August 26, 2012 Meeting


[21:00] toddc   Welcome to AZLOCO IRC Meeting Please sign in with a +1
[21:00] toddc   +1
[21:00] NeoNetNinja     +1
[21:00] Rich_   +1
[21:00] spinrage        +1 from my raspberry pi
[21:00] toddc   +5?
[21:00] Siph0n  +1
[21:00] toddc   wow from the raspberry really?
[21:00] _ericcc +1
[21:00] toddc   cool
[21:00] spinrage        yep. again.
[21:01] _ericcc I got my pi today!!!
[21:01] spinrage        awesome!
[21:01] _ericcc Now if only I had a card reader....
[21:01] toddc   do we really need to know about your pi?
[21:01] toddc   _ericcc: I have a extra if you need it
[21:02] toddc   Team web site
[21:02] toddc   Team wiki site
[21:02] toddc   Team membership
[21:02] toddc   Feel free to make comments and add input to our meeting at anytime.
[21:02] toddc   some of us are in if you want to see us or talk to us
[21:02] toddc   Anybody here that is new tonight?
[21:03] toddc   Linux, for people who want to know why their computer works
[21:03] toddc   UBUNTU NEWS
[21:03] toddc   Dazed_75 is on vacation so I am solo tonight bear with me!!!
[21:04] toddc   Ubuntu 12.04.1 is out please updater your install media and it works great!!
[21:04] toddc   Canonical Promoting Ubuntu Software Center To Game Devs
[21:04] toddc
[21:04] toddc   How To Install Drupal 7 on Ubuntu Server 12.04
[21:04] toddc
[21:05] toddc   Why Ubuntu 12.04 is the best desktop experience the free software community has to offer.
[21:05] toddc
[21:05] toddc   OS X 10.8 vs. Ubuntu Linux: A Battle With No Clear Winner
[21:05] toddc
[21:05] toddc   Archlinux is moving to systemd
[21:05] toddc
[21:05] toddc   Debian testing a systemd-to-sysvinit converter
[21:05] toddc
[21:06] toddc   Ubuntu Delays Wayland System Compositor
[21:06] toddc
[21:06] toddc   I am looking forward to testing it
[21:06] toddc   Linux Action Show Has done a nice Show on Back Track Penitration Testing
[21:06] toddc
[21:06] _ericcc Ooo ill check that one out
[21:07] toddc   Controlling Privacy Setting in Ubuntu with Gnome Activity Log Manager
[21:07] toddc
[21:07] toddc   I want to re watch it it
[21:07] toddc   Ubuntu 12.10 Pushes Sandy Bridge Further
[21:07] toddc
[21:07] toddc   Ubuntu 12:04 with Webmin: Bootup and Shutdown Module
[21:07] toddc
[21:08] toddc   Ubuntu adds Calxeda support and makes it easier to deploy OpenStack
[21:08] toddc
[21:08] toddc   Ubuntu Desktop Environment Usage Statistics
[21:08] toddc
[21:08] toddc   TEAM NEWS
[21:08] toddc   PLEASE NOTE The September 2 Meeting has been canceled due to the Labor Day week- end Enjoy the week end off!!
[21:09] toddc   JOB LIST
[21:09] toddc   Several openings at Limelight Networks in Tempe see
[21:09] toddc   ttp://www.limelight.h
[21:09] toddc   Senior Network Engineer at our Teams Data center they have several openings to fill
[21:09] toddc
[21:09] toddc   System Administrator
[21:09] toddc
[21:10] toddc   Senior Systems Engineer SecureNet Payment Systems
[21:10] toddc   Apply Now:
[21:10] toddc   Computer Support Specialist (Chandler, AZ)
[21:10] toddc
[21:10] toddc   Systems Administrator
[21:10] toddc
[21:10] toddc   UBUNTU HOUR
[21:10] _ericcc Forgot to mention the install fest was a hit with the class from mcc.
[21:11] toddc   cool glad to here we did something good
[21:11] toddc   Thursday September 27 is the next Ubuntu Hour at Extream Bean in Tempe southern and McClintock
[21:11] toddc
[21:11] toddc   TEMPE INSTALLFEST
[21:11] toddc   PLEASE NOTE We have canceled the September 1 installfest to August 25 so that we may have labor day weekend off
[21:12] toddc   this the one we did yesterday
[21:12] toddc   We had a great installfest and helped install or fix 7-8 new users Thanks for all the extra help from those that showed up to help. Don, Tammy, Dennis, Eric, Jason and Paul and every-one else
[21:12] Siph0n  what time is the Ubuntu hour ?
[21:12] toddc   7PM
[21:12] Siph0n  k cool
[21:12] Siph0n  thx
[21:12] toddc   for a hour that usually rune 2+
[21:12] toddc   rins
[21:13] toddc   runs
[21:13] toddc   NeoNetNinja: We will also be streaming all events on but until we get organized
[21:13] toddc   I will start as soon as possible after events start but due to setup time I hope to find others to run it as we get bigger. This will let other's participate and be more active state/world wide but will take time to develop and and get the word out.
