My name is Julian Bohorquez, I am a student of Systems Engineering from the University of Tolima. I live in the city of Colombia and I have more than seven years of experience using Linux, especially Ubuntu.

Personal Information


  • Ubuntu Professionals

    • Systems Engineering IV semester

    Ubuntu Technicals

    • (2008) Hardware Maintenance - Sena

    Ubuntu Sena Courses

    • (2010) Programming Web pages with HTML and JavaScript

    • (2009) Structure of Programming Language C + + (Level I)
    • (2009) Linux operating system, commands and utilities
    • (2006) Database Management Using Microsoft ® Access 2000
    • (2006) Identification of Marketing Opportunities
    • (2006) Web Design with Macromedia Dreamweaber Mx
    • (2006) Microsoft Word and Internet
    • (2005) Design SQL Database
    • (2005) Management advanced Word and Excel
    • (2005) Basic and Advanced Microsoft Excel

    Ubuntu Microsoft Virtual Academy

    • (2009) Windows XP SP2
    • (2009) 2007 Microsoft Office System

    Ubuntu International Courses

    • (2010) e-Citizen International Certificate
    • (2010) Gold Member Of Microsoft Virtual Academy
    • (2008) Silver Member Of Microsoft Virtual Academy

    Ubuntu Workshops

    • (2008) Workshop: Culture, Communication and Radio

    Ubuntu Languages

    • (2010) French Level 1

Personal Goals

  1. Finish my career in engineering.
  2. Continue my studies in systems.

Objectives in Ubuntu

  1. Deploying Ubuntu in most schools.
  2. Promote the Free Software.
  3. Report errors and bugs.
  4. Conferences advantages of free software.
  5. Participate in events and discussions


  • Ubuntu Ubuntu Colombian Team link

    Ubuntu Ubuntu Colombia Council Link


  • Ubuntu Participation and collaboration in FLISOL Ibagué 2011.

    Ubuntu Participation and collaboration in FLISOL Ibagué 2010.

    Ubuntu Bug Management (Ubuntu Lunchpad) Karma

    Ubuntu Translations in Rosetta (Ubuntu Lunchpad) Karma

    Ubuntu Promote and provide technical support to users of Ubuntu, Xubuntu and Kubuntu in the Campus Party Colombia 2010.

    Ubuntu Work from http://www.casli.org/ in the diffusion of Ubuntu as the best operating system 2010 - 2011.

    Ubuntu Creation of guides and tutorials for Ubuntu and free software in my blog Juarbo (Since 2009)

    Ubuntu Moderator of the main mailing list Ubuntu-Co List

    Ubuntu Member of the committee design and communication of international FLISOL.

    Ubuntu Creating user manuals for Mailing List Filter email list - Gmail

    Ubuntu Coordination of the seventh meeting of formative research in systems engineering. The motto is, "Networks: a world of possibilities for System Engineers" - Ubuntu Server, reduced costs for network services. 25 - June - 2011

    Ubuntu Member of Ubuntu-Co Council since february 2013 Active Members

Future Projects

  • Ubuntu Virtual education project for personal instruction in the use of open source applications

    Ubuntu Implementation of open source software in institutions of secondary education. Administrative and academic departments.

    Ubuntu Promote and provide technical support to users of Ubuntu, Xubuntu, Kubuntu and Edubuntu in the Campus Party Colombia

    Ubuntu Ubuntu-Co HackLab - Introduction to Free Software, Virtual Machines and the Ubuntu distribution - Ibagué, Colombia

    Ubuntu Ubuntu-Co HackLab - Ubuntu 11.4 - Command Line, Features and Community Ubuntu Colombia - Ibagué, Colombia

    Ubuntu Ubuntu-Co HackLab - Introduction to Web Servers and Web Programming. (Ubuntu Server and programming with software open source) - Ibagué, Colombia

    Ubuntu Collaborate with Radio project and podcast for Ubuntu-Co and Ubuntu-Ve

    Ubuntu Participation and collaboration with the Ubucon latina merica, Cartagena, Colombia August 2014.


  • Ubuntu Julian is one of the most active ubuntu community in ibague, his work for ubuntu colombia is very good, he spread ubuntu around tolima and bogota, he has an excelent future in ubuntu colombia team. ingforigua ubuntu member ans colombian council Big Grin :)

    Ubuntu Julian is a person who works hard with Ubuntu, help with translations and questions in Launchpad, He is one of the most active people in the city of Ibague, providing support for IRC, mailing list and supporting local events. czam

    Ubuntu I know several years ago Julian Armando, his work with free software, part of CASLI (A local Free Software community in our city) which has participated actively with the Diffusion of free software. Participate in Ibague Flisol 2010 giving a talk on Ubuntu for new people using it. urban77 Miembro Ubuntu Colombia.

    Ubuntu Julian is one of the most active members of Ubuntu-co, helps us in many tasks such as moderating the main list, is active in all projects and outstanding support in helping list, participating in meetings and events of Ubuntu-Co. cegope Ubuntu-co & Ubuntu Colombian Council .

    Ubuntu Julian is an active person, is one of the most active members of Ubuntu-co; he participates moderating the list, also he works actively at Ibagué, his city, spreading the free software and Ubuntu ideas; also he is colaborating at Universidad del Tolima, spreading free software use, specially the use of Ubuntu; right know, he is one of the leaders of an event of Investigation at that University, and he will be one of the speakers in the event, talking about Ubuntu and free software. linaporras Ubuntu Colombia Member

    Ubuntu Julian has been very active in the community and has been instrumental to activities conducted in our country, has participated in many events nationwide. It is noted for its ability to teach and share knowledge. Jhosman



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