January 31, 2016 Meeting



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 * #Ubuntu-US-AZ: AZLoco meeting, 01 Feb at 04:00 — 04:27 UTC
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''LINK:'' http://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-us-az 
''LINK:'' http://discourse.ubuntu.com/t/category-definition-for-ubuntu-arizona/1209 
''LINK:'' http://wiki.ubuntu.com/ArizonaTeam 
''LINK:'' https://www.facebook.com/UbuntuAZTeam 
''LINK:'' http://www.pulseheadlines.com/google-testing-5g-internet-access-drones/16084/ 
''LINK:'' http://betanews.com/2016/01/26/ubuntu-linux-open-source-microsoft-azure-stack-technical-preview/ 
''LINK:'' http://www.zdnet.com/article/vital-openssl-patch-coming/ 
''LINK:'' https://soylentnews.org/article.pl?sid=16/01/26/0330200 
''LINK:'' https://opensource.com/education/16/1/getting-started-in-it-through-a-student-run-help-desk 
''LINK:'' http://fortune.com/2016/01/30/nsa-hacker-enigma-conference/ 
''LINK:'' https://opensource.com/business/16/1/five-keys-project-success-github 
''LINK:'' http://www.linuxtoday.com/infrastructure/remix-os-a-peek-into-the-future-of-android-on-the-desktop.html 
''LINK:'' http://www.esecurityplanet.com/open-source-security/slideshows/10-open-source-vulnerability-assessment-tools.html 
''LINK:'' http://fossforce.com/2016/01/distro-or-desktop-you-say-both/ 
''LINK:'' http://linuxgizmos.com/10-dollar-orange-pi-one-pits-quad-core-cortex-a7-against-pi-zero/ 
''LINK:'' http://thevarguy.com/open-source-application-software-companies/oracle-cloud-becomes-latest-public-cloud-certified-ubuntu 
''LINK:'' http://phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=LB-2015-Stats 
''LINK:'' http://www.zdnet.com/article/microsoft-buys-into-ubuntu-linux-on-azure-hybrid-cloud/ 
''LINK:'' https://opensource.com/life/16/1/6-beginner-open-source 
''LINK:'' https://www.howtoforge.com/tutorial/ubuntu-rolling-release/ 
''LINK:'' http://recode.net/2016/01/30/president-obama-wants-4-billion-to-bring-computer-science-to-all-schools/?utm_source=googleplay&utm_medium=RSS&utm_campaign=partnerfeed 
''LINK:'' https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ArizonaTeam/TeamProjects 
''LINK:'' https://careers.jobscore.com/careers/revolutionparts/jobs/operations-engineer-dLlX-YW30r5zZkdG1ZS6tF?code=revolutionparts&ref=rss&sid=68 
''LINK:'' http://phoenix.craigslist.org/nph/sad/5398370173.html 
''LINK:'' https://retailerwebservices.com/jobs/systems-administator.html 
''LINK:'' http://thesba.com/newtek/careers/ 
''LINK:'' http://www.canonical.com/careers/all-vacancies 
''LINK:'' http://stretchinternet.com/careers/ 
''LINK:'' https://syncthing.net/ 
''LINK:'' http://news.softpedia.com/news/meet-kde-neon-everything-you-love-about-kde-on-top-of-ubuntu-linux-499684.shtml 
''LINK:'' http://news.softpedia.com/news/linux-kernel-4-4-lts-gets-its-first-point-release-adds-ppc-x86-and-arm64-fixes-499677.shtml 

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 * toddc (116)
 * MajB (21)
 * stephenm (4)
 * meetingology (3)
 * collie (2)
 * pavlos (1)
 * wmack (1)

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 04:00 <toddc> #startmeeting AZLoco meeting

 04:00 <meetingology> Meeting started Mon Feb  1 04:00:34 2016 UTC.  The chair is toddc. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/meetingology.

