June 1, 2014 Meeting


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 * #Ubuntu-US-AZ: AZLoco meeting, 02 Jun at 03:58 — 04:31 UTC
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''LINK:'' https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-us-az
''LINK:'' http://discourse.ubuntu.com/t/category-definition-for-ubuntu-arizona/1209
''LINK:'' http://www.zdnet.com/hands-on-linux-mint-17-release-candidate-7000029556/
''LINK:'' http://www.jonobacon.org/2014/05/29/last-day-today/
''LINK:'' http://www.xprize.org/
''LINK:'' http://ubuntuportal.com/2014/05/how-to-install-cinnamon-2-2-in-ubuntu-14-04-lts.html
''LINK:'' http://www.linux-magazine.com/Online/Blogs/Productivity-Sauce/Automated-Photo-Sharing-with-Photocrumbs
''LINK:'' http://www.zdnet.com/corporations-put-their-cash-where-their-open-source-security-is-7000030023/
''LINK:'' http://www.openlogic.com/wazi/bid/346071/how-to-work-libreoffice-into-your-book-creation-process
''LINK:'' http://www.linux.com/news/featured-blogs/185-jennifer-cloer/774905-linus-torvalds-reads-mean-tweets
''LINK:'' http://www.everydaylinuxuser.com/2014/05/an-everyday-linux-user-review-of-makulu.html
''LINK:'' http://opensource.com/education/14/4/open-source-public-libraries
''LINK:'' http://www.datamation.com/news/tech-comics-herding-cats-or-developers-1.html
''LINK:'' https://opensource.com/education/14/1/upgrade-to-open-source-in-schools?sc_cid=70160000000c9pPAAQ
''LINK:'' http://thelinuxworks.blogspot.com/2014/05/32-bit-enterpise-linux-still-matters.html
''LINK:'' http://www.linuxtoday.com/storage/encrypted-backup-solution-home-paranoia-edition.html
''LINK:'' http://linuxgizmos.com/tiniest-linux-com-yet/
''LINK:'' http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/05/20/protonmail-privacy-email_n_5352530.html
''LINK:'' http://www.forbes.com/sites/hollieslade/2014/05/19/the-only-email-system-the-nsa-cant-access/
''LINK:'' http://www.webupd8.org/2014/05/suspicious-truecrypt-announcement.html
''LINK:'' http://www.geek.com/microsoft/linux-users-rejoice-heres-ubuntu-on-the-surface-pro-3-1594864/
''LINK:'' http://forums.linuxmint.com/viewtopic.php?f=46&p=867113&sid=f4df80dadf86805a8e1075af655c3024#p867113
''LINK:'' http://seclists.org/fulldisclosure/2012/May/45
''LINK:'' http://news.softpedia.com/news/TrueCrypt-Not-Dead-Forked-and-Relocated-to-Switzerland-444447.shtml
''LINK:'' http://www.internetnews.com/blog/skerner/php-5-5-13-updated-for-two-security-vulnerabilities.html
''LINK:'' http://gs.statcounter.com/#desktop-os-ww-monthly-201304-201404
''LINK:'' http://www.canonical.com/careers/all-vacancies
''LINK:'' http://www.ashleyellis.com
''LINK:'' https://www.smartrecruiters.com/ZIVELO1/77079824-inc-500-5000-tech-company-seeks-technical-support-network-specialist
''LINK:'' https://apply.hrmdirect.com/resumedirect/ApplyOnline/Apply.aspx?req_id=enc-15.540135124685401&source=172528-CS-1983
''LINK:'' http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wRZn7_lpD2U&feature=youtu.be&t=3m44s
''LINK:'' http://libertyzero.com/GEncfsM/
''LINK:'' http://xtremebeancoffee.com this a 1-2 hour social hour to
meet new/old users and chat about linux and
''LINK:'' http://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2014/03/2400-introduction-to-linux-course-will-be-free-and-online-this-summer/
use the code free
''LINK:'' http://training.linuxfoundation.org/linux-courses/find-linux-training-courses?pi_ad_id=28105463074&gclid=CLGF-uSA8r0CFQWTfgodXIcA7A
''LINK:'' http://ubuntuonair.com/
''LINK:'' http://ubuntuonair.com/calendar/
''LINK:'' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MlHZrljS6rk

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 * toddc (133)
 * FernHans (6)
 * pavlos (6)
 * TuxMann (3)
 * meetingology (3)
 * MajB (2)
 * turbidtux (2)
 * markthomas (1)
 * adrenaline_ (1)

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 03:58 <toddc> #startmeeting AZLoco meeting

 03:58 <meetingology> Meeting started Mon Jun  2 03:58:04 2014 UTC.
The chair is toddc. Information about MeetBot at

 03:58 <meetingology>

 03:58 <meetingology> Available commands: action commands idea info link nick

 03:59 <toddc> 1 min

 03:59 <TuxMann> Well it gets pretty coroded inside because of the salt.

