July 10, 2016 Meeting


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 * #Ubuntu-US-AZ: AZLoco meeting, 11 Jul at 03:59 — 04:24 UTC
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''LINK:'' http://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-us-az 
''LINK:'' http://wiki.ubuntu.com/ArizonaTeam 
''LINK:'' https://www.facebook.com/UbuntuAZTeam 
''LINK:'' https://docs.google.com/document/d/1GWAvccPcqzG3CqhAyQ-7LmQ-lIy5F2taNPpxuAVIrzk/edit?usp=sharing 
''LINK:'' http://thenewstack.io/bridging-tech-diversity-gap/ 
''LINK:'' https://www.linux.com/learn/lfce-prep-course-osi-network-model-part-1 
''LINK:'' https://www.linux.com/news/greg-kroah-hartman-gives-inside-look-largest-fastest-software-project-all%20 
''LINK:'' https://www.linux.com/learn/using-blender-video-editing-software-linux 
''LINK:'' https://opensource.com/life/16/7/desktop-publishing-tools-linux 
''LINK:'' http://www.everydaylinuxuser.com/2016/07/how-to-understand-your-uefi-and-bios.html 
''LINK:'' http://news.softpedia.com/news/nexus-6-is-now-an-unofficial-ubuntu-phone-wi-fi-bluetooth-support-coming-soon-506050.shtml 
''LINK:'' http://lifehacker.com/the-pocketc-h-i-p-is-the-handheld-linux-machine-ive-be-1783247338 
''LINK:'' https://www.linux.com/news/canonical-pivotal-partnership-makes-ubuntu-preferred-linux-distro-cloud-foundry 
''LINK:'' https://dzone.com/articles/10-biggest-mistakes-in-using-static-analysis 
''LINK:'' http://www.datamation.com/open-source/can-desktop-linux-conquer-its-challenges.html 
''LINK:'' http://www.networkworld.com/article/3091139/linux/who-needs-a-gui-how-to-live-in-a-linux-terminal.html 
''LINK:'' http://fossbytes.com/btrfs-linux-filesystem-getting-started/ 
''LINK:'' http://www.networkworld.com/article/3092408/wi-fi/the-wi-fi-network-edge-leads-in-an-sdn-world.html 
''LINK:'' http://www.lightreading.com/enterprise-cloud/kubernetes-13-steps-up-for-hybrid-clouds/d/d-id/724595 
''LINK:'' http://redmonk.com/fryan/2016/06/21/container-trends-plans-orchestration-and-ci-a-dataset-from-bitnami/ 
''LINK:'' http://news.softpedia.com/news/nethserver-7-beta-1-brings-shared-folder-refactoring-new-virtual-host-panel-506077.shtml 
''LINK:'' http://www.howopensource.com/2016/03/resize-raspberry-sd-card-image/ 
''LINK:'' https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ArizonaTeam/TeamProjects 
''LINK:'' https://clareitysecurity.com/careers/ 
''LINK:'' http://www.picmonic.com/pages/careers/software-developer/ 
''LINK:'' http://www.canonical.com/careers/all-vacancies 
''LINK:'' http://www.picmonic.com/pages/careers/software-developer/ 
''LINK:'' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WBZ5bPL79hg 
''LINK:'' http://rambox.pro/ 
''LINK:'' https://www.kde.org/applications/multimedia/k3b/ 
''LINK:'' http://ubuntuonair.com/calendar but often not updated till the event starts
''LINK:'' http://ubuntuonair.com/ 
''LINK:'' https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/118370136707822714534/events/cpcu6sisqfnska6i2oh57lfj5jo 

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 * MajB (22)
 * xHans (15)
 * meetingology (3)
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 * wmack (1)

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 03:59 <toddc> #startmeeting AZLoco meeting

 03:59 <meetingology> Meeting started Mon Jul 11 03:59:41 2016 UTC.  The chair is toddc. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/meetingology.

 03:59 <meetingology> 

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 04:00 <toddc> Welcome to AZLoCo IRC Meeting Please sign in with a +1

 04:00 <stephenm> +1

 04:00 <toddc> +1

 04:00 <MajB> +1

 04:00 <mntusr> +1

 04:00 <toddc> Star Date 94127.4

 04:00 <toddc> Some of us are in http://bbb.azloco.net if you want to see us or talk to us

 04:01 <toddc> Team Website is http://azloco.org/

 04:01 <toddc> IRC stats http://www.azloco.com/~ircstats/

 04:01 <toddc> Team membership http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=445980

 04:01 <toddc> http://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-us-az

 04:01 <toddc> Team events portal http://loco.ubuntu.com/teams/ubuntu-arizona/

 04:01 <toddc> http://wiki.ubuntu.com/ArizonaTeam

 04:01 <toddc> https://www.facebook.com/UbuntuAZTeam

 04:01 <toddc> Feel free to make comments and add input to our meeting at anytime.