 04:00 <meetingology> 

 04:00 <meetingology> Available commands: action commands idea info link nick

 04:00 <toddc> Welcome to AZLoCo IRC Meeting Please sign in with a +1

 04:00 <collie> +1

 04:00 <MajB> +1

 04:00 <toddc> +1

 04:00 <pavlos> +1

 04:00 <stephenm> +

 04:00 <MajB> Hi collie

 04:01 <stephenm> +1

 04:01 <toddc> Star Date 93687.02

 04:01 <collie> hi MajB

 04:01 <toddc> Some of us are in http://bbb.azloco.net if you want to see us or talk to us

 04:01 <toddc> Team Website is http://azloco.org/

 04:01 <toddc> IRC stats http://www.azloco.com/~ircstats/

 04:01 <toddc> Team membership http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=445980

 04:01 <toddc> http://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-us-az

 04:01 <wmack> +1

 04:02 <toddc> Team events portal http://loco.ubuntu.com/teams/ubuntu-arizona/

 04:02 <toddc> http://discourse.ubuntu.com/t/category-definition-for-ubuntu-arizona/1209

 04:02 <toddc> http://wiki.ubuntu.com/ArizonaTeam

 04:02 <toddc> https://www.facebook.com/UbuntuAZTeam

 04:02 <toddc> Feel free to make comments and add input to our meeting at anytime.

 04:02 <toddc> LINUX  NEWS

 04:03 <toddc> Google is testing 5G Internet access through drones

 04:03 <toddc> http://www.pulseheadlines.com/google-testing-5g-internet-access-drones/16084/

 04:03 <toddc> Ubuntu Linux and open source play key role in Microsoft Azure Stack Technical Preview

 04:03 <toddc> http://betanews.com/2016/01/26/ubuntu-linux-open-source-microsoft-azure-stack-technical-preview/

 04:03 <toddc> open SSL patching

 04:03 <toddc> http://www.zdnet.com/article/vital-openssl-patch-coming/

 04:04 <toddc> Trend Micro AV has an HTTP Listener Which can Run Arbitrary OS Commands from the Internet

 04:04 <toddc> https://soylentnews.org/article.pl?sid=16/01/26/0330200

 04:04 <toddc> Student-run help desk introduces teens to Linux

 04:04 <toddc> https://opensource.com/education/16/1/getting-started-in-it-through-a-student-run-help-desk

 04:04 <toddc> NSA Top Hacker: Here's How to Make My Life Hard

 04:04 <toddc> http://fortune.com/2016/01/30/nsa-hacker-enigma-conference/

 04:05 <toddc> 5 keys to project success on GitHub

 04:05 <toddc> https://opensource.com/business/16/1/five-keys-project-success-github

 04:05 <toddc> Remix OS : A Peek into The Future of Android on the Desktop

 04:05 <toddc> http://www.linuxtoday.com/infrastructure/remix-os-a-peek-into-the-future-of-android-on-the-desktop.html

 04:05 <toddc> 10 Open Source Vulnerability Assessment Tools

 04:05 <toddc> http://www.esecurityplanet.com/open-source-security/slideshows/10-open-source-vulnerability-assessment-tools.html

 04:05 <toddc> Distro or Desktop? You Say Both

 04:06 <toddc> http://fossforce.com/2016/01/distro-or-desktop-you-say-both/

 04:06 <toddc> $10 Orange Pi One pits quad-core Cortex-A7 against Pi Zero

 04:06 <toddc> http://linuxgizmos.com/10-dollar-orange-pi-one-pits-quad-core-cortex-a7-against-pi-zero/

 04:06 <toddc> Oracle Cloud Becomes Latest Public Cloud with Certified Ubuntu OS

 04:06 <toddc> http://thevarguy.com/open-source-application-software-companies/oracle-cloud-becomes-latest-public-cloud-certified-ubuntu

 04:06 <toddc> Linux Hardware/Software Enthusiast Trends Over The Past Year

 04:06 <toddc> http://phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=LB-2015-Stats

 04:06 <toddc> Microsoft buys into Ubuntu Linux on Azure hybrid cloud

 04:07 <toddc> http://www.zdnet.com/article/microsoft-buys-into-ubuntu-linux-on-azure-hybrid-cloud/

