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Savvas Radević


Cypriot, Serbian


Greek, English, Serbian, French


Student at the University of Belgrade


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savvas @ Freenode

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About me

I'm an active computer hobbyist that has achieved a level from mere beginner to a truly active problem-solver that can overcome most problems and accomplish most of day's computer work by using GNU/Linux and open source software.

A friend of mine suggested me to try Debian back in 2006. I tried it, but I wasn't completely satisfied. I liked the contribution and everything, but it seems that it was missing a desktop-oriented "touch". Around the end of spring in 2006, I found out about ubuntu and I thought to give it a try. I have been an Ubuntu user since early 6.06 Dapper Drake. I've started my contributions through IRC helping at #ubuntu, then started experimenting with various ways of contributions.


  • Keep using open source software.
  • Promote valuable open source solutions.
  • Promote use of open source software in Cyprus.
  • Create an official ubuntu-cy LoCo team.


Here's a summary of my participation:

  • Helping out in forums
  • Programming (applications / projects)
  • Bug reporting/triaging
  • Patches/debdiffs/packaging
  • Helping out in IRC channels

I tried to categorise my activity below. Some forms of participation are repeated.


I used to blog a lot before, I'm considering to start again when I resolve some real life problems.


IRC: savvas at Freenode IRC Network (and sometimes OFTC Network)

IRC Channels I prefer: #ubuntu-rs, #ubuntu-gr, #ubuntu-cy

Sometimes contributing/discussing at #ubuntu+1, #ubuntu-bugs, #ubuntu-devel, #ubuntu-motu, #ubuntu-locoteams

Activity could be tracked at (Google link) or (Google link)


General forum participation info:

Noted activity:


  • Current projects:
    • Ubuntu-gr: Forum signature application - Creates a signature with computer specifications and modifies the signature of the desired phpbb3 forum username profile. Handles login and can be customised.
    • Ubuntu-cy: Website design & code:

  • Noted past activity:
    • timekpr - Keep control of computer usage

    • surl - url shortening command

    • launchpad-ppa-fix - Updates the old PPA urls in sources.list and sources.list.d/*.list. Also gets the GPG keys of detected PPA repositories

    • packages2sqlite Creates an sqlite database out of apt's Packages.bz2 from the repositories


ID Link:

Team Participation:






Noted past activity:


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Savvas Radevic is one of the masterminds of the (yet unofficial) ubuntucy LoCo. He was there from the start and still remains one of the most active contributors.

  • -- Theodotos Andreou --


Please add your testimonials here (edit) Smile :)

  • My name is Dimitrios Ntoulas, I am Ubuntu member ( and administrator in forum (the_eye). Savvas was great on solving user problems, simple or tricky ones. He created in python an auto signature solution for users in our phpbb forum ( Users now can create a detailed hardware description in their forum signature, which help them in identification of hardware and fixing the problems that may encounter. Also during debugging the new template in our forum, he was a major bugfixer and he create all the new buttons translated in Greek.

  • My name is Elias Epirotes, nick Epirotes, and I am a moderator at the Greek Ubuntu Forum. I know Savvas from the forum where he is one of the most valuable contributors. His knowledge of ubuntu and everything related to it is exceptional and he has helped a lot of members solve their problems. epirotes

