This page reflects the current work in progress Ubuntu Studio 8.04 artwork. If you're a user who would like to post your art please do so in our User Art section. This page is for official 8.04 proposals. Please don't edit until I remove this message.

With the Hardy version of Ubuntu Studio we're hoping to really do something different. This is a idea we couldn't quite do justice with for Gutsy so we decided to wait and open it up to everyone for Hardy. Smile :)

This page and guidelines will continue to evolve over the next few weeks or so as we're starting this process really early and will still need some time to clearly convey what we're going for. Once they are a little clearer we will post to various mailing lists and Ubuntu Forums.


We want to create a D.I.Y. punk/indie/metal/whatever feel with Ubuntu Studio-Hardy. That kinda distressed, show flyer look. Attached are examples of flyers and a show pic to try to convey to you the feeling/emotion that goes into this scene. Anyone "in the scene" I feel will get this concept right off the bat.





|Here's 2 videos. Jet's "Rip it Up" and Hatebreed's "I Will Be Heard" These are good reference.




Warning /!\ WARNING Flash Video. Warning /!\

General Rules/Guidelines

In my head it doesn't use gradients. Solid colors. (but I'm totally open to some use. just have to see it.) Smile :)

  • All submissions must fit the design concept. All submissions that don't will be removed.

  • Submissions are preferred to be licensed under the CC-Share Alike license but can be anything that fits the DFSG.

  • NO GLOSS!! Big Grin :)

Look N' Feel

Ubuntu Studio-Hardy Logo SVG

  • Thanx to troy_s for work on the logo.

Art in the OS need not contain the (R) mark but submissions for DIY Packaging/Marketing should.
Decay Texture - This is the textures used to "mess up" the logo.

Color Palette

I'm looking to add 2 or 3 colors to use along with the blue. Here is a "paired down" version of the Feisty/Gutsy palette (various, close grays removed) to use as a starting point.

Theme Elements


Getting Involved & Contacts

Getting involved is easy. It's as simple as reading over the wiki and posting your ideas with the guidelines in mind. Smile :) Any questions can be handled using the info below.


Best way to contact anyone about our efforts here is IRC or a mailing list.

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