[21:13] NeoNetNinja     cool
[21:13] MikeofMany      ugh, sorry late had to get food
[21:13] toddc   If you have time or want to meet any of us or have problems feel free to show up.
[21:14] toddc   some of the students from MCC do plan on returning to the next event
[21:14] toddc   hi MikeofMany
[21:15] toddc   Tagose planning and development meeting on September 8 10am-4 pm 2625 W Baseline Rd 85283 Room 208 across the street from Fry's Electronics
[21:15] toddc   The next Server Emphasis Installfest will be Saturday September 25 at UAT 10AM to 4M 2625 W Baseline Rd 85283 Room 208 across the street from Fry's Electronics
[21:15] toddc   we will do desktops/laptops as time permits
[21:15] toddc   For more info see
[21:15] toddc calender at
[21:15] toddc   TEAM SERVER NEWS
[21:16] toddc   This week we moved to the new website and still need a bit of tweaking but check it out at
[21:16] toddc   over the next several weeks we be moving it to the new proxmox VM server
[21:16] toddc   Also the test server is ready to to go so if you want to test you skills or program please let us know
[21:16] toddc   see for more info and should be able to issue VM real soon in the new server
[21:16] toddc   UBUNTU TRAINING
[21:16] toddc   Ubuntu Developer week
[21:16] toddc   free online classes all week Aug 28 till the 30 see
[21:16] toddc   use the program Lernid or #ubuntu-clasroom in IRC freenode
[21:17] toddc   let me know if you need help these are real good classes and free
[21:17] toddc   FUTURE EVENTS
[21:17] corburn +1
[21:17] toddc   hi corburn
[21:17] Siph0n  i love the "Add to Google Calendar" buttons !
[21:18] toddc   Do we want to do a 12.10 Release party?
[21:18] toddc   October 18 is the release date but we could do it on the 20th at the server installfest or as a separate event?
[21:19] toddc   I had been thinking a Ubuntu Geeknick (Picnic/BBQ) At Tempe Town Lake they have WIFI
[21:19] toddc   and power at the picnic tables
[21:19] toddc   think about it
[21:20] MikeofMany      toddc, could be good, and cooler in Oct .
[21:20] _ericcc Only at a linux picnic would consideration of power and wifi be a necessity
[21:20] toddc   I think it would be fun and could draw family groups also
[21:21] _ericcc Tempe offers beer permits, just fyi
[21:21] toddc   +1
[21:21] toddc   but I think they are like 50.00
[21:21] spinrage        sounds like a good idea. If it's on the weekend, I might be able to make it.
[21:22] toddc   Sat was the the OCt 20
[21:22] _ericcc Eh, either way, I'm game.
[21:22] toddc   Do we want to do a global Jam again? See
[21:22] toddc   September 7th thru 9th are the recommended dates to hold one
[21:23] MikeofMany      +1 Sat
[21:23] toddc   A bit late to plan but we could invade the tagcose event and work in the corner
[21:24] toddc   MikeofMany: which oct 20 or global jam
[21:24] MikeofMany      toddc, the oct 20 bbq idea, the global jam could be cool, just not sure I would have anything to contrib
[21:25] toddc   it is just testing live 12.10 for issues for the global Jam
[21:25] MikeofMany      ahhh
[21:26] toddc   I will start planning for the release party then and try to show up at the tagcose event incase anyone else wants to help
[21:27] toddc   I will check with plug also to see if they have a interest in the release party
[21:27] MikeofMany      sounds like a plan toddc
[21:27] toddc   since I live in tempe I should check out wifi first
[21:28] toddc   and if anyone wants to help in planning from there let me know we will need coolers charcoal ect
[21:28] toddc   xHans if you are here do you have any news for us?
[21:29] |<--    Siph0n has left freenode (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
[21:29] toddc   PLUG EVENTS
[21:29] toddc   Deveolper Meeting Thursday September 06
[21:29] toddc   University of Advancing Technology, 2625 West Baseline Road Tempe AZ 85283. This is close to the US 60 and Interstate 10 by Fry's Electronics. Meetings are held in room 245.
[21:30] toddc   Tagcose Server Development September 8 10am-4pm
[21:30] toddc   Anyone interested in learning or assisting with the Tagcose Server Project.
[21:30] toddc   University of Advancing Technology: 2625 W Baseline,Tempe, AZ 85283
[21:30] toddc   plug server emphasis installfest is September 15 10-4PM at UAT 48st and Baseline road Tempe across from Fry's Electronics 2625 W Baseline Rd 85283 Room 208
[21:30] toddc   Plug East side meeting Thursday September 24 7-10 PM at MCC 1833 W. Southern Ave., Mesa, AZ 85202 Kirk Student Center
[21:30] toddc   that is all I have any questions or comments or other news or ideas?
[21:30] toddc   did I miss anything?