 04:02 <toddc> Anyone that would like to contribute to the weekly news items may add them to this list

 04:02 <toddc> https://docs.google.com/document/d/1GWAvccPcqzG3CqhAyQ-7LmQ-lIy5F2taNPpxuAVIrzk/edit?usp=sharing

 04:02 <toddc> lets start with the news

 04:02 <toddc> stephenm will be bring us the news tonight!

 04:02 <toddc> if he got back with food

 04:02 <stephenm> The news starts from novice to expert

 04:03 <stephenm> yes I got back from getting food

 04:03 <stephenm> Bridging Tech’s Diversity Gap

 04:03 <stephenm> http://thenewstack.io/bridging-tech-diversity-gap/

 04:03 <stephenm> LFCE Prep Course -- OSI Network Model (Part 1)

 04:03 <stephenm> v

 04:03 <stephenm> https://www.linux.com/learn/lfce-prep-course-osi-network-model-part-1

 04:03 <stephenm> Greg Kroah-Hartman Gives an Inside Look at the Largest, Fastest Software Project of All

 04:03 <stephenm> https://www.linux.com/news/greg-kroah-hartman-gives-inside-look-largest-fastest-software-project-all%20

 04:03 <stephenm> Using Blender as Video Editing Software on Linux

 04:03 <stephenm> https://www.linux.com/learn/using-blender-video-editing-software-linux

 04:04 <stephenm> 3 open source alternatives to Microsoft Publisher

 04:04 <stephenm> https://opensource.com/life/16/7/desktop-publishing-tools-linux

 04:04 <stephenm> How To Access And Adjust UEFI Boot Settings

 04:04 <stephenm> http://www.everydaylinuxuser.com/2016/07/how-to-understand-your-uefi-and-bios.html

 04:04 <stephenm> ^ very useful

 04:04 <stephenm> Nexus 6 Is Now an Unofficial Ubuntu Phone, Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Support Coming Soon

 04:04 <stephenm> http://news.softpedia.com/news/nexus-6-is-now-an-unofficial-ubuntu-phone-wi-fi-bluetooth-support-coming-soon-506050.shtml

 04:04 <stephenm> The PocketC.H.I.P. Is the Handheld Linux Machine I've Been Looking For

 04:04 <stephenm> http://lifehacker.com/the-pocketc-h-i-p-is-the-handheld-linux-machine-ive-be-1783247338

 04:04 <stephenm> ^ interesting

 04:04 <stephenm> Canonical-Pivotal Partnership Makes Ubuntu Preferred Linux Distro for Cloud Foundry

 04:04 <stephenm> https://www.linux.com/news/canonical-pivotal-partnership-makes-ubuntu-preferred-linux-distro-cloud-foundry

 04:05 <wmack> +1

 04:05 <stephenm> 10 Biggest Mistakes in Using Static Analysis

 04:05 <stephenm> https://dzone.com/articles/10-biggest-mistakes-in-using-static-analysis

 04:05 <toddc> evening wmack

 04:05 <stephenm> Can Desktop Linux Conquer its Challenges?

 04:05 <stephenm> http://www.datamation.com/open-source/can-desktop-linux-conquer-its-challenges.html

 04:05 <stephenm> Who needs a GUI? How to live in a Linux terminal.

 04:05 <stephenm> http://www.networkworld.com/article/3091139/linux/who-needs-a-gui-how-to-live-in-a-linux-terminal.html

 04:05 <stephenm> ^ The truth of Linux

 04:05 <stephenm> Btrfs — Getting Started With This Cutting Edge Linux Filesystem

 04:05 <stephenm> http://fossbytes.com/btrfs-linux-filesystem-getting-started/

 04:06 <stephenm> The Wi-Fi network edge leads in an SDN world

 04:06 <stephenm> http://www.networkworld.com/article/3092408/wi-fi/the-wi-fi-network-edge-leads-in-an-sdn-world.html

 04:06 <stephenm> Kubernetes 1.3 Steps Up for Hybrid Clouds

 04:06 <stephenm> http://www.lightreading.com/enterprise-cloud/kubernetes-13-steps-up-for-hybrid-clouds/d/d-id/724595

 04:06 <stephenm> Container Trends: Plans, Orchestration and CI – A Dataset from Bitnami

 04:06 <stephenm> http://redmonk.com/fryan/2016/06/21/container-trends-plans-orchestration-and-ci-a-dataset-from-bitnami/

 04:06 <stephenm> NethServer 7 Gets Shared Folder Refactoring, Let’s Encrypt Support, and New Look

 04:06 <stephenm> http://news.softpedia.com/news/nethserver-7-beta-1-brings-shared-folder-refactoring-new-virtual-host-panel-506077.shtml

 04:06 <stephenm> Raspberry Pi SD Card Image is too big for another SD Card

 04:06 <stephenm> http://www.howopensource.com/2016/03/resize-raspberry-sd-card-image/

 04:07 <stephenm> That's all the news for tonight folks

 04:07 <MajB> Thanks stephenm.

