Creating an Accomplishment set

An Accomplishment Set is a collection of accomplishments for a particular community, project, or technology.

As an example, we have the Ubuntu Community accomplishments set (available at lp:ubuntu-community-accomplishments). This includes a collection of accomplishments related to the Ubuntu community.

You can however create your own accomplishments sets for your own community. This page explains how to create the accomplishmens set, and you can find out how to create accomplishments that are inside your set on this page.

Getting the Example Accomplishments Set

Download the example accomplishments set by running:

bzr branch lp:~jonobacon/ubuntu-accomplishments-system/example-accomplishments-set

How Things Work

Let's now take a look at how the set works.

The name of the set itself is important. In the example, the directory is called example-accomplishments-set - you should change the directory name to a unique name for your set. This name is what we refer to later as the application. For the purposes of this guide, lets pretend we are calling our accomplishment set **my-set**. Let's now change the directory:

mv example-accomplishments-set my-set

Inside the directory are two important sub-directories where your accomplishments are stored:

  • accomplishments - this is where you store all of your accomplishment .accomplishment files.

  • scripts - this is where the companion scripts for the accomplishments live.

When you create your accomplishments, you should create them in these directories. Again, more information on creating accomplishments is available on this page.

In the root dictory there are a few other files:

  • CATEGORIES - you should update this with whatever categories you use in your accomplishments (this will help people who contribute accomplishments to your set to know which categories have already been used.
  • README - use this to add some general information about your set (e.g. who to get in touch with with problems, where to file bugs etc).

Configuring your Accomplishments Set

Let's now discuss how you configure the set.


In the root directory there is; this file is used to install your accomplishment's to the main accomplishments directory. You should ensure that all references to example-accomplishments-set are changed to the name of your accomplishments set (remember we changed the directory name earlier, this is what you need to set it to).

Accomplishments and Scripts directories

Inside the accomplishments and scripts directories are example-accomplishments-set sub-directories. You should also change these to the name of your accomplishment set.

cd accomplishments
mv example-accomplishments-set my-set
cd ..
cd scripts
mv example-accomplishments-set my-set

Accomplishments Set Information

Inside the accomplishments directory is an ABOUT file where you can add a human readable name for your accomplishments. For example:

name = My Accomplishments Set

Thus human-readable name appears in the GUI client and elsewhere.


You should place the icons for your accomplishments in the accomplishments/trophyimages directory. You can find out more about creating and adding icons on ########.

Publishing Your Set

When you have a set of accomplishments ready for people to use, you need to ensure that it is available people to download and install and also ensure they are installed on the verification server.

To publish them so people can download them, you should release a bzr branch or package, and to install them on the server, email jono AT ubuntu DOT com.

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