August 12, 2012 Meeting


-ChanServ- [#ubuntu-us-az] "Welcome to #ubuntu-us-az. Please introduce yourself and get to know us!!"
<MikeofMany> ugh
<toddc> ugggg hi!!
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<toddc> Welcome to AZLOCO IRC Meeting Please sign in with a +1
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<toddc> Team web site
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<toddc> Team wiki site
<toddc> Team membership
<toddc> Feel free to make comments and add input to our meeting at anytime.
<toddc> some of us are in if you want to see us or talk to us
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<Rich_> +1
<toddc> Anybody here that is new tonight?
<toddc> corburn: ping
<corburn> Hey everyone
<Dazed_75> Greets Corburn
<toddc> welcome tel us a bit aboutyour self?
<toddc> hi Rich_  !!! :)
<Rich_> howdy
<corburn> I'm a resident and computer science major at Northern Arizona University. I've been using Linux since Ubuntu 6.06. I run ArchLinux because I like the KISS philosophy.
<toddc> welcome again and welcome to the group
<toddc> Linux... better than a sports drink... it doesn't make you crash after an hour.
<Dazed_75> We now have 2 or maybe 3 Arch users :)
<toddc> over to Dazed_75 for the news .
<Dazed_75> 10 Awesome New Ubuntu Apps Developed for the Ubuntu App Showdown
<Dazed_75> Page Eraser for Chrome and Firefox Lets You Remove Unnecessary Objects from Web Pages
<Dazed_75> Linux Mink Forks Nautilus to Make Nemo
<Dazed_75> Install Solusos Patched Nautilus in Ubuntu 12.04
<Dazed_75> Blender and Ubuntu Creating TV Ad Magic in Brazil
<Dazed_75> Rhythmbox Third Party Plugins PPA for Ubuntu
<Dazed_75> How to Permanently Disable the Menubar in Gnome Terminal
<Dazed_75> Speed Up USB Charging with a Dedicated Charger and Can Doing So Damage My Device?
<Dazed_75> How to Install and Configure Munin on Ubuntu Server 12.04
<Dazed_75> How to Group Apps Together in Ubuntu Unity Launcher with Drawer
<Dazed_75> Ubuntu App Showdown Winners Announced
<Dazed_75> How to Install a Virtualized Copy of Ubuntu in Windows 8
<Dazed_75> How to Make Your Linux PC Wake from Sleep Automatically
<Dazed_75> Seven "hidden" Features of Bash
<Dazed_75> ZaReason Launches the First Linux Ultrabook
<Dazed_75> Ubuntu 12.10 May Ship With Older But More Featured Nautilus
<Dazed_75> Ubuntu Desktop Environment Usage Statistics
<Dazed_75> Send Mail Merged Email in Gmail
<wipmonkey> +1
<Dazed_75> Webnotes: An Ubuntu One Notes App for iOS
<Dazed_75> Ubuntu Tweak 0.7.3 Adds Support for Ubuntu 12.10 and Linux Mint 13
<Dazed_75> Use Wallpaper Clocks, Live Earth Wallpaper in Ubuntu with Slidewall
<Dazed_75> That's all folks
<toddc> thanks Dazed_75
<toddc> I have a couple more to add!
<toddc> Valve: L4D2 runs 20% faster on Ubuntu than Windows 7
<toddc> 4 Methods to Take Screenshot Capture in Ubuntu Linux
<toddc> How To Integrate ClamAV Into PureFTPd For Virus Scanning On Ubuntu 12.04
<toddc> Road test: Self-driving car heads into city
<toddc> “Scientists at the Free Berlin University have been conducting research on one of the worlds first prototypes that can independently maneuver through heavy city traffic.” While watching the video you can see that Ubuntu 12.04 is used as a GPS system.
<toddc> Don't wait for Valve, install Steam on Ubuntu now
<toddc> Ricardo Salveti: Pre-built images for XBMC (Ubuntu 12.04 based) with hw acceleration finally available at Linaro
<toddc> Unity is now available on Arch, Fedora, and OpenSUSE
<toddc> TEAM NEWS
<toddc> PLEASE NOTE The September 2 Meeting has been canceled due to the Labor Day week- end Enjoy!!
