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Welcome to the AZLOCO Other Team Events page. AZLOCO mans information booths at local fairs, conventions, and other get togethers to distribute information on Ubuntu and Free and Open Source Software as well as the Team and its activities. We conduct presentations on Ubuntu, Linux in general, and related subjects on request. We will also conduct Installfests and/or Linux Workshops at remote locations when requested.

Other Team Events


  • On 23 January 2023 Rex Bouwense conducted a slide presentation on Configuring Your Desktop for individuals at the Warrior Healing Center, 1838 Paseo San Luis, Sierra Vista, AZ.

attachment:rsz_whc_class_configuring_your_desktop-1.jpg attachment:rsz_whc_class_configuring_your_desktop-5.jpg attachment:rsz_whc_class_configuring_your_desktop-3.jpg attachment:rsz_whc_class_configuring_your_desktop-6.jpg attachment:rsz_whc_class_configuring_your_desktop-7.jpg attachment:rsz_whc_class_configuring_your_desktop-8.jpg attachment:rsz_whc_class_configuring_your_desktop-9.jpg

  • On 16 January 2023 Rex Bouwense conducted a slide presentation on Security Considerations for individuals at the Warrior Healing Center, 1838 Paseo San Luis, Sierra Vista, AZ.

attachment:rsz_whc_class_securityconsiderations_2023-01-16_1.jpg attachment:rsz_whc_class_securityconsiderations_2023-01-16_2.jpg attachment:rsz_whc_class_securityconsiderations_2023-01-16_3.jpg attachment:rsz_whc_class_securityconsiderations_2023-01-16_4.jpg attachment:rsz_whc_class_securityconsiderations_2023-01-16_5.jpg

  • On 09 January 2023 Rex Bouwense conducted a slide presentation on Introduction To Linux for individuals at the Warrior Healing Center, 1838 Paseo San Luis, Sierra Vista, AZ.

attachment:rsz_IntroToLinuxClass-3.jpg attachment:rsz_IntroToLinuxClass-4.jpg


  • On 12 March 2022 members of AZLOCO and the Cochise Linux User Group set up three computers with Ubuntu 20.04.4 installed for the Warrior Healing Center in their Operations Center, 1838 Paseo San Luis, Sierra Vista, AZ.

attachment:rsz_whc_workshop_2022-03-12_1.jpg attachment:rsz_whc_workshop_2022-03-12_2.jpg


  • On 26 September 2019 Rex Bouwense conducted a slide presentation on Why You Should Switch to Linux for individuals at the Warrior Healing Center, 1838 Paseo San Luis, Sierra Vista, AZ.

attachment:rsz_presentation_2019-10-26_7.jpg attachment:rsz_presentation_2019-10-26_2.jpg attachment:rsz_presentation_2019-10-26_1.jpg attachment:rsz_presentation_2019-10-26_6.jpg attachment:rsz_presentation_2019-10-26_8.jpg

  • On 29 August 2019 Rex Bouwense conducted a slide presentation on Introduction to Linux for individuals at the Warrior Healing Center, 1838 Paseo San Luis, Sierra Vista, AZ.

attachment:rsz_intro_to_linux_presentation_2019-08-29_7.jpg attachment:rsz_intro_to_linux_presentation_2019-08-29_3.jpg attachment:rsz_intro_to_linux_presentation_2019-08-29_1.jpg attachment:rsz_intro_to_linux_presentation_2019-08-29_2.jpg attachment:rsz_intro_to_linux_presentation_2019-08-29_6.jpg

  • On 26 August 2019, members of AZLOCO in conjunction with the Cochise Linux user Group finished setting up a Linux computer lab for the Warrior Healing Center at 1838 Paseo San Luis, Sierra Vista, AZ. All four of the desktop computers were donated, renovated by members of the two organizations and had Ubuntu 18.04 or Xubuntu 18.04 installed. They are intended to be used by veterans from the local communities who otherwise have no access to a computer.

attachment:[[attachment:rsz_azloco_banner.jpg attachment:[[attachment:rsz_clug_banner.jpg attachment:[[attachment:rsz_warriorhealingcentercomputerlab_2019-08-29_1.jpg attachment:[[attachment:rsz_warriorhealingcentercomputerlab_2019-08-29_2.jpg attachment:[[attachment:rsz_warriorhealingcentercomputerlab_2019-08-29_3.jpg


  • On 29 December 2018 there was a snow storm in Sierra Vista AZ. The Linux mascot, Tux, decided to get out in the snow because he doesn't normally get a chance to do so in hot and dry Arizona USA.

attachment:rsz_tux_in_the_snow_sierravista-1.jpg attachment:rsz_tux_in_the_snow_sierravista-2.jpg