 04:00 <TuxMann> Replacing the battery & removing the salt was key to
restoring the phone to a good enough condition that I could remove the

 04:01 <toddc> Welcome to AZLOCO IRC Meeting Please sign in with a +1

 04:01 <TuxMann> +1

 04:01 <turbidtux> ++1

 04:01 <toddc> +1

 04:01 <MajB> +1

 04:01 <toddc> I hope everyone had a good Memorial Day weekend last week

 04:02 <toddc> Star Date 92020.68

 04:02 <pavlos> +1

 04:02 <toddc> Team wiki site  is https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ArizonaTeam

 04:02 <toddc> Team Website is http://azloco.org/ IRC stats

 04:02 <toddc> Team membership http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=445980

 04:02 <toddc> https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-us-az

 04:02 <toddc> Team events portal http://loco.ubuntu.com/teams/ubuntu-arizona/

 04:02 <toddc> http://discourse.ubuntu.com/t/category-definition-for-ubuntu-arizona/1209

 04:03 <toddc> Feel free to make comments and add input to our meeting
at anytime.

 04:03 <toddc> some of us are in https://azlocobbb.banditti.com if you
want to see us or talk to us

 04:03 <toddc> lets start with the news!!

 04:03 <toddc> thanks to turbixtux  for the news articles

 04:03 <toddc> LINUX  NEWS

 04:03 <toddc> Hands On: Linux Mint 17 Release Candidate

 04:03 <toddc> http://www.zdnet.com/hands-on-linux-mint-17-release-candidate-7000029556/

 04:04 <toddc> Jono Bacon the long time community manager is moving to
Xprize for a new position

 04:04 <toddc> http://www.jonobacon.org/2014/05/29/last-day-today/

 04:04 <toddc> http://www.xprize.org/

 04:04 <toddc> How to Install Cinnamon 2.2 in Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

 04:04 <toddc> http://ubuntuportal.com/2014/05/how-to-install-cinnamon-2-2-in-ubuntu-14-04-lts.html

 04:04 <toddc> Automated Photo Sharing with Photocrumbs

 04:04 <toddc> http://www.linux-magazine.com/Online/Blogs/Productivity-Sauce/Automated-Photo-Sharing-with-Photocrumbs

 04:04 <toddc> Linux Foundation's CII Funds Efforts to Prevent the
Next Heartbleed

 04:05 <toddc> Corporations put their cash where their open source security is

 04:05 <toddc> http://www.zdnet.com/corporations-put-their-cash-where-their-open-source-security-is-7000030023/

 04:05 <toddc> How to work LibreOffice into your book creation process

 04:05 <toddc> http://www.openlogic.com/wazi/bid/346071/how-to-work-libreoffice-into-your-book-creation-process

 04:05 <toddc> Linus Torvalds Reads Mean Tweets

 04:06 <toddc> http://www.linux.com/news/featured-blogs/185-jennifer-cloer/774905-linus-torvalds-reads-mean-tweets

 04:06 <toddc> An Everyday Linux User Review of Makulu Linux 6 -
Imperium Edition

 04:06 <toddc> http://www.everydaylinuxuser.com/2014/05/an-everyday-linux-user-review-of-makulu.html

 04:06 <toddc> How to introduce open source to your public library

 04:06 <toddc> http://opensource.com/education/14/4/open-source-public-libraries

 04:06 <toddc> Tech Comics: Herding Cats (or Developers)

 04:06 <toddc> http://www.datamation.com/news/tech-comics-herding-cats-or-developers-1.html

 04:06 <markthomas> (for the record, I'm here.  I was just a few minutes late)

 04:07 <toddc> glad you made it

 04:07 <toddc> Where to start: Upgrading your school system to open source

 04:07 <toddc> https://opensource.com/education/14/1/upgrade-to-open-source-in-schools?sc_cid=70160000000c9pPAAQ