 04:07 <toddc> Great job stephenm!

 04:07 <stephenm> you're all welcome

 04:07 <toddc> We have a team projects if anyone would like to take on a project

 04:07 <toddc> Team Projects Page

 04:07 <toddc> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ArizonaTeam/TeamProjects

 04:08 <toddc> We are still getting lots of hits on azloco.org since we started posting articles and would like to continue to add articles.

 04:08 <MajB> You might add that Ubuntu 15.10 will reach EOL on 28 July.  Good bye Wiley Werewolf

 04:08 <toddc> See any team member for access to the blogs and any that should be moved to the front page let us know about it.

 04:08 <toddc> LINUX QUOTES/JOKES

 04:09 <toddc> Why did the text file agree to modify its contents?

 04:09 <toddc> Because -i sed so!

 04:09 <stephenm> good one

 04:09 <MajB> Nooooo

 04:09 <toddc> If you sell a very old PC with LMDE on it…

 04:09 <toddc> ...can you still say it's in mint condition?

 04:10 <toddc> Local Linux Jobs

 04:10 <toddc> Software Developer and Technical Support Specialist and Java dev

 04:10 <toddc> https://clareitysecurity.com/careers/

 04:10 <toddc> Sr. Software Developer

 04:10 <toddc> http://www.picmonic.com/pages/careers/software-developer/

 04:10 <toddc> 41 current canonical Jobs today

 04:10 <toddc> http://www.canonical.com/careers/all-vacancies

 04:11 <toddc> Sr. Software Developer

 04:11 <toddc> http://www.picmonic.com/pages/careers/software-developer/

 04:11 <toddc> Operating Systems Engineer 4

 04:11 <toddc> Wells Fargo

 04:11 <toddc> Operating Systems Engineer 4

 04:12 <toddc> Runs LINUX

 04:12 <toddc> Raspberry Pi sprinkler controller which I’m working on. I’m borrowing it to use as a fireworks controller since it’s just a relay controller.

 04:12 <toddc> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WBZ5bPL79hg

 04:12 <toddc> Weekly Desktop app Pick

 04:12 <toddc> Free and Open Source messaging and emailing app that combines common web applications into one.

 04:12 <toddc> http://rambox.pro/

 04:12 <toddc> Spot Light

 04:13 <toddc> K3b is a full-featured, easy to use CD and DVD burner, copier, ripper and more.

 04:13 <toddc> https://www.kde.org/applications/multimedia/k3b/

 04:13 <toddc> TEAM SERVER NEWS

 04:13 <toddc> If you would like a Owncloud account on the team server contact any team admin

 04:13 <toddc> UP COMMING EVENTS is brought to us by MajB tonight!

 04:13 <MajB> AZLOCO Events and Activities:

 04:13 <MajB> Detailed information with map locations can be found on our web site http://azloco.org/node/28

 04:14 <MajB> 16 July, AZLOCO/PLUG Installfest/Linux Workshop, 1000-1600 University of Advancing Technology, 2625 W. Baseline Rd., Tempe.  Anyone can attend.

 04:14 <MajB> All are welcome.  We can install most Linux distributions on personal computers, servers, routers, raspberry pi's or almost anything running that linux can run on.  We are also happy to guide you through fixing problems, answer your questions or simply discuss Free and Open Source Software.  Bring your personal projects, help others with theirs, spend time assisting with installations or problem solving, or spend some time talking about Linu

 04:14 <MajB> 28 July, Sierra Vista Ubuntu Hour, 1800-1900, Schlotzsky's Cafe, 3900 Fry Blvd., Sierra Vista.  An hour to take time out of your busy schedule to relax, have a cup of coffee, talk about Ubuntu, Linux, and FOSS, and perhaps discover a different operating system for your personal computer that is free to download, free to install, free to use, and free to change to meet your own personal desires.

 04:14 <MajB> 28 July, Tempe Ubuntu Hour, 1900-2000, Xtreme Bean, 1707 E. Southern Ave., Tempe.  Come out and meet us or ask questions and learn Linux open source or just hang for a bit with other users!

