• The Ubuntu Youth Team now has a Team Council. The Wiki Page for the UY Council is here at, Ubuntu Youth Council.

  • Current Members of the Council:
    • zkriesse (Zach Kriesse) - Team Lead and Wiki Boss.

    • RyanMacnish (Ryan Macnish) Fellow Wiki and Dev Guy.

    • AndrewMC (Andrew Constantine) - Co-Lead and our IRC Guru.

    • serfus (Aviv Sapire) Our all around awesome dude, manages our feed site.

    • phillw (Phill Whiteside) Our Awesome Mentor, guy who's always there for us, and Web Host.

    • MichealH (Micheal Harker) Our newest member to the Council, the baby of the group...he's learning!

  • We have a Facebook page! Visit us at, Ubuntu Youth on Facebook!

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