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Getting Your Development Environment Set Up

This page explains how to install the development branches from the different parts of Ubuntu Accomplishments so you can contribute.

You will need to ensure you have some dependencies set up:

sudo apt-get install quickly gir1.2-gwibber-gtk-0.3 python-gpgme

Step 1: Get The Code

Most people create a sub-directory (e.g. ~/source) to keep the code in. Move to whatever directory you want to store the code in and get the branches:

bzr branch lp:ubuntu-accomplishments-daemon
bzr branch lp:ubuntu-accomplishments-viewer
bzr branch lp:ubuntu-community-accomplishments
bzr branch lp:ubuntu-desktop-accomplishments

Step 2: Running The Daemon

Before you run the viewer you need to run the daemon.

Open a terminal and run:

cd ubuntu-accomplishments-daemon
bin/accomplishments-daemon -f

This command runs the daemon in the foreground so you can see all the output and kill it with Ctrl-C if needed. This is handy if you are hacking on the daemon and want to see the output of your work.

NOTE: Be sure that you don't have another daemon running before you run the above command. You can kill other daemons with killall -9 twistd. On a default install the daemon is started by default on login, so you will want to disable this in the Preferences in the viewer.

Step 3: Running The Viewer

With the daemon running (see the previous step), you can now run the daemon.

If you have the daemon already installed as a package, you want to ensure you have the viewer use the daemon from the branch. To do this you can set the PYTHONPATH. As an example:

export PYTHONPATH=/home/jono/source/ubuntu-accomplishments-daemon/:$PYTHONPATH

Now run the viewer:

cd ubuntu-accomplishments-viewer
quickly run