  • On 02 October 2018 AZLOCO Team member, Rex Bouwense, conducted a slide presentation on Introduction To Linux for new individuals at the Sunsites branch library meeting room in Sunsites AZ.

attachment:rsz_introtolinuxpresentation_sunsitesaz_1.jpg attachment:rsz_introtolinuxpresentation_sunsitesaz_3.jpg attachment:rsz_introtolinuxpresentation_sunsitesaz_4.jpg attachment:rsz_introtolinuxpresentation_sunsitesaz_5.jpg

  • On 11 July 2018 AZLOCO Team members, Todd Cole and Ron Ash, made a liaison visit to the Cochise Linux User Group meeting in Sierra Vista. Also present were three Sierra Vista AZLOCO members who are also members of the Cochise Linux User Group.


  • Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Bionic Beaver Release Party was held on 21 April 2018 hosted by Walter and Ingeborg Mack in Chandler AZ

attachment:BionicBeaverReleaseParty-1-400x400.JPG attachment:BionicBeaverReleaseParty-2-400x400.JPG attachment:BionicBeaverReleaseParty-3-400x400.JPG attachment:BionicBeaverReleaseParty-4-400x400.JPG attachment:BionicBeaverReleaseParty-5-400x400.JPG attachment:BionicBeaverReleaseParty-8-400x400.JPG

  • 24 March 2018 AZLOCO Team members made a courtesy visit to the Cochise Linux User Group meeting in Sierra Vista to attend a presentation on Penetration Testing and to conduct liaison with the Group. They were even dressed out in CLUG T-shirts.



  • 06 May 2017 AZLOCO and the Cochise Linux User Group combined to man an information booth at the West End Fair in Sierra Vista.

attachment:Setting-up_West-End-Fair-400x400.jpg attachment:AZLOCO-CLUG_booth-West-End-Fair-400x400.jpg attachment:Inspecting_the_booth_West-End-Fair-400x400.jpg attachment:Setup_complete_West-End-Fair-400x400.jpg attachment:Participants-1_West-End-Fair-400x400.jpg attachment:Participants-2_West-End-Fair-400x400.jpg attachment:Participants-3_West-End-Fair-400x400.jpg attachment:Participants-4_West-End-Fair-400x400.jpg attachment:Participants-5_West-End-Fair-400x400.jpg

  • In March 2017 The AZLOCO Team Leader had a birthday and was presented with a laptop computer cake.



  • A presentation "What is Linux" was given to the Coronado Middle School Cyber Patriot Teams (Sierra Vista AZ) on 21 October 2016 by Rex Bouwense.
  • Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, Xenial Xerus, Release Party was held on 14 May 2016 in Chandler AZ hosted by Mr. & Mrs. Walter Mack.

attachment:AZLOCOXenialXerusReleaseParty01.JPG attachment:AZLOCOXenialXerusReleaseParty02.JPG attachment:AZLOCOXenialXerusReleaseParty03.JPG attachment:AZLOCOXenialXerusReleaseParty05.JPG attachment:AZLOCOXenialXerusReleaseParty06.JPG

  • An information booth was manned by members of AZLOCO and CLUG at the Sierra Vista West End Fair to pass out information on Ubuntu, AZLOCO, and CLUG on 7 May 2016.

attachment:WestEndFairInformationBooth01.JPG attachment:WestEndFairInformationBooth03.JPG attachment:WestEndFairInformationBooth05.JPG

  • A slide show presentation on Introduction to Linux was given to the Kingman Computer User Club on 14 February 2016 by Rex Bouwense. The presentation was well received as were the Ubuntu 14.04 install disks, the links to the AZLOCO IRC channel, web site and wiki page, and a list of Microsoft/Linux equivalents all of which were handed out to all attendees. When Microsoft Windows users realize that they do not have to throw away their Microsoft XP computer that has been gathering dust in the hall closet and it can be given a second life, their eyes really do light up. Although Tux was not physically present, he was there in spirit.


  • A Linux Workshop was held in Tucson, AZ. on 28 March 2015.

attachment:TuxattheTucsonLinuxWorkshop2015-03-28.JPG attachment:TucsonLinuxWorkshop2015-03-28.JPG

  • AZLOCO members attended the Southern California Linux Expo SCALE 13x 19-22 February 2015.

  • A presentation on Linux Basics was given by Todd Cole at the Computer Technology Conference on 19 February 2015 and AZLOCO members conducted a Linux Installfest on 21 February at the conference.
  • AZLOCO members participated in the Global Jam for Ubuntu 15.04 on 7 February 2015 during the semi-monthly Installfest.

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