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About Me

My name is Wojciech and I'm 20 years old guy from Poland.

My first experience with computer was an old Commodore C64 with a bunch of tapes. It was used mostly as a gaming platform, however I did some simple programs with BASIC.

When I was 11 i got introduced to a small PC club in my neighbourhood.

My Involvement with the Ubuntu Community

I'm user of Ubuntu since 6.10 and fully switched to linux around October of 2007.


I joined to the LXDE and later to the Lubuntu project around April 2009 cause i wanted to make use of my older computers with Pentium II and Celerons onboard. I've found out that LXDE can be pretty fast even on Celeron 333MHz with 256 MB RAM.

Currently using Ubuntu 10.10 Minimal + LXDM + tint2 as taskbar.


I can be found mostly on these channels: #lubuntu, #hedgewars, #ubuntu-beginners.

Ubuntu Beginners Team

In 9th March 2011 I finally become a UBT member. Thank you all for support. many, many thanks to bioterror, phillw and whole Lubuntu team for introducing me to the Ubuntu Beginners family. Of course I'm also thankful to Council for my aproval as a part of the team

My focus groups are IRC and Lubuntu

Current Projects & Goals

I am translating a game named Hedgewars to Polish language and maintaining a small LAN in a computer club (4 PCs)

Future Plans & Projects

I want to learn how to make Debian packages which will help me with distribution of programs for my friends with use of a PPA.


If you have something nice to say about me, please write it here. Thank you.

Ubuntu Beginers Team

I fully support szczur's UBT Membership as I have had joy to withness his remarkable work with UBT support on IRC. And I must say that I feel I have had a priviledge be his mentor/master for the UBT. I could not have wished any better padawan to be my first to be guided for UBT. I can remember how he spent over 4 hours solving a problem during night and got the problem solved by 4am, that really shows what kind of guy we have in our ranks. I respect your work. .::bioterror 23.02.2011 ::.

Well, what else can I say? szczur is an outstanding guy, knowledgeable and always willing to help. Add to that a great sense of humour and I have absolutely NO hesitation in recommending him, I've seen his support work at first hand and it is a joy to watch. with his commitment, I do not think it will be very long before he applies fo, and gains full ubuntu membership. A massive asset to UBT.phillw

Wojciech is such a great helper! He deserves a cookie Smile :) With simple explanations he guides those who are in need, and in a fun way too.
-- UndiFineD 2011-02-23

Szczur does well supporting users on IRC. I have seen him in action in the Lubuntu channels and he provides assistance to all levels of users in a pleasant and proficient manner. I support his effort to become a member of the Beginners Team -- JaredNorris (head_victim) 2020-07-07 10:48:12

I am watching Szczur for months and he really does a great job in UB and also in lubuntu project. Its nice to have him on the UBT and I endorse this application fully. We expect a lot more from you Szczur. Get ready for them Wink ;) -- Mohi (Aka) IAmNotThatGuy

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