 04:07 <toddc> 6 starting points for open source beginners

 04:07 <toddc> https://opensource.com/life/16/1/6-beginner-open-source

 04:07 <toddc> How to transform your Ubuntu installation into a rolling release

 04:07 <toddc> https://www.howtoforge.com/tutorial/ubuntu-rolling-release/

 04:07 <toddc> President Obama Wants $4 Billion to Bring Computer Science to All Schools

 04:07 <toddc> http://recode.net/2016/01/30/president-obama-wants-4-billion-to-bring-computer-science-to-all-schools/?utm_source=googleplay&utm_medium=RSS&utm_campaign=partnerfeed

 04:08 <toddc> TEAM NEWS

 04:08 <toddc> We have a team projects if anyone would like to take on a project

 04:08 <toddc> Team Projects Page

 04:08 <toddc> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ArizonaTeam/TeamProjects

 04:08 <toddc> We are still getting lots of hits on azloco.org since we started posting articles and would like to continue to add articles.

 04:08 <toddc> See any team member for access to the blogs and any that should be moved to the front page let us know about it.

 04:09 <toddc> LINUX QUOTES/JOKES

 04:09 <toddc> ready?

 04:09 <stephenm> yes

 04:09 <toddc> Air Conditioned Environment - Do not open Windows.

 04:09 <toddc> Unable to locate Chocolate! -- Operator Halted!

 04:09 <MajB> Booooooo

 04:10 <toddc> On a clear disk you can seek forever

 04:10 <stephenm> MajB we want to hear your best Linux joke

 04:10 <toddc> JOB list

 04:10 <MajB> Next week

 04:10 <toddc> Software Engineer - Platform

 04:10 <toddc> Operations Engineer

 04:10 <toddc> https://careers.jobscore.com/careers/revolutionparts/jobs/operations-engineer-dLlX-YW30r5zZkdG1ZS6tF?code=revolutionparts&ref=rss&sid=68

 04:11 <toddc> Linux Systems Administrator

 04:11 <toddc> http://phoenix.craigslist.org/nph/sad/5398370173.html

 04:11 <toddc> Systems Admin

 04:11 <toddc> https://retailerwebservices.com/jobs/systems-administator.html

 04:11 <toddc> PHP dev

 04:11 <toddc> http://thesba.com/newtek/careers/

 04:11 <toddc> 35 current canonical Jobs today

 04:11 <toddc> http://www.canonical.com/careers/all-vacancies

 04:12 <toddc> Systems Administrator

 04:12 <toddc> http://stretchinternet.com/careers/

 04:12 <toddc> Weekly Desktop app Pick

 04:12 <toddc> Syncthing replaces proprietary sync and cloud services with something open, trustworthy and decentralized

 04:12 <toddc> https://syncthing.net/

 04:13 <toddc> UP COMMING EVENTS

 04:13 <toddc> West side Ubuntu Hour will be February 3, 7pm – 9pm at Starbucks Coffee 13472 West Bell Road, Surprise, AZ 85374, USA   http://www.azloco.org/?q=node/28, Arizona

 04:13 <toddc> Tempe Ubuntu Hour

 04:14 <toddc> Thursday February 4 at 7PM is the First of the month Ubuntu Hour at Extreme Bean in Tempe at Southern and McClintock

 04:14 <toddc> Linux Installfest

 04:14 <toddc> Sat, February 6, 10am – 4pm University of Advancing Technology: 2625 W Baseline,Tempe, AZ #85283 room 208

 04:14 <toddc> #Anyone interested in learning more about open source or Linux is invited to a open workshop!

 04:14 <toddc> We can just chat or we can install almost any version of Linux on your computer router or all most any device that can run on linux

 04:15 <toddc> Sierra Vista Ubuntu Hour  is January 28. 2015 7 MST , 6PM to 7 PM

 04:15 <toddc> Schlotzsky's Cafe 3900 East Fry Blvd. Sierra Vista AZ 85635

 04:16 <toddc> Thu, February 25, 6pm – 7pm

 04:16 <toddc> Schlotzsky's, 3900 East Fry Blvd, Sierra Vista, AZ, United States

 04:16 <toddc> Introduction to Linux presentation

 04:16 <toddc> WhenSun, February 14, 2pm – 4pm

 04:16 <toddc> WhereKatherine Heidenreich Adult Center, 1776 Airway, Kingman AZ 86401 (map)

 04:16 <toddc> DescriptionThere will be a presentation on "Introduction to Linux" given to the Kingman Computer User Group.

