About Me

I have been using Ubuntu full time since 6.10 and have enjoyed it tremendously. From then on I have used Ubuntu exclusively. Throughout the Last several years I have been using Ubuntu, I have been loving the experience it provides. I love the opportunities it allows, and also encourages. I study at a major university in San Diego currently working toward a degree.

I see myself always using Ubuntu or if something happens to the operating system, another Linux based distro. It suits me and should continue to suit me. I have also gotten involved in the Ubuntu community. It has been about two years now since I started to get involved with the community. I have done lots of things to help and they will be described bellow, and all the items I do with Ubuntu or Linux I love doing because it not only helps me, but helps others and the project as well. I hope that in time i can become even more involved in the community and in turn possibly share Ubuntu with even more who are still unaware through greater and greater means.

To me Ubuntu is not only about choice, though with Ubuntu and many aspects of Linux there is lots of choice. I see Ubuntu as also about being the perfect blend of freedom and productivity. Freedom to do what you want with it. You can make it as technical or non technical as you want it. The ability to bring a Linux platform Geeks and end-users can both get excited about is a very great opportunity for us all. Something I enjoy very much being part of.

Contact Information

Ubuntu Email philipballew@ubuntu.com

Ubuntu launchpad: Click Here

Ubuntu Ubuntuforums: Click Here

Ubuntu Twitter:philipballew

Ubuntu IRC: philipballew, you can find me in #ubuntu #ubuntu-beginners and always in #ubuntu-us-ca whenever I am connected to IRC

Ubuntu github: Philip Ballew

Ranks Gained in Ubuntu

Ubuntu Membership

I Gained a Ubuntu Membership in May of 2011 and have not looked back since. I see that as a door that opens allowing me to advance my involvement with Ubuntu and my success with the Open Source community.

Ubuntu Beginners

I am a member of the Ubuntu Beginners team and provide tech support for the new comers on Ubuntu. Moving to Ubuntu is a challenge that gets easier as you go, therefor I love to help the people who have just started with Ubuntu and help them get the hang of their machine.

Ubuntu Youth Commander

I am the head of Ubuntu youth and guide all youth in how to best work with the Ubuntu community and get started with greater involvement in Ubuntu.

Global Community Involvement



* Remotly partisiapted in UDS N by listening to all the different discutions that occured


* Remotely Partispated in UDS O Listened to sessions for the Oneiric UDS and all that the release needed to have done to make it a great release while providing my input at the same time.


* Remotely participated in all five days of sessions by both listening to that audio feed and being connected to the rooms IRC feeds. I was able to voice my thoughts in every session I attended, which were numerous. I attended all community roundtables as well as all the other sessions on the Ubuntu community track.


Attended UDS-q where I picked up a lot of work items that I am still working of completing. I was able to meet and see all the faces that make up the Ubuntu ecosystem in person.

Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter

newsletter planning document.

Ubuntu Leadership

I work in the Ubuntu Leadership team where I both teach and learn how to be a leader for the Ubuntu community. It is a great experience and I am encouraged by all the Things I can do with this group and where this group is going.

Ubuntu Classroom

Ubuntu Open Week

I am the person in charge of running, advertising and scheduling OpenWeek, while making sure it all goes smothly. I faciliate speakers and remind them of their times that they speak as well as make sure people are aware of the times that they speakers are speaking so they can tune in and see all about the topic they want.

i Lead a session during the Oneiric cycle of how to get help and practical ways to get technical support questions answered.here i covered all the many places and ways to find help for a Ubuntu machine. Also discussed, was practices to get proper help in the places you visit. It was a great way to give people all the information the need to get Ubuntu working for them. Logs can be found here: Link

Ubuntu User Days

Ran a session for the Ubuntu Oneiric entitled "Equivalent applications found in Ubuntu, you might have used in Windows or OSX. This was a great chance for me to be able to get to meet some more users of Ubuntu and personally both talk and answer questions. when running a session I do not necessarily view myself as a teacher but someone who is also learning through the people who came to the session as we gather together to teach each other what we know. Logs are available here:link

Ubuntu Youth

Ubuntu ecosystem easier.