<toddc> We now have 12.04 cd's please hook up with Dazed_75 Adrenaline or my self and pass out these and spread the word  of Linux/open source and or installfests
<toddc> JOB LIST
<toddc> Several openings at Limelight Networks in Tempe see
<toddc> Senior Network Engineer at our Teams Data center they have several openings to fill
<toddc> System Administrator
<toddc> Senior Systems Engineer SecureNet Payment Systems
<toddc> Apply Now:
<toddc> Computer Support Specialist (Chandler, AZ)
<toddc> Linux Administration Support
<toddc>  Michela John ConsultNet
<toddc>  60 Rio Salado Parkway Suite 900
<toddc>  Tempe, Arizona
<toddc>  480.366.5806- Office 602.576.4841- Cell
<toddc> Thursday August 23 is the next Ubuntu Hour at Extream Bean in Tempe southern and McClintock
<toddc> PLEASE NOTE We have moved the September 1 installfest to August 25 so that we may have labor day weekend off
<toddc> Azloco/plug Desktop Emphasis installfest is August 25  at UAT 10am to 4  PM 2625 W Baseline Rd
<toddc> 85283 Tempe across from Fry's Electronics 10AM to 4M 2625 W Baseline Rd 85283 Room 208 48st and Baseline Rd
<toddc> We will also be streaming all events on  but until we get organized
<toddc> I will start as soon as possible after events start but due to setup time I hope to find others to run it  as we get bigger. This will let other's participate and be more active state/world wide but will take time to develop and and get the word out.
<toddc> If you have time or want to meet any of us or have problems feel free to show up.
<toddc> Yesterday we worked on the new proxmox server and installed IPCOP  and started routing
<toddc> and hope to complete it this Saturday if all goes well we be doing a disk to vm and adding more
<toddc>  servers in the near future
<toddc> The next Server Emphasis Installfest will be Saturday August 18 at UAT  10AM to 4M 2625 W Baseline Rd 85283 Room 208 across the street from Fry's Electronics
<toddc> we will do desktops/laptops as time permits
<toddc> Tagose planning and development meeting on September 8 10am-4 pm  2625 W Baseline Rd 85283 Room 208 across the street from Fry's Electronics
<toddc> For more info see
<toddc> calender at
<toddc> Walter Finished the new drupal web site but we need input. It currently in drupal Zen theme
<toddc> please check it out and and give us thoughts on how it looks and or changes that we need
<toddc> see
<toddc> Also the test server is ready to to go so if you want to test you skills or program please let us know
<toddc> see for more info and should be able to issue VM real soon in the new server
<toddc> xHans if you are here do you have any news for us?
<toddc> plug server emphasis installfest is August 18 10-4PM  at UAT 48st and Baseline road Tempe across from Fry's Electronics  2625 W Baseline Rd 85283 Room 208
<toddc> Plug East side meeting Thursday September 24  7-10 PM  at MCC 1833 W. Southern Ave., Mesa, AZ 85202     Kirk Student Center
<toddc> Free Software Stammtisch Tuesday August 21 at Iguana Macks 7:00PM 1371 N Alma School Rd Chandler AZ 85224
<toddc> Tagcose Server Development  September 8 10am-4pm
<toddc> Anyone interested in learning or assisting with the Tagcose Server Project.
<toddc> University of Advancing Technology: 2625 W Baseline,Tempe, AZ 85283
<toddc> Free Software Stammtisch Tuesday August 21 at Iguana Macks 7:00PM 1371 N Alma School Rd Chandler AZ 85224
<toddc> that is all I have any questions or comments or other news or ideas?
<corburn> Is anyone else using ArchLinux?
<MikeofMany> I was.
<Dazed_75> Was?
<MikeofMany> My linux top is something of a constant experiement, I ran arch for about a year, but when 12.04 came out I decided to give ubuntu and unity another shot
<dennisk> Chris Lewis is teaching a Linux Security Class @ MCC Fall 2nd quarter. Contact me if interested.
<dennisk> even if you don't use Arch, it has an excellent wiki.
<MikeofMany> true
<Dazed_75> MikeofMany: So how long have you been giving Unity another shot and what do you think?
<MikeofMany> Dazed_75: it's pretty, some features are nice. Others are still getting in my way.
<toddc> if there is nothing else?
<toddc> Thanks for coming tonight. I will be here a while if anyone needs help or has a question
<wipmonkey> toddc I didn't see a group for azloco or PLUG

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