10November 7

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Nov 07 19:01:29 Yorokobi +1
Nov 07 19:03:17 xHans moin moin
Nov 07 19:03:33 xHans or for the 80s inspired...
Nov 07 19:03:36 scott_ev +1

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Nov 07 19:03:37 xHans moni moni
Nov 07 19:03:50 scott_ev OK, this isn't going to take long
Nov 07 19:03:57 syn-ack Let's get it on!
Nov 07 19:03:57 scott_ev I haven't prepared anything
Nov 07 19:04:21 scott_ev I have recently been very busy helping my Mother and getting a company off the ground
Nov 07 19:04:42 scott_ev I don't know how much time I'll have to devote to this in the future
Nov 07 19:04:55 scott_ev I propose 4 people each take a week of the month
Nov 07 19:05:16 scott_ev but that takes volunteers and we are always lacking in people that will do even the minimum
Nov 07 19:05:33 scott_ev mostly we have people that want to show up in IRC and nothing else and that's OK
Nov 07 19:05:37 scott_ev but
Nov 07 19:05:57 scott_ev how to we keep the team running without me and all my previous free time?
Nov 07 19:06:18 scott_ev any answers? or comments?
Nov 07 19:07:13 xHans you need others to participate and them to feel free to do whatever needs doing :)
Nov 07 19:07:15 Yorokobi My two cents: Ubuntu will be using Unity instead of Gnome and is looking to use Wayland instead of Xorg.
Nov 07 19:07:49 scott_ev Yorokobi: what does that have to do witht he topic at hand
Nov 07 19:08:04 scott_ev xHans: exactly, I can no longer be a one man show
Nov 07 19:08:50 scott_ev I've done it long enough alone or mostly alone and need help or I will completely duck out like John did
Nov 07 19:08:59 xHans scott_ev: I wouldn't know anything about this type of situation :)
Nov 07 19:09:12 scott_ev haha
Nov 07 19:09:21 scott_ev I know, you've done it for over a decade
Nov 07 19:09:42 xHans one thing with John ( not criticizing, just commenting ), but he didn't seem to designate LoCo stuff to others
Nov 07 19:09:51 scott_ev I'm getting a company off the ground almost from the ground up and it's taking all my energy
Nov 07 19:09:57 xHans he obviously was able to designate well for the weekly news, etc.
Nov 07 19:10:05 scott_ev true, he ensisted on doing it alone
Nov 07 19:10:26 scott_ev the weekly news all comes from the ubuntu weekly news
Nov 07 19:10:46 xHans I have always tried to delegate, but am not so good at designation ( You! Go do this! )
Nov 07 19:11:11 scott_ev see, no one will speak up and it proves my point
Nov 07 19:11:24 scott_ev so, have fun ya'all and good luck
Nov 07 19:11:36 scott_ev any plug announcements?
Nov 07 19:11:39 xHans I'll speak up :), but I won't commit to LoCo stuff
Nov 07 19:12:05 xHans working on them, but technical problems right now :(
Nov 07 19:12:17 scott_ev OK, we can wait
Nov 07 19:12:20 xHans PLUG planning mtg in 45 min in #PLUGaz
Nov 07 19:12:50 xHans security presentation this Tuesday
Nov 07 19:13:12 xHans ( waiting might take a while, ran out of space and will have to clean it up later )
Nov 07 19:13:43 xHans PLUG east side meeting this Thursday
Nov 07 19:13:57 scott_ev I won't make that one, sorry
Nov 07 19:14:11 xHans ok, thanks for letting me know
Nov 07 19:14:30 xHans ABLEconf planning meeting next Sunday at the new time, 21:00
Nov 07 19:14:52 xHans LUGY Stammtisch should be Tuesday night in Prescott
Nov 07 19:14:56 scott_ev my physical problems force me to allocate and prioritize my time accordingly
Nov 07 19:15:10 xHans East Side Stammtisch at the new location a week from Tuesday
Nov 07 19:15:32 xHans scott_ev: we all have to prioritize accordingly and real life comes first
Nov 07 19:15:46 scott_ev that's kind of what I meant
Nov 07 19:15:47 syn-ack I can't commit to any LoCo stuff. (looking for a new ride. Scott knows all about it)
Nov 07 19:15:58 xHans but, as you're seeing, if we don't have people making the Free Software groups a priority we will languish
Nov 07 19:16:09 scott_ev yup, everyone has plenty on their plate and I understand
Nov 07 19:16:38 xHans scott_ev: that was mean as an acknowledgement, but as I reread it, it comes across differently
Nov 07 19:16:53 scott_ev honestly I don't see azloco lasting much longer beyone the irc channel and the website will stay up thanks to shane lofgren
Nov 07 19:17:06 syn-ack Wait
Nov 07 19:17:14 xHans if we have more people participating we'll also have more people who can help
Nov 07 19:17:18 syn-ack How is using Wayland better than Xorg?
Nov 07 19:18:04 syn-ack I mean, if you have an Intel graphics chip, sure it would be nice, but I don't know if I like that
Nov 07 19:18:56 syn-ack Though... this could finally be the direction I've been saying we've needed to go for years
Nov 07 19:19:05 xHans that's my local updates
Nov 07 19:19:09 scott_ev that topic is for IRC before or after the meeting
Nov 07 19:19:15 scott_ev kk, thanks xHans
Nov 07 19:19:29 xHans on a larger scale, SCaLE proposals are due in less than a month for the conference in February
Nov 07 19:19:31 scott_ev anything else from anyone? pertaining to keeping this team functioning?
Nov 07 19:19:36 xHans FUDcon is in January in Tempe
Nov 07 19:19:51 xHans ABLEconf will be the first Saturday in April, but only if we start getting more people to help
Nov 07 19:20:27 xHans ok, and now that's all from me :)
Nov 07 19:21:01 scott_ev kk, and due to lack of preparatiuon on my part and a lack of productive input I call this meeting adjourned
Nov 07 19:21:44 xHans ok
Nov 07 19:21:50 scott_ev nite kiddos

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