Ubuntu Beginners

Ubuntu Power Users

I help with getting the Ubuntu Power Users getting things accomplished for each cycle

Ubuntu Forums




Ubuntu Hours

Ubuntu Global Jam

I set up and planned a Ubuntu Global Jam for the California LoCo that brought four new Ubuntu users to join out LoCo.We helped people understand what Ubuntu 11.10 has to offer to people and what ways that can help contribute. After we helped people with their machines, we all got down to buissness and tested our machines. This enabled us to test Ubuntu of various types of systems allowing it to be used easier by more people because we have tested it. A flyer is available here showing the event. : Click Here

Individual Contributions

Public Speaking

Give small quick talks to 5-10 people about both the benefits of a Ubuntu system and also the technical aspects of it that make it different compared to Windows and OSX on both technical levels and non-technical levels. I was a featured speaker at Scale 10x. "Getting involved in open source at a young age]." This was a great opertunity for me to share my knowledge of how Youth can effectively contribute to Open Source.https://www.socallinuxexpo.org/scale10x/presentations/getting-involved-open-source-young-age

Speaker at LUGOD (Linux Users Group of Davis) I presented a talk in May of 2012 on Ubuntu 12.04. This was a great opertunity for me to be able to show other Linux users just what Ubuntu has to offer. http://www.lugod.org/meeting/past/2012.05.21.php

Guides and Documentation

I have written several guides and documents to help other Ubuntu users, Some are from my blog, and othere are from web sites that I am asked to contribute to in the form of a guest writter.

IRC Councel

I am available to work in the IRC Moderator after nine pm everyday California time most days and sometimes from after three. That is 14:00 and 09:00 utc iirc.


Ubuntu Membership Board

Phil has been active in the Ubuntu Power users community, recently attended UDS and is enthusiastic. My only advice to him is to slow down a little bit occasionally, otherwise the rest of us are going to have some problems keeping up! Wink ;) -- jamesgifford

I have been interacting with Phillip via IRC for some time and got to meet him at UDS-Q and based on my opinion I feel Phillip would be a potentially good candidate for a Membership Board because he seems to have a good grasp on what contributions we like to see in the community and I feel he would be thorough in reviewing and voting on candidates for membership not to mention the added benefit of having a Youth sit on th board for diversity purposes. -- bkerensa 2012-05-15 18:38:11

Ubuntu LoCo Council

I have been interacting with Phil for some time now on the #ubuntu-beginners-team IRC channel. He is always polite, reasonable and puts forth a very positive image. I have always had very pleasant interactions with him and he has without exception always been an excellent addition to the UBT IRC channel group of regulars -- ScottSanbar October 29th, 2011

I have known Phil about a year now and I can attest to his great human qualities of organisational skills, responsibility, and leadership. He has worked tirelessly between SCaLE9x, Ubuntu documentation, as well as orchestrating Ubuntu Hours around California. Phil is diligent in his paperwork, easily reachable and punctual. A perfect match for joining the LoCo Council. I would highly recommend him and feel Ubuntu would benefit from his input and helpfulness. [ https://wiki.ubuntu.com/iheartubuntu ]

I must agree with the others above me, Phil is a joy to chat with, and knows how to get the job done. I really look forward to possibly having him on the Ubuntu Youth council one day. -- AndrewMC

Phil has been active in the Ubuntu Power users community and is enthusiastic. My only advice to him is to slow down a little bit occasionally, otherwise the rest of us are going to have some problems keeping up! Wink ;) -- jamesgifford

Ubuntu Membership

Phil has been an active member of the San Diego Ubuntu Loco contingent since we started it in November 2010. He's a good supporter of Ubuntu and the Community! --kdub [KevinDuBois]

I was very impressed with Philip when I met him at SCaLE9x where we worked together at the Ubuntu booth. His charismatic nature makes him easy to work with and for him to convey the Ubuntu spirit. He is a perfect communicator that worked well with any visitors coming to the Ubuntu booth. He is also active in IRC, rarely missing a team meeting, and helps run the Ubuntu Hour in San Diego. I am working with him to possibly set up another Ubuntu Hour in Claremont, CA (location of five major universities). As always, I look forward to working with Phil and together helping spread Ubuntu! -- [ iheartubuntu ] 03/28/2011

Trustworthy, kind, and always willing to provide a helping hand, Phil is the kind of guy you would want on your team (whatever it may be). seidos 5/8/2011

Phil has surprised me with his enthusiasm. He has stepped up with the Loco in San Diego and has pushed forward with speed and a desire to help. He truly represents what the spirit of Ubuntu is. Phil will succeed and and any team he is on will succeed. @-- david.wonderly 2011-05-17 22:13:38@

Phil has been a thoughtful and active member of the local Ubuntu community, and instrumental in getting Ubuntu Hour San Diego off the ground. He's made sure to get involved in local events such as SCaLE9X and these events have been all the better for it. He is an asset to any project he is involved with. -- -- nhaines 2011-05-19 18:59:04

Ubuntu Beginners

Phil is a voice of reason and a helpful hand for all who frequent #ubuntu-beginners -- holstein august 12th, 2011

People who I have Helped: Kathrin Weber


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