As more and more people start using our software, we are going to have an ever-growing number of people who need help and guidance for how the software works and any problems that they have.

As such, we are going to need more help from our community in answering these support requests and ensuring that our users able to get the answers they need.

With this in mind, we are always interested in growing a team of awesome support Jedi warriors who can help our users with their problems and get them resolved.

What do I need to know?

To help with Support all you really need to be able to do is have a good knowledge of how to use Ubuntu Accomplishments, and be able to talk the user through the problems they have to try and find the solution.

How do I get started?

Here is how you help.

1. Learn how the system works

First install the software and get to know how it works. Be sure to understand all the dialog boxes, functions and features, and take a look a little lower at how the system works. As an example, you might want to learn the following:

  • How the config file works in ~/.config/accomplishments/.accomplishments.

  • Look at the log files in ~/.cache/accomplishments/logs/ and see how they work and what they do.

  • Take a look at the packages and their dependencies to have an idea of what software is required to make Ubuntu Accomplishments work.
  • Try to understand the nuances of the software and possible areas of problems that people might have.

Feel free to ask questions about how this works on our communication channels.

2. Support our users

Our official support resource is our Ask Ubuntu tag which is at

First go and take a look at the questions that have already been asked there and get an idea of the answers.

Now take a look at the new questions and see if you can answer them. If you can't, visit our communication channels and ask the developers and other contributors some questions that can help get to the bottom of the user's question. If you can help get them the right answer, that is a huge help in our community! Thanks!

You might also want to join our mailing list and IRC channel and help answer questions there too.

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