The Education Team exists to help ease the transition of new members to Ubuntu and to assist existing members to find information by providing guides on the current Ubuntu version, the installation of the Ubuntu operating system or Ubuntu derivatives, optional applications, and some basic terminal usage.

Ubuntu Focal Fossa Support Pages

Arizona Team Support for Focal Fossa

Ubuntu Focal Fossa Installation Guides

Installing software

Installing software on Ubuntu Linux is easy. Start by using the Software Center to find a program and install it. See this help page for more details.

Note some software may require adding a custom PPA (PPA - Acronym for Personal Package Archives. Allow you to upload Ubuntu source packages to be built and published as an apt repository by Launchpad.) These are not reviewed or audited by Canonical so they may contain malware or break something. Only use PPAs you trust and if in doubt don't use it. More information about Repositories

Application Guides

The following guides to specific applications are gathered because they are thought to be useful for people looking for specific kinds of applications. Note: They also include information about applications that aren't available from the Ubuntu repositories.

  • Science Applications – Software for business, science, medicine, engineering, and other professional disciplines.

  • Games – Information on games written for Ubuntu Linux, as well as how to run Windows games in Ubuntu.

  • Graphics – Software for creating and manipulating images.

  • Photo – Software for viewing and editing photos.

  • Servers and Web Applications – Software for creating websites, teleconferencing servers, learning management systems, and other web applications.

  • Sound and Video – Software for playing, ripping, and burning music and videos.

  • Multimedia – Software for playing and editing sound and video.

  • System Tools – Software for configuring and managing Ubuntu.

  • Utilities - Software to enhance your computer's comfort.

Using the Terminal

  • If you are familiar with dos or windows command-line interface (cli) this may help your transition Unix/Linux for DOS users

  • The above is a starting point for new users. To learn more about using the command line terminal, refer to the man pages. You can access the man pages via the terminal by typing "man <command>". For example, if you wanted to know about command options related to ls, or list, you would type in man ls and it would show you all the command options for ls. You can also go here Man-Pages project to find all of the man commands.

General Linux Instructions


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