Ubuntu Beginners Team Membership

I became an Ubuntu Beginners Team member on 2011-01-12. I would like to thank everyone involved, and especially pedro3005, phillw, Mohi, JackyAlcine, udienz and the Council and ofcourse hajour for her support.

Keimpe has been a great companion on a project that've been working on together, and the advice and guidance he's given has done more than helped me; it allowed me to learn and give back the Ubuntu way. THAT, I'm thankful for.
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As my mentee, UndiFineD showed great qualification, unending stamina and an incredible tenacity within the projects he has dedicated himself to, the Speech Control being an example. I have no doubt in claiming that he will be a priceless contribution to the Ubuntu Beginners Team and to all the teams he joins.
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Undefined across the various teams I see him on is always helpful and with his knowledge and patience I have no hesitation in recommending him for membership of both UBT and full Ubuntu Membership. His work on bringing in re-energising the LoCo is wonderful.
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I dont wanna flood the whole page by listing all his activities here. He really does a great work in both helping, testing and development. I am watching all his projects and his involvement. I do endorse his application for both UBT membership as well as Ubuntu membership and for anything he applies in the future.(Now you owe me a cookie Wink ;) )
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I'm new in UBT, but wait.. i think UndiFineD is UBT member! sure because he is very active. If i'm UBT board i must approved him and no reason to defer him
-- (Mon, 10 Jan 2011 12:35:57 +0000) by udienz

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