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Ubuntu GNOME Team is still a young team, yet very fast growing with lots of activities in different areas and moving forward with solid steps. In order to support such rapid growth and improve it even better, we have decided to establish a new area called The Brainstorming Area, which is going to be our newest sub-team starting 1-11-2013. This new area will help us to carry on with confidence and facilitate our mission for 14.04 Cycle and the future ones. This team will work closely with each and every sub-team of Ubuntu GNOME.

The purpose of this team/new area is:

  1. To Encourage everyone to participate and contribute to Ubuntu GNOME
  2. By coming up with an idea
  3. Do a Brainstorming on this idea by the whole team
  4. Which will eventually lead to a creative and almost perfect result or solution

So, what we do is simple yet very important: Create an idea > Discuss it as a team > Improve it > Finalize it > Find the best and the perfect solution to anything.


Our Motto is:

All of us are smarter than any one of us!


If you would like to join, please send a join request to the team on Launchpad.

Please make sure to follow these steps if you are willing to be a member of this team.

How To Help

  1. Join the Launchpad Area.
  2. By default, you will be subscribed to the Mailing List of Ubuntu GNOME Brainstorming Team.
  3. Please, make sure you are a subscriber of the General Mailing List as well.

  4. Introduce yourself to the team - send an email to the mailing list.
  5. Register a Blueprint on Launchpad.

  6. If you are new to all this and not sure what Blueprints are, please read this.

How To Edit The Whiteboard on Blueprints

The steps are very easy and simple:

  1. Click on the Blueprint you would like to edit.

  2. Click on the Yellow icon which says "Edit Whiteboard".

  3. Add your name/username/launchpad name between two [yourname].

  4. Post your suggestion at the end of the whiteboard.
  5. Once done, click on the Green Icon to accept the changes.
  6. You are Done.

HOWTO Use Launchpad

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