March 03, 2013 Meeting


21:00 toddc2 Welcome to AZLOCO IRC Meeting Please sign in with a +1
21:00 spinrage +1
21:00 toddc2 +1
21:00 _ericcc +1, from a new house, wooohoooo!
21:01 Rich_ +1
21:01 toddc2 congrats let the remodel commence
21:01 lostpixy +1
21:01 MikeofMany +1
21:01 _ericcc hi lostpixy
21:01 toddc2 Team wiki site
21:01 lostpixy hi 
21:01 toddc2 Team Website is
21:01 pjdamws +1
21:01 toddc2 Team membership
21:02 toddc2 Feel free to make comments and add input to our meeting at anytime.
21:02 _ericcc toddc2: no joke, who wants to help build an office?
21:02 turbidtux +1
21:02 toddc2 some of us are in if you want to see us or talk to us
21:02 toddc2 Anybody here that is new tonight?
21:02 toddc2 Please introduce yourself and tell us a bit about your self
21:03 toddc2 UBUNTU NEWS
21:03 toddc2 Dazed_75 is out of town but he did send in the news
21:03 toddc2 Shuttleworth embraces tablet terror: Our PC biz will survive too
21:03 toddc2
21:03 toddc2 Detailed error handling in Bash
21:03 toddc2
21:04 toddc2 NDISwrapper 1.58 now runs on newer kernels
21:04 toddc2
21:04 toddc2 How to easily diagnose your network with mtr in Linux
21:04 toddc2
21:04 toddc2 The HTG guide to getting started with Raspberry Pi
21:04 toddc2
21:04 toddc2 And now, Ubuntu for tablets - Wait, What?
21:04 toddc2
21:05 ththandle +1
21:05 toddc2 hi
21:05 toddc2 How to disable Secure Boot in Windows 8
21:05 toddc2
21:05 ththandle hi toddc2
21:05 toddc2 How to automate opening apps into separate workspaces in GNOME
21:05 toddc2
21:05 toddc2 The GUI you never knew you had: The X-window system
21:05 toddc2
21:06 toddc2 Chinese Linux distro seeks place in Ubuntu family
21:06 toddc2
21:06 toddc2 Ubuntu Touch up and running on Samsung Galaxy S III
21:06 toddc2
21:06 toddc2 Ubuntu Touch Developer Preview coming to more devices soon
21:06 toddc2
21:06 toddc2 How to install Ubuntu Touch on Nexus devices
21:06 toddc2
21:07 toddc2 How to reinstall Android after trying Ubuntu Touch
21:07 toddc2
21:07 toddc2 How to flash Ubuntu Touch from Windows
21:07 toddc2
21:07 toddc2 Ubuntu Touch Developer Preview rolls out daily builds
21:07 toddc2 Unity stacks application "Drawers" updated with new active drawers feature
21:07 toddc2
21:08 toddc2 Everpad 2.5 released with note sharing, filter by tags, and more
21:08 toddc2
21:08 toddc2 CopyQ: Interesting clipboard manager with advanced features
21:08 toddc2
21:08 toddc2 Bumblebee 3.1 released with Primus support (Nvidia Optimus GPU switching)
21:08 toddc2
21:08 toddc2 Torvalds blasts Howells and Garrett over secure boot
21:08 toddc2 garrett-   over-secure-boot
21:08 toddc2  to-deep-throat-microsoft/
21:09 toddc2 Torvalds clarifies Linux's Windows 8 Secure Boot position
21:09 toddc2
21:09 toddc2 Secure Boot: Linux is at Microsoft's mercy?
21:09 toddc2 distro-keys
21:09 toddc2 How the Open Invention Network protects Linux and open source (Video)
21:09 toddc2
21:09 toddc2 Get weather info in the terminal
21:09 toddc2
21:09 toddc2 VirtualBox update fixes a number of problems
21:09 toddc2
21:10 toddc2 The perfect server - Ubuntu 12.10 [Ed: remember every distro they customize is called "perfect"]
21:10 toddc2
21:10 toddc2 Google working on Android based on Linux 3.8
21:10 toddc2
21:10 toddc2 MWC panel discussion includes Mark Shuttleworth talking about Ubuntu Touch
21:10 toddc2
21:10 toddc2 Managing CRON jobs in Linux
21:10 toddc2
21:11 toddc2 The differences between the various audio file formats
21:11 toddc2
21:11 toddc2 Official Ubuntu rolling release proposal
21:11 toddc2
21:11 toddc2
21:11 toddc2 How to rename multiple files with "rename"
21:11 toddc2
21:11 toddc2 Why watching DVDs on Linux is illegal in the USA and how to fix it
21:11 toddc2
21:11 toddc2 that was a good article
21:12 toddc2 How to backup your Gmail account to your Ubuntu PC
21:12 toddc2
21:12 toddc2 How can I tell which Chrome tab is chewing up all my memory?
