Xubuntu flyers

Rationale: We would like to make Xubuntu fliers available for printing for conferences and events

These will be distributed at the Xubuntu website and on

Text Ideas

This section is simply for brainstorming of ideas, not final text. Please get in contact with us if you wish to contribute to the final text of the document.


  • Color
    • Color

    • Black and white
  • Format
    • Three-section folding brochures

    • Full page
    • Small pages (4 per sheet)
  • Sheet sizes
    • A4 (210 x 297 mm)

    • US letter (8.5 x 11 inch, 215.9 x 279.4 mm)

Design & Drafts

Three-section folding brochures

Grey vertical lines denote folding guides, not to be printed.


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