August 19, 2018 Meeting


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 04:00 <MajB> #startmeeting

 04:00 <meetingology> Meeting started Mon Aug 20 04:00:02 2018 UTC.  The chair is MajB. Information about MeetBot at

 04:00 <meetingology> 

 04:00 <meetingology> Available commands: action commands idea info link nick

 04:00 <MajB> Welcome to AZLOCO IRC Meeting Please sign in with a +1

 04:00 <Ron_A> +1

 04:00 <stephenm> +1

 04:00 <MajB> +1

 04:00 <toddc> +1

 04:01 <MajB> Some of us are at if you wish to see and/or talk to us directly.

 04:01 <MajB> Team Website is at:

 04:01 <MajB> IRC stats are at:

 04:01 <MajB> Team membership information is at:

 04:01 <MajB> Team mailing list information is at:

 04:01 <MajB> Team events portal is at:

 04:01 <MajB> The Team wiki page is at:

 04:02 <MajB> The Team Facebook page is at:

 04:02 <MajB> The Team Meet-up page is at:

 04:02 <MajB> Feel free to make comments and add input to our meeting at anytime.

 04:02 <MajB> LINUX NEWS:

 04:02 <MajB> First the the Linux and Open Source news of the week which will be brought to you by stephenm

 04:02 <stephenm> News starts out boring and then gets into the nitty gritty of stuff.

 04:02 <stephenm> Top Linux Developers' Recommended Programming Books

 04:02 <stephenm>

 04:03 <markthomas> +1

 04:03 <stephenm> A Quick Reminder on HTTPS Everywhere

 04:03 <stephenm>

 04:03 <Ron_A> hello markthomas

 04:03 <stephenm> Visualizing a DevOps mindset

 04:03 <stephenm>

 04:03 <stephenm> How to Install Minimal Ubuntu on Your Old PC

 04:03 <stephenm>

 04:03 <stephenm> Sharing Linux Terminal Sessions With Tmux and Screen

 04:03 <stephenm>

 04:03 <stephenm> A Git Origin Story

 04:03 <stephenm>

 04:04 <stephenm> 4 Tips for Successful Remote 1-1s

 04:04 <stephenm>

 04:04 <stephenm> How Blockchain and the Auto Industry Will Fit Together

 04:04 <stephenm> What is CI/CD?

 04:04 <stephenm>

 04:04 <stephenm> Compiler Fuzzing, Part 1

 04:04 <stephenm>

 04:05 <stephenm> How To Setup Latest Oracle OpenJDK On Linux

 04:05 <stephenm>

 04:05 <stephenm> Linux Kernel 4.18 Keeps Things Solid and Secure

 04:05 <stephenm>

 04:05 <stephenm> Why Locking Down the Kernel Won’t Stall Linux Improvements

 04:05 <stephenm>

 04:05 <stephenm> How to Monitor your Linux Server using osquery

 04:05 <stephenm>

 04:05 <stephenm> Share Files Securely With Onionshare

 04:05 <stephenm>

 04:05 <Stu> Hey... got it workin...

 04:06 <stephenm> How to Install and Configure VNC on Ubuntu 18.04

 04:06 <stephenm>

 04:06 <MajB> Excellent

 04:06 <stephenm> Cool Stu

 04:06 <stephenm> Anyways that's all I have for tonight, back to youMajB

 04:06 <MajB> Thanks stephenm

 04:06 <Stu> I must have mistyped the SASL confirmation like 4 times..ha ha

 04:06 <Ron_A> hi Stu

 04:07 <markthomas> Hi Ron_A

 04:07 <MajB> TEAM NEWS:

 04:07 <MajB> Team Projects Page

 04:07 <MajB> If anyone would like to take on a project listed, just notify any administrator and you will be added to the page as the project manager.

 04:07 <toddc> welcome Stu

 04:07 <MajB> We are still getting lots of hits on since we started posting articles and would like to continue to add articles.  See any team administrator to get access to post to the blogs if you do not already have access or to recommend that any posting be moved to the front page.