 04:15 <MajB> 04 August, Tempe Ubuntu Hour, 1900-2100, Xtreme Bean, 1707 E. Southern Ave., Tempe.  Come out and meet us or ask questions and learn Linux open source or just hang for a bit with other users.

 04:15 <MajB> 06 August, AZLOCO/PLUG Installfest/Linux Workshop, 1000-1600 University of Advancing Technology, 2625 W. Baseline Rd., Tempe.  Anyone can attend.  All are welcome.  We can install most Linux distributions on personal computers, servers, routers, raspberry pi's or almost anything running that linux can run on.  We are also happy to guide you through fixing problems, answer your questions or simply discuss Free and Open Source Software.  Bring

 04:15 <MajB> And that is all for now.

 04:16 <toddc> in addition to the classes that stephanm has disccused

 04:16 <toddc> http://ubuntuonair.com/calendar but often not updated till the event starts

 04:16 <toddc> http://ubuntuonair.com/

 04:16 <toddc> Ubuntu Community Team Q&A

 04:16 <toddc> When Tue, July 12, 8-9am

 04:16 <toddc> Where#ubuntu-on-air on irc.freenode.net

 04:16 <stephenm> What classes did I discuss?

 04:16 <toddc> xHans would you like to do the Plug news and events?

 04:17 <toddc> stephenm: last week

 04:17 <toddc> opps two weeks ago

 04:18 <toddc> 1sec

 04:19 <xHans> toddc: in a couple minutes

 04:19 <toddc> kk we can come back to that

 04:19 <MajB> AZ LUG Activities.

 04:19 <MajB> Detailed information for each LUG activity with map locations can be found at http://www.azloco.org/node/225

 04:19 <xHans> toddc: danke

 04:19 <MajB> Linux User Group of Yavapai Countu (LUGY) (social gathering) on 12 July 6:30-9:30 pm.  Bill's Pizza, 107 S. Cortez St., Prescott, AZ.

 04:19 <MajB> Cochise Linux User Group meeting on 13 July 5-6 pm.  University of Arizona, Sierra Vista campus, room C165A, 1140 Colombo Ave., Sierra Vista, AZ.

 04:20 <MajB> Sunland Linux User Group (SLUG) meeting on 13 July 6-8 pm.  Sunland Village East, The Computer Club Training Facility, 2145 S. Farnsworth Dr., Mesa, AZ.

 04:20 <MajB> Cochise Linux User Group meeting on 23 July 2-3:45 pm.  Sierra Vista Public Library, conference room, 2600 E. Tacoma St., Sierra Vista AZ.

 04:20 <MajB> Tucson Computer Society, Linux Special Interest Group meeting on 24 July 3-5 pm.  Adam D. Technology, 71 W. Jacinto St., Tucson, AZ.

 04:21 <MajB> Phoenix2600 meeting on 05 August 6-7 pm.  HeatSync Labs, 140 W. Main St., Mesa AZ.

 04:21 <MajB> I also have the PLUG events.

 04:21 <toddc> FUTURE EVENTS

 04:21 <toddc> Any thoughts on other events or projects???

 04:22 <xHans> toddc: ok, ready, thanks for waiting

 04:22 <toddc> over to xHans

 04:22 <xHans> danke

 04:22 <xHans> Thursday is this month's PLUG east side meeting

 04:22 <xHans> https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/118370136707822714534/events/cpcu6sisqfnska6i2oh57lfj5jo

 04:22 <xHans> Topic: Resume Writing for Tech

 04:22 <xHans> We are still working to confirm the talk on software defined networking

 04:22 <xHans> September is cloud computing

 04:23 <xHans> We do not yet have talks/workshops for August, so let me know if you would like to present or have a request for a particular topic

 04:23 <xHans> A week from Tuesday is this month's Free Software Stammtisch

 04:23 <xHans> There will be a job networking event at 18:00 before Stammtisch

 04:23 <xHans> Job Networking @ 18:00 - https://plus.google.com/events/c08q616kkm8935voa69t5fnbg1k

 04:23 <xHans> Stammtisch @ 19:00 - https://plus.google.com/events/cj9mck7885spmspke7r6r6g6bls

 04:23 <xHans> that's it, thanks, as always, for the cross-group cooperation!

 04:23 <toddc> Thank you xHans for all the assistance and plug events

 04:24 <toddc> great meeting tonight that is all I have anyone have anything else?

 04:24 <toddc> Thanks for coming here tonight I will be here for a while if you have any questions

 04:24 <toddc> #endmeeting

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