 04:07 <toddc> 32-bit Enterprise Linux Still Matters

 04:07 <toddc> http://thelinuxworks.blogspot.com/2014/05/32-bit-enterpise-linux-still-matters.html

 04:08 <toddc> TrueCrypt Open-Source Disk-Encryption Project Shuts Down

 04:08 <toddc> http://www.eweek.com/blogs/security-watch/truecrypt-open-source-disk-encryption-project-shuts-down.html#sthash.mmei7DAb.dpuf

 04:08 <toddc> Encrypted Backup Solution "Home Paranoia Edition"

 04:08 <toddc> http://www.linuxtoday.com/storage/encrypted-backup-solution-home-paranoia-edition.html

 04:08 <toddc> Tiniest Linux COM yet?

 04:08 <toddc> http://linuxgizmos.com/tiniest-linux-com-yet/

 04:09 <toddc> These Harvard And MIT Kids Say They've Made NSA-Proof Email

 04:09 <toddc> http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/05/20/protonmail-privacy-email_n_5352530.html

 04:09 <toddc> The Only Email System The NSA Can't Access

 04:09 <toddc> http://www.forbes.com/sites/hollieslade/2014/05/19/the-only-email-system-the-nsa-cant-access/

 04:10 <toddc> Suspicious TrueCrypt Announcement Declares The Tool
Insecure, Development Stopped

 04:10 <toddc> http://www.webupd8.org/2014/05/suspicious-truecrypt-announcement.html

 04:10 <toddc> Linux users rejoice, here’s Ubuntu on the Surface Pro 3

 04:10 <toddc> http://www.geek.com/microsoft/linux-users-rejoice-heres-ubuntu-on-the-surface-pro-3-1594864/

 04:10 <toddc> Installing Linux Mint 17 on Pentium M Processors

 04:11 <toddc> http://forums.linuxmint.com/viewtopic.php?f=46&p=867113&sid=f4df80dadf86805a8e1075af655c3024#p867113

 04:11 <toddc> Ubuntu, Linux Mint, and the Guest Account

 04:11 <toddc> http://seclists.org/fulldisclosure/2012/May/45

 04:11 <toddc> TrueCrypt Not Dead, Forked and Relocated to Switzerland

 04:11 <toddc> http://news.softpedia.com/news/TrueCrypt-Not-Dead-Forked-and-Relocated-to-Switzerland-444447.shtml

 04:12 <toddc> PHP 5.5.13 Updated for Two Security Vulnerabilities

 04:12 <toddc> http://www.internetnews.com/blog/skerner/php-5-5-13-updated-for-two-security-vulnerabilities.html

 04:12 <toddc> Stat Counter's' April 2014 data,

 04:12 <toddc> http://gs.statcounter.com/#desktop-os-ww-monthly-201304-201404

 04:12 <toddc> TEAM NEWS

 04:12 <toddc> canceled events due to holidays

 04:13 <toddc> Saturday 7/5   installfest (4th July weekend)

 04:13 <toddc> Sunday 7/6  weekly meeting (4th July weekend)

 04:13 <toddc> Sunday 8/31 weekly meeting (Labor day weekend)

 04:13 <toddc> We are helping Michal Havens start a Cottonwood linux
group  if anyone has a interest please let me know.

 04:14 <toddc> Ubuntu 14.04 DVD's are In and ready to passout

 04:14 <toddc> Archfan has built another Big Blue Button server on the
team proxmox server but we need some routing issues fixed if someone
has a few minutes

 04:14 <toddc> we would like to congratulate on markthomas being the
new team leader

 04:15 <adrenaline_> +1 barely

 04:15 <toddc> ok no comments or objections +1

 04:15 <MajB> congratulations mark

 04:15 <toddc> JOB list

 04:16 <toddc> 42 current canonical Jobs they are adding more each day

 04:16 <toddc> http://www.canonical.com/careers/all-vacancies


 04:16 <toddc> http://www.ashleyellis.com

 04:16 <toddc> Tech Company Seeks Technical Support & Network Specialist

 04:16 <toddc> https://www.smartrecruiters.com/ZIVELO1/77079824-inc-500-5000-tech-company-seeks-technical-support-network-specialist

 04:16 <toddc> SENIOR SYSTEMS ENGINEER ViaWest, Inc., a super-regional
provider of colocation and cloud solutions

 04:16 <toddc> https://apply.hrmdirect.com/resumedirect/ApplyOnline/Apply.aspx?req_id=enc-15.540135124685401&source=172528-CS-1983