 04:07 <MajB> 

 04:07 <MajB> AZLOCO/PLUG Installfest/Linux Workshop 01 September (Labor Day week-end)

 04:07 <MajB> AZLOCO meeting 02 September (Labor Day week-end)

 04:07 <MajB> AZLOCO meeting 11 November (Veterans Day)

 04:08 <MajB> LINUX JOB LIST:

 04:08 <MajB> There are 49 open canonical Jobs today

 04:08 <MajB>

 04:08 <MajB> There are a total of 152 Linux administrator jobs, 64 of which are new listed on Craigslist that are within 25 miles of Phoenix

 04:08 <MajB>,-AZ-jobs.html

 04:08 <MajB> There are 15 new jobs and a total of 51 Linux administrator jobs listed on Craigslist that are in Sierra Vista/Fort Huachuca AZ

 04:08 <MajB>


 04:09 <MajB> AZLOCO Events and Activities:

 04:09 <MajB> Detailed information with map locations can be found on our web site

 04:09 <MajB> 23 August, Sierra Vista Ubuntu Hour, 1800-1900, Schlotzsky's Cafe, 3900 Fry Blvd., Sierra Vista.  An hour to take time out of your busy schedule to relax, have a cup of coffee, talk about Ubuntu, Linux, and FOSS, and perhaps discover a different operating system for your personal computer that is free to download, free to install, free to use, and free to change to meet your own personal desires.

 04:09 <MajB> 23 August,  Tempe Ubuntu Hour, 1900-2000, Xtreme Bean, 1707 E. Southern Ave., Tempe.  Come out and meet us or ask questions and learn Linux open source or just hang for a bit with other users.

 04:09 <stephenm> welcome

 04:10 <MajB> 06 September,  Tempe Ubuntu Hour, 1900-2000, Xtreme Bean, 1707 E. Southern Ave., Tempe.  Come out and meet us or ask questions and learn Linux open source or just hang for a bit with other users.

 04:10 <MajB> 15 September,  AZLOCO/PLUG Installfest/Linux Workshop, 1000-1600,  University of Advancing Technology, 2625 W. Baseline Rd. Tempe.  Anyone can attend.  All are welcome.  We can install most Linux distributions on personal computers, servers, routers, Raspberry Pi's or almost anything running that Linux can run on.  We are also happy to guide you through fixing problems, answer your questions or simply discuss Free and Open Source S

 04:10 <MajB> oftware.  Bring your personal projects, help others with theirs, spend time assisting with installations or problem solving, or spend some time talking about Linux.

 04:10 <MajB> PLUG NEWS & EVENTS:

 04:10 <MajB> xHans would you like to do the PLUG news and events?

 04:10 <xHans> ja, danke

 04:10 <xHans> The Free Software Stammtisch is Tuesday

 04:10 <xHans>

 04:11 <xHans> Tuesday, 2018Aug21 @ 19:00, Boulders on Southern, 1010 W Southern Ave, Mesa

 04:11 <xHans> We have one topic thus far for next month's PLUG meeting:

 04:11 <xHans> Federating the cloud: ActivityPub

 04:11 <xHans> Thanks again for the cross-group cooperation!

 04:11 <MajB> Thank you xHans

 04:11 <xHans> bitte


 04:11 <MajB> Detailed information for each LUG activity with map locations can be found at

 04:12 <MajB> Tucson Computer Society, Linux Special Interest Group

 04:12 <MajB> Meetting on 26 August 3-5 pm.  Adam D. Technology, 71 W. Jacinto St., Tucson, AZ

 04:12 <MajB> Phoenix 2600

 04:12 <MajB> Meeting on 07 September 6-9 pm.  Lux Coffee, 4400 N Central Ave, Phoenix, AZ

 04:12 <MajB> Sunland Linux User Group

 04:12 <MajB> Meeting on 12 September 6-8 pm.  Sunland Village East, The Computer Club Training Facility, 2145 S. Farnsworth Dr., Mesa AZ

 04:13 <MajB> Cochise Linux User Group

 04:13 <MajB> Meeting on 12 September 5-6 pm.  University of Arizona South, Sierra Vista campus, 1140 Colombo Ave., Sierra Vista AZ

 04:13 <MajB> Meeting on 22 September 1-3:45 pm.  Sierra Vista Public Library conference room, 2600 E. Tacoma St Sierra Vista AZ


 04:13 <MajB> CactusCon

 04:13 <MajB> September 28-29 at the Mesa Convention Center

 04:13 <MajB> 263 N Center St

 04:13 <MajB> Mesa, AZ 85201

 04:13 <MajB> Any thoughts on other events or projects?

 04:14 <MajB> That is all I have.  Anyone have anything else?

 04:15 <Ron_A> thanks MajB

 04:15 <stephenm> evening wmack, a little late tonight?

 04:15 <MajB> Thanks for coming here tonight I will be here for a while if you have any questions

 04:15 <wmack> authentication issues :|

 04:15 <Stu> ha ha, you weren't alone!

 04:15 <stephenm> yep had those, damn Hex Chat

 04:15 <markthomas> Sooner or later, everybody gets their nick registered.

 04:16 <xHans> yeah, hexchat seems to join channels, then authenticate, which no longer works

 04:16 <MajB> #endmeeting

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