 04:17 <toddc> New Members this week

 04:17 <toddc> Please welcome bess-dustin he has joined this week From Sierra Vista area

 04:18 <toddc> Meet KDE Neon, Everything You Love About KDE on Top of Ubuntu Linux

 04:18 <toddc> http://news.softpedia.com/news/meet-kde-neon-everything-you-love-about-kde-on-top-of-ubuntu-linux-499684.shtml

 04:18 <toddc> Linux Kernel 4.4 LTS Gets Its First Point Release, Adds PPC, x86 and ARM64 Fixes

 04:18 <toddc> http://news.softpedia.com/news/linux-kernel-4-4-lts-gets-its-first-point-release-adds-ppc-x86-and-arm64-fixes-499677.shtml

 04:18 <toddc> xHans would you like to do the Plug news and events?

 04:19 <toddc> PLUG East Meeting

 04:19 <toddc> Thu, February 11, 2016, 7pm – 9pm

 04:19 <toddc> Various topics ranging form beginner's to advanced, user to administrator.

 04:19 <toddc> Where:Desert Breeze Substation: 251 North Desert Breeze Blvd, Chandler, AZ 85226

 04:20 <toddc> Free Software Stammtisch Tuesday February 16 at  7:00PM Boulders on Southern, 1010 W Southern Ave, Mesa, Arizona 85210 7PM till ??

 04:20 <toddc> Please come and join us for some good conversation over good food and drinks, which are both optional... Friends and family are all welcome.

 04:20 <toddc> OTHER LUG EVENTS

 04:20 <MajB> Yep

 04:20 <MajB> Phoenix2600 meeting on 05 February 6-7 pm

 04:20 <MajB> HeatSync Labs, 140 W. Main St., Mesa AZ

 04:21 <MajB> Linux User Group of Yavapai Countu (LUGY) (social gathering) on 09 February 6:30-9:30 pm

 04:21 <MajB> BARBUDOS CANTINA 1042 Willow Creek Road, Suite 1076 Prescott, AZ

 04:21 <MajB> Cochise Linux User Group meeting on 10 February 2015 5-6 pm.

 04:21 <MajB> University of Arizona Sierra Vista campus, room C165A North, 1140 Colombo Ave., Sierra Vista, AZ

 04:21 <MajB> Sunland Linux User Group (SLUG) meeting on 10 February 6-8 pm

 04:21 <MajB> Sunland Village East, The Computer Club Training Facility, 2145 S. Farnsworth Dr., Mesa, AZ

 04:22 <MajB> Cochise Linux User Group meeting on 27 February 2-3:45 pm.

 04:22 <MajB> Sierra Vista Public Library, conference room, 2600 E. Tacoma St., Sierra Vista AZ

 04:22 <MajB> Tucson Computer Society, Linux Special Interest Group meeting on 28 February 3-4 pm

 04:22 <MajB> Adam D. Technology, 71 W. Jacinto St., Tucson, AZ

 04:22 <MajB> Thats all folks.

 04:22 <toddc> FUTURE EVENTS

 04:23 <toddc> Any thoughts on other events or projects???

 04:23 <toddc> Starting thinking about the release of the next LTS 16.04. ???

 04:23 <MajB> Release Party for LTS 16.04

 04:24 <toddc> that is all I have anyone have anything else?

 04:24 <toddc> Thanks for coming here tonight I will be here for a while if you have any questions

 04:25 <MajB> There will be several folks driving up from SV for the Install fest on Saturday.  Not sure of the number.

 04:26 <toddc> sv is taking over the teame installfest?

 04:26 <toddc> tempe

 04:26 <MajB> No but we are thinking of moving it to SV.

 04:27 <toddc> #endmeeting

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