third release as an official flavour.
  • Many of our users find the 9 month release cycle on standard release too short and would prefer a stable system they can use for longer than this. We are thus proposing that Ubuntu GNOME 14.04 be supported as an LTS release, for the duration until the next LTS cycle.
  • Many of the packages shipped in Ubuntu GNOME are covered by Ubuntu Desktop. Some remaining packages are shared with other LTS flavours, particularly Edubuntu.
  • The main focus of our support will be the GNOME3 desktop.
  • We have full, well organized and active team - please see Ubuntu GNOME Sub-Teams.

Support Plan

Point Releases

List of proposed long-term support packages/applications

  • Best effort critical security fixes for all seeded packages in the Ubuntu GNOME packageset
  • Best effort critical Bug fixes for:
    • gnome-shell and core dependencies such as gdm, gjs and mutter
    • gnome-control-center and gnome-settings-daemon (assuming we can get 3.10 through as a FFe...)
  • Seeded package list
    • argyll
    • caribou
    • fonts-cantarell
    • gdm
    • gjs
    • gnome-backgrounds
    • gnome-color-manager
    • gnome-documents
    • gnome-icon-theme-extras
    • gnome-shell
    • gnome-shell-extensions
    • gnome-sushi
    • gnome-tweak-tool
    • libnss-myhostname
    • mozjs24
    • mutter
    • tracker
    • ubuntu-gnome-default-settings
    • ubuntu-gnome-meta
    • unoconv
    • zsync

Logs from Technical Board Meetings

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