  • My name is John (my nickname is c7p), I am an active member of the Greek Ubuntu Forum, and Greek Editor of the Ubuntu Manual. When someone is seeking for help on forum, Savvas is one of the most willing members not only to give instructions but also to explain them what these instructions do. He is also willing to deal with any issue (either technical or not) and contribute to community, in every way he can.
  • My name is Chris Triantafillis and i am a member at the Greek Ubuntu Forum for the past 2 years. I know Savvas from the forum where he have helped me cope with my problems more times that i can count! His contribution to the forum is very high, his knows a lot of things related and not related to Ubuntu.
  • Hi, my nickname is Reinach and i'm a member of the Ubuntu-gr community. I consider Savvas Radevic to be one of the most skillfull and qualified members of our community. Not only he has contributed the most with his numerous and excellent "How-tos" to the Ubuntu-gr forum, but he offers his knowledge to everyone with his unique patience and understanding. I think he is one of the best teachers for those of us who are inexperienced or new ubuntu users.
  • My nickname is headless and I am,too,a member of the ubuntu-gr community.Savvas has,apart from the technical qualifications already mentioned,a calm and polite way of expressing himself.Such members are a valuable asset if we want to keep our community faithful to the ubuntu code of conduct.
  • My name is Konstantinos Spalas and I am member of the since last summer.Medigeek or Savvas Radević is one of the two people that helped me solving major problems in Ubuntu.After that, I noticed that his knowledge is very deep and wide in Linux. Considering that his profession will be doctor, I feel amazed that he knows either "bash" or python and is able to answer any question concerning Ubuntu. Also, looking someone over the feels that he's a moral person.

  • My name is Dimos Poupos and I am a moderator at the Greek Ubuntu Forum.Savvas is the person who helped me in all my questions about python. He has written many guides on the forum and has helped many members in each of the questions!He has write the program called "Ubuntu-gr forum signature" which help many new members of ubuntu-gr forum!
  • My name is Manolis Ellinas and i am member on Greek Ubuntu community with the nick ALdaperan . Savvas Radević is also member on Greek Ubuntu community known as medigeek . Savvas is the most active member in our community , offering help to new members with tutorials or How-tos . Medigeek helped me a lot of times with my issues . Medigeek is one of the most important members-contributors in Greek Ubuntu community!!!
  • My name is Yiannis Karpathakis and I am member of with the nickname yiannis66, I am user of Linux for about 4 years and the reason I love it is persons like Savvas Radevic. When ever I ask for help he show me how to fix my problem in a special way with lots of details. He gives me Knowlenge about Linux and he teach me to share it with others with pleasure. Savvas gives us lots and he will give us much more.

  • I am Michael Kotsarinis and I serve as contact for our LoCo. Savvas has done an excellent work over the years and his contributions to guides and his advice have helped many of our members (including me of course). His work has certainly helped build a strong Ubuntu community in our country. MichaelKotsarinis

  • I am sad to see that I am late for giving Savvas a testimonial for his work at the forum of Greek Comunity of Ubuntu , as he is usually one of the first memebers to reply as soon as a problem is posted. Savvas I am sure that as an "Ubuntu Member" you will provide to us even more knowledge and help. Best Wishes. Thanasis P. (Th P)
  • My name is Sotiris Karagiorgis. I am a member of the Greek and Cypriot Ubuntu communities. Honestly I cant think of anyone I know more suitable to be an Ununtu Member than Savvas. His nickname is almost daily visible in the forums not only giving help, but sharing his knowledge with the rest. He is a very skilled Linux and Open Source user. Having him as an Ubuntu Member will benefit the Ubuntu community in general. Closing I would like to comment on his ethics and polite ways of communication.
  • I am Simos Xenitellis (Ubuntu Member). Savvas has done tremendous work for the Greek community and as an Ubuntu Member he will be able to replicate it by making Ubuntu-cy an approved LoCo. From organising Python classes for our forum members to patches and packaging on Launchpad, Savvas showed that he has given lots back to the community. simosx

  • I am Dimitris Fillipidis, moderator at the Ubuntu-gr forum. Whenever I see a post reply by Savvas, I have come to expect that it is well written and helpful. He is willing to visit the forum and spend time tackling tirelessly all sort of questions. He knows lots of stuff. Dimitris Filippidis

  • I'm Alkis Georgopoulos, Edubuntu council member. I met Savvas a few years ago when I first joined the #ubuntu-gr IRC channel, where he gave me a crash course in .deb packaging. I believe he has both the knowledge and the good will to help the Ubuntu community a lot.


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