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Ubuntu GNOME 15.10

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Ubuntu GNOME 15.10

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  1. Please, BACKUP your important data before anything else. Don't assume that Ubuntu GNOME will do it for you automatically.

  2. The default "Desktop" installer requires at least 1 GB of RAM.
  3. Check MD5SUM for the downloaded ISO - You will need to compare your MD5SUM with Ubuntu Hashes.

  4. Burn the DVD (ISO size is above 700MB) or create a bootable USB flash drive - using UNetbootin is highly recommended.

  5. Check USB or DVD Disc for Errors. When you boot the default installer, you will see the option to "Check Disc For Errors".
  6. Please do read The Release Notes before downloading Ubuntu GNOME.

  7. If you have a PC with the Windows 8 logo or UEFI firmware, choose the 64-bit download Read More.


Please use the torrent link to download, it will be a faster download and will save on costs for bandwidth for the Canonical servers which means more money in the budget for all of the Ubuntu flavours. Please, seed as much as possible to help others as well.

Try without Installation

If you are not sure about installing Ubuntu GNOME, you can try it out without affecting your current installed system.


Hint: With the default DVD, you can boot your computer with Ubuntu GNOME to back-up your data!

Upgrading Ubuntu GNOME

Ubuntu GNOME 15.10

Ubuntu GNOME 14.04 LTS

Other Releases

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