 04:17 <toddc> Runs LINUX

 04:17 <toddc> Announcing, 21st Century Robot "Jimmy"

 04:17 <toddc> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wRZn7_lpD2U&feature=youtu.be&t=3m44s

 04:18 <toddc> Linux App of the week

 04:18 <toddc> Gnome Encfs Manager

 04:18 <toddc> http://libertyzero.com/GEncfsM/

 04:18 <toddc> TEAM SERVER NEWS

 04:19 <toddc> wmack  has redesigned the azloco.org page I hope it is
to everyone's likeing

 04:19 <toddc> markthomas has re routed azloco to make it available everywhere

 04:19 <toddc> we still need to locate a data center to host team projects

 04:19 <toddc> we have started adding users to the Owncloud server
talk to wmack or toddc for accounts

 04:19 <turbidtux> Todds house

 04:20 <toddc> EVENTS

 04:20 <toddc> WEST SIDE UBUNTU HOUR

 04:20 <toddc> West side Ubuntu hour will be June 4th 7pm – 9pm

 04:20 <toddc> Starbucks Coffee 13472 West Bell Road, Surprise, AZ
85374, USA http://www.azloco.org/?q=node/28, Arizona

 04:21 <toddc> If you are interested in Linux Ubuntu or open source
Stop by and say hi to some other users and find

 04:21 <toddc> out who what and where and how. to install use and
promote Linux and open source.

 04:21 <toddc> There were 6 people at the  May event.

 04:21 <toddc> TEMPE INSTALL-FEST

 04:21 <toddc> The next Azloco/plug installfest is Saturday June 7
that UAT 2625 W Baseline Rd 85283 Tempe across from Fry's Electronics
10AM to 4PM Room 206/207 this month 48st and Baseline Rd enter from
the rear of the

 04:22 <toddc> front building.  For more information see calender at

 04:22 <toddc> We will also be streaming all events on

 04:22 <toddc> If you have time or want to meet any of us or have
problems feel free to show up

 04:22 <toddc> TEMPE UBUNTU HOUR

 04:22 <toddc> Thursday June 26 is the next Ubuntu Hour at Extreame in
Tempe southern and McClintock

 04:22 <toddc> http://xtremebeancoffee.com this a 1-2 hour social hour
to meet new/old users and chat about linux and

 04:22 <toddc> last wee had 4 of us there

 04:23 <toddc> Training

 04:23 <toddc> Linux Intro Course Available Online for Free from edX
and The Linux Foundation Starts Aug 1 2014

 04:23 <toddc> http://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2014/03/2400-introduction-to-linux-course-will-be-free-and-online-this-summer/
use the code free

 04:24 <toddc> http://training.linuxfoundation.org/linux-courses/find-linux-training-courses?pi_ad_id=28105463074&gclid=CLGF-uSA8r0CFQWTfgodXIcA7A

 04:24 <toddc> I hear it is so popular they are adding more classes this fall

 04:24 <toddc> ubuntu on-air

 04:24 <toddc> http://ubuntuonair.com/

 04:24 <toddc> http://ubuntuonair.com/calendar/

 04:25 <toddc> Charm school June 6 noon local time

 04:25 <toddc> Any thoughts on other events or projects???

 04:25 <pavlos> there is a SouthWest Security Forum tomorrow at UAT.

 04:26 <toddc> I may try to go to prescott LUGY meeting on may 10th if possible

 04:26 <toddc> cool pavlos do you have a link or other info?

 04:26 <pavlos> South West Security Professionals Forum

 04:26 <pavlos> Monday June 2, 2014 � 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM

 04:26 <pavlos> I dont have a link

 04:27 <pavlos> I can fwd the email to you todd

 04:27 <toddc> ok I will look later for details

 04:27 <toddc> cool thanks pavlos

 04:28 <toddc> FernHans:

 04:28 <FernHans> moin moin

 04:28 <FernHans> video of Larry's last talk for PLUG, on Full Circle Magazine

 04:28 <FernHans> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MlHZrljS6rk

 04:28 <toddc> cool

 04:29 <FernHans> it has a nice intro from Brian

 04:29 <FernHans> PLUG east side meeting a week from Thursday

 04:29 <FernHans> and that's it for tonight

 04:30 <toddc> anyone have anything else?

 04:30 <toddc> Thanks for coming here tonight I will be hear here for
a while if you have any questions

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