[21:31] NeoNetNinja     As soon as I can get my car fixed I'll definitely join in the festivities and planning/supporting etc...
[21:31] NeoNetNinja     toddc is my membership still active? Is there anything I need to do?
[21:31] NeoNetNinja     I know my email is I just logged in...
[21:32] toddc   should be I will check status in a few minutes but they are lifetime
[21:32] NeoNetNinja     Its nice to see everything growing and new members
[21:32] NeoNetNinja     thx
[21:32] toddc   unless you remove it or
[21:32] NeoNetNinja     wont be doing that, lol
[21:32] toddc   thanks it gets better every day!!
[21:32] _ericcc Hi neonetninja, from a newcomer
[21:33] NeoNetNinja     hello _ericcc
[21:33] NeoNetNinja     welcome!
[21:33] toddc   NeoNetNinja: want to tell every one where you are at!!
[21:33] NeoNetNinja     sure
[21:33] NeoNetNinja     Native Tucsonan...
[21:33] NeoNetNinja     that pretty much explains everything...
[21:33] NeoNetNinja     lol
[21:33] toddc   but I call dibs on first visit to you
[21:34] NeoNetNinja     kk
[21:34] NeoNetNinja     I'm an online (non-traditional) student at UAT...
[21:34] NeoNetNinja     working toward a BS in Net-Sec
[21:34] NeoNetNinja     Love Ubuntu
[21:34] toddc   four active members in Tucson now we need to get the ubuntu hour running down there
[21:34] NeoNetNinja     Ubuntu Server
[21:35] NeoNetNinja     and kicking some bash!
[21:35] NeoNetNinja     My Fingerprint reader is working on Precise in my Sys76 lappy...
[21:35] NeoNetNinja     it works to auth with sudo in Term!
[21:35] NeoNetNinja     <3 it!
[21:35] MikeofMany      NeoNetNinja, awesome out of box?
[21:36] NeoNetNinja     Just an install of FingerGUI
[21:36] toddc   Damm first class all the way
[21:36] NeoNetNinja     but yeah pretty much
[21:36] NeoNetNinja     no tweaking at all
[21:36] NeoNetNinja     it works for log on as well
[21:37] NeoNetNinja     I'm building a Ubuntu Server based NAS and actually wanted to know if any of you have experience with Webmin and/or Amanda?
[21:37] NeoNetNinja     Or...
[21:37] NeoNetNinja     I was thinking Vsftpd...
[21:37] NeoNetNinja     if it can act as a client too to backup to the cloud
[21:38] NeoNetNinja     Amazon has a new, really affordable, backup service called Glacier and I know Amanda does that
[21:38] toddc   webmin is a bit old I use Zentyal
[21:38] NeoNetNinja     but I also have an FTP account through that's really good too that may be able to do Rsync as well...
[21:39] toddc   want to learn puppet next
[21:39] NeoNetNinja     Or...
[21:39] NeoNetNinja     Possibly Deja Dup for both client and server?
[21:39] NeoNetNinja     any thoughts?
[21:39] toddc   NeoNetNinja: we are just completeing a Proxmox VM server as a team project
[21:40] NeoNetNinja     so it would client >> server >> cloud
[21:40] NeoNetNinja     cool
[21:40] NeoNetNinja     I'll check it out
[21:41] toddc   we will be doing some cloud work on our own we are looking again at eyeos
[21:41] NeoNetNinja     I liked Amanda because of the cross platform client support...
[21:41] NeoNetNinja     nice!
[21:41] toddc   and will offer accounts when ready but only have 500gb ATM
[21:42] NeoNetNinja     but thought it would probably require a bit more maintenance...
[21:42] NeoNetNinja     nice!
[21:42] toddc   and we are collecting hardware to build a bigger better one in the near future
[21:42] MikeofMany      very cool
[21:42] NeoNetNinja     what file system does it use/support?
[21:42] NeoNetNinja     ZFS?
[21:44] NeoNetNinja     do you have a host?
[21:44] toddc   should be simple to admin ---debian host ext4 ATM ZFS may be used for the nest version but it was voted down due to several issuses
[21:44] NeoNetNinja     or is it local?
[21:44] toddc   ipcop handles the internal firewall routing---at our DATA center
[21:44] NeoNetNinja     ext4 is good too of course
[21:45] NeoNetNinja     nice
[21:45] NeoNetNinja     in Phx?
[21:45] toddc   I /we will have specs and pictures up this week(I hope)
[21:45] NeoNetNinja     I just build an Endian and really like it
[21:45] NeoNetNinja     cool
[21:45] toddc   Tempe
[21:45] NeoNetNinja     nice
[21:46] toddc   One Neck/DeLug has given us free Rack and 5 Ip's
[21:46] NeoNetNinja     very good
[21:46] |<--    Rich_ has left freenode (Quit: Page closed)
[21:46] toddc   and I give tours from time to time
[21:47] NeoNetNinja     I'd love a tour whenever I can make it up there
[21:47] toddc   ok closing the meeting and open for chat

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