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Ubuntu Email: bartbmx10@gmail.com

Ubuntu chat: kcbart@laneros.com

Ubuntu Launchpad: https://launchpad.net/~bartoc

Ubuntu Twitter: @BartOC3

Ubuntu Identica: BartOC3

Ubuntu Diaspora: BartOC3

Ubuntu Google +:Jose Luis Ahumada.

Ubuntu Facebook: Jose Luis Ahumada.

Ubuntu skype: oc3bart

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My name is José Luis Ahumada, I am from the city of Cartagena, Colombia, I am technologist systems and engineering systems student, Gamers lifetime.

Right now I'm on the board of Ubuntu Colombia, where I take care of some of the projects, holding events in the region where I live and organizing some schools in cartagena for implementations projects Educalibre and StartUbuntu .

One of the biggest challenges I have is to coordinate the realization of UbuConLA 2014 to be held in Cartagena.



Council Ubuntu Colombian: link


Ubuntu Colombian Team: link


Equipo de Jugadores de Ubuntu-Co team link


Ubuntu Mexico team: link


Ubuntu Venezuela team: link


Radio Online Fraternidad Ubuntu Venezuela team: link


Ubuntu Members: link


Members StartUbuntu: link


Equipo de Documentación de Ubuntu Colombia: link

Personal Goals

Ubuntu Learn all you can from most GNU / Linux Ubuntu operating system and all your presentations

Ubuntu Actively participate in the Ubuntu community in order to help spread this operating system and in general all the free software and open source

Ubuntu To promote and spread the free software and open source throughout the Caribbean region.

Ubuntu Produce, transfer and disseminate knowledge and technological development to enhance competitiveness and support the modernization of services creation and management of information and knowledge, while promoting industrialization in this sector..

Objectives Ubuntu

Ubuntu Spread in my group of friends, family and colleagues, using Ubuntu as main OS

Ubuntu Helping new users in the migration process and support when necessary, encouraging the learning and use of Free and Open Source Software.

Ubuntu Strengthen the Ubuntu community in Colombia

Ubuntu Making Events, workshops, seminars, talks and barcamp to strengthen Colombia free software.

Ubuntu Create opportunities to help new users get migration processes.

Ubuntu Being part of the test team and gamers steam for GNU / Linux Ubuntu

Ubuntu Activate the draft Education are Free and Open Source Software for schools in Colombia.

Ubuntu Creating spaces for migration processes in companies of Colombia to the Free and Open Source Software


Caribe Mesh

It is a project to implement a community wireless network in the Caribbean region level with the support of all communities in the Caribbean region, to reduce the digital divide in the region. We aim to reach the poor people of the region which does not have internet access can access creation to a separate network, natural, community, sustainable and autonomous where personal projects, educational, cultural and social are welcome and can be freely disseminate the net, without restriction of any kind, without relying on entities where it is filtered and restricted information without the current limits on the Internet. More information: http://caribemesh.org/ Project Status: Active


RedTIC, is the Network of Information Technology and Knowledge, whose ideal is to promote a network of professionals dedicated to research, generate, transmit and transfer TIC conocimienos and experiences locally, nationally and internationally. More information: http://redtic.org 'Project Status: Active


In the educational environment, in addition to the economic advantages, the use and implementation of free software brings many benefits, which are mentioned below: Cooperation and open philosophy, generating long-term capacity, Research and Knowledge Construction, Optimization hardware resources. More information: Free Software and Open Source in Education 'Project Status: Stop


It is an international, annual event and traveling to Latin America emerged from a common notion among members of local community groups Argentina and Uruguay in Ubuntu, which other local groups joined countries like Colombia, Brazil, Peru and Mexico. The UbuConLA as it was dubbed since its inception, is held annually in a city in Latin America where brings together the entire community of Free Software and open code to attend lectures, workshops, conferences and networking around these issues. Wiki UbuConLA 'Project Status: Active

Infographic Ubuntu

Together with other members of Ubuntu Colombia, we will make an infographic on ubuntu, the idea is to generate a community paper in the form of graphics in which it is displayed to the end user that the migration to GNU / Linux or Ubuntu is viable and is possible without traumatizmo. And serve as activity in the Draft StartUbuntu. 'Project Status: in Process





Ubuntu Speaker at the BarcampMonteria - 2012

Ubuntu Organization of Workshop Day - Installation and Configuration of # Ubuntu at Tecnologico university foundation - 2012

Ubuntu Speaker on 1st Ingeneria Systems Seminar University of Cartagena - 2012

Ubuntu Speaker at Expotecnología - 2012

Ubuntu Organizing SFDCartagena 2012

Ubuntu Speaker at the SFD SantaMarta - 2012

Ubuntu Organizing Open Discussion "productive Ofimatica Free Software" - 2012

Ubuntu 2nd Organizing Open Discussion with @ levarcol - "file sharing, free ranging from office tools, myths and realities" - 2012

Ubuntu Organizing Open Discussion 3rd with @ levarcol - "Free Ms Office vs Office Calc, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly" - 2012

Ubuntu Organizer of Barcamp Security Edition Cartagena - 2012

Ubuntu 4th Organizing Discussion "Office Productive with Free Software", "international standardization Writer Documents" - 2012

Ubuntu Discussion 5th Organizing Office Productive with Free Software, "Dynamic Charts LibreOffice" - 2012

Ubuntu 6th Organizing Productive Conversation with Open Office, "Multidimensional analysis with Calc Information" - 20122

Ubuntu 7th Organizing Productive Conversation with Open Office, "Templates, forms and professional forms with Writer" - 2012

2011 - before

Ubuntu Participate as Cartagena Flisol installer 2007 to 2012

Ubuntu Member of the "Association of Caribbean Free Software - Champetux" 2009 - 2011


  • Ubuntu Jose is a great friend even though I have only seen on 2 opotunidades in person, since it encourages the work in the Colombian Caribbean free software in these areas has increased considerably within the ubuntu community has excelled in Colombia his great leadership. I have witnessed how their work has inspired the community in the Caribbean reborn. ingforigua

    Ubuntu José activist and contributor to the community of ubuntu-co.Always helping the mailing list.Understands well the spirit of the community and is overall a nice guy Naudy Villarroel Urquiola

    Ubuntu José is a key to our community and to the free software community in Colombia, exactly in the north of our country, is a great activist for the community, its activities have made up the name of Ubuntu Colombian Team. Jhosman

    Ubuntu Jose and many more ubuntu-co members have been inspirational for other latinamerican teams, for instance the ubuntu-mx has tried to emulate as much as possible of their initiatives. My experience with Jose has been limited but effective (mostly during the organization of the Ubuntu LoCo Games). Jose and other ubuntu-co members have joined several latin american ml in a hope to keep them active and enlight the latest news in the Ubuntu world. chilicuil

    Ubuntu José is a very active member on the local and national community and an excellent person. I would definitively advise that his Ubuntu membership is approved. luis.lopez

    Ubuntu Jose Luis is an enthusiastic and passionate person, with a number of academic concerns and knowledge very well oriented application, sensitization and development of information technology. It could also be defined as "... a constant pursued dreams and utopias ..." in their hands, always will tend to be realities! Finally I think it is a professional with an excellent projection of their future and their sights set on mainly in the Community. ." Luis E. Vásquez R., LibreOffice/Aoo Volunteer & Support

Ubuntu Great person great free software activist these words define this friend. Emanuel Torres C.



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