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About Me

Mi name is Leo Arias. I'm a Computer Engineer from Costa Rica (UTC-6). I work with the snapcraft team at Canonical. I'm a member of the JáquerEspeis.

My involvement in the community

I've been an Ubuntu user since 2007, Ubuntu member since July 2011 and I've been working full time in Ubuntu since August 2011. I contribute promoting, installing and giving support, organizing events, translating, helping with bugs and testing, writing code for snapcraft and maintaining snap packages in the store.

Ubuntu has opened many many doors to me. I want to make sure that everybody can benefit from all these opportunities that Ubuntu presents. Our community needs to be welcoming for the people who have been traditionally excluded. We need to encourage them to take ownership of their technology, to participate in its development, and we need to help them adapting it to their specific daily uses. If we pay attention to this huge diversity that surrounds us we can make a better ecosystem, sustainable freedom for everybody.

Samples of my work with the community

Cheers from the community

Holi. -- elopio 2017-08-30 16:51:06

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Support for the Ubuntu membership application, July 2011

Support for the Community Council application, September 2017


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