karum / thomas joossen

launchpad id : http://launchpad.net/~thomas.joossen

email : thomas.joossen --at-- gmail.com

email : karum --at-- ubuntu-fr.org

irc : karum on Freenode

about me

I'm 50 and I live in Paris (France).

  • I am a Multimedia controller and projectionist
  • About my Linux profile, I started using gnu/linux in 1997 and ubuntu in 2005.

ubuntu involvment


  • I take care of the preparation, the installation of the material (equipment)
  • I was manager sound for the conferences
  • Since 2 years, I am in charge of the catering for the volunteers at the ubuntu-party events


  • Karum is a guy who contribute actively in ubuntu-fr's events, since a long time. He is present in many ubuntu-fr events, and helping there in many differents ways: building the webcafe (pluging link and pc, put all the banner properly,...), welcome the public (explain what free software is, showing the ubutnu desktop, put ubuntu tattoos,...), recording and manipulate cams when we broadcast/record our ubuntu parties's conferences, managing meals for events's volunteers, taking photos,... His advices are always helpfull. I recommand him as an Ubuntu member. ~cm-t

  • From olive : karum est rapidement devenu indispensable aux Ubuntu party, d'abord pour la gestion des conférenciers, puis à l'organisation des ~70 repas journaliers à ces événements. Il est également devenu un coéquipier de qualité pour les Webcafé Ubuntu dans les festivals de musique Smile :) Merci à lui !

  • YoBoY karum started to help the locoteam with the streaming of the talks in our Ubuntu Party in Paris. Since then he participated in our events. Now he swtiched his technical hat, to a big brother hat, taking care of all the benevolents (around 100 persons) on our Ubuntu Party and making sure they have tea, coffe, beverages, food and a great place to talk and chat. He also participate on our Ubuntu webcafe on the summer and in the LoCoTeam actions.

  • Karum is a really nice guys with multiple hat. Really involve on FLOSS and non FLOSS events, he takes care of all our volunteers during the Ubuntu Parties Paris (aka UbuCon), and welcome visitors during the Webcafé, and did los of technical work with multimedia stuff as well. -Winael-

  • IdrogN : Karum is one of the most active members in the French locoteam. Soon to be a member of the french council.

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