Xubuntu T-shirts

During Quantal cycle:

  • Ordered design on black from http://www.zazzle.com/ 7/2012, was printed slightly off, see here. They have full refund policy if not satisfied, but we might not want to go with this vendor if there is a chance some will come offset.

  • Ordered free sample non-Xubuntu shirt from http://www.vistaprint.com/, not greatest quality t-shirt.

Design Proposals

Things to keep in mind when writing design proposals:

  • T-shirts in our budget are limited in colors (most vendors offer white and black, plus a few primary colors), so a design should expect to be placed on a plain background
  • If you propose a design that expects a dark background, keep in mind that for many vendors this means the design will print even darker than the image that is submitted

You may use this SVG for design proposals: tshirt_template.svg

  • Xubuntu mouse on front, "xubuntu.org" lettering on back


  • Xubuntu mouse on back, "Xubuntu" word on front, blue t-shirt


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