21:12 toddc2
21:12 toddc2 GIMP Guides: How to get the most out of a great free graphics application
21:12 toddc2
21:12 toddc2 and don't forget
21:12 toddc2 9 Best tools for Linux Admin
21:12 toddc2
21:13 toddc2 Steam Client officially hits Ubuntu Software Center, all games discounted 50-75% for a limited time
21:13 toddc2 Dell's 'Sputnik' Ubuntu Linux laptop gets a key upgrade
21:13 toddc2
21:13 toddc2 Secure Boot comes to Ubuntu 12.04.2 LTS
21:13 toddc2 Any comments?
21:14 toddc2 TEAM NEWS
21:14 toddc2 turbidtuxhas agreed to to do some team pr and news and general wiki clean up please thank him and give him a hand if you have some extra time
21:14 toddc2 JOB LIST
21:15 toddc2 Virtualization Engineer
21:15 toddc2
21:15 toddc2 Several openings at Limelight Networks
21:15 toddc2
21:15 toddc2 Senior Network Engineer at our Teams Data center they have several openings to fill
21:15 toddc2
21:15 toddc2 NEW MEMBERS
21:15 toddc2 Turbidtux joined this week
21:16 toddc2 please say hi and welcome them if you see them around--he is here!!
21:16 toddc2 Android App Pick
21:16 toddc2 SyncMe Wireless
21:16 toddc2
21:16 toddc2 Linux app of the week
21:17 toddc2 SpotWeb
21:17 toddc2
21:17 toddc2 UBUNTU HOUR
21:17 toddc2 Thursday March 28 is the next Ubuntu Hour at Extreme Bean in Tempe southern and McClintock
21:17 toddc2
21:17 toddc2 this a 1-2 hour social hour to meet new/old users and chat about linux and open source. Stop by and say hi!
21:17 toddc2 we are also close to announcing a Tuscan Ubuntu hour possibly next month
21:18 toddc2 TEAM MEETING
21:18 toddc2 We are in the process of adding a Monthly Team Meeting ericc do you have any comments?
21:18 ththandle _ericcc: We are waiting
21:19 turbidtux Ubuntu Hour: If any one would like to have UH in another location, please advise...
21:19 toddc2 EricC will be heading that up team meetings
21:19 toddc2 as we get farther along 
21:19 _ericcc no sorry
21:20 _ericcc yeah as soon as i get internets back
21:20 _ericcc <- this guy failed to set it up for the new place
21:21 toddc2 it would be real cool to have a ubuntu hour up north---np _ericcc we understand
21:21 toddc2 moving and all
21:21 turbidtux just thought people might like burgers instead of coffee...
21:22 ththandle toddc2: I will need to talk with you in the am can you irc with me in the morning?
21:22 toddc2 AHH I missed that yes we have a alternate location to use for the ubuntu hour so the question is keep it where it is or move to a restaurant in Tempe 
21:23 ththandle and did ryan go over what happened with the ethical hackers meeting this week?
21:23 toddc2 ththandle: yes I will be availible
21:23 toddc2 no I did not here anything at all
21:23 ththandle ok what time and I will talk?!
21:23 toddc2 any
21:24 ththandle ok I pick 8am
21:24 toddc2 kk 
21:24 toddc2 Azloco/plug Desktop Emphasis installfest is April 6 at UAT 10am to 4 PM 2625 W Baseline Rd 85283 Tempe across from Fry's Electronics 10AM to 4M 2625 W Baseline Rd 85283 Room 208 st and Baseline Rd enter from the rear of the front building. 
21:25 toddc2 We will also be streaming all events on but until we get organized
21:25 toddc2 I will start as soon as possible after events start but due to setup time I hope to find others to run it as we get bigger. This will let other's participate and be more active state/world wide but will take time to develop and and get the word out.
21:25 ththandle and as far as the ethical hackers go, there was a good show of support. we picked our officers and there is lots of support for doing projects.
21:25 toddc2 cool would you like to tell everyone here about it?
21:26 ththandle I decided though that I will devote more of my time to the azloco group as I realized I was spreading myself to thin with both groups.
21:27 xHans ththandle: did the group decide on regular meetings or anything?
21:27 turbidtux I was hoping the two groups could work some projects together....
21:27 ththandle Ryan is the Presdident and we have acquired new equipment for the hackers group but it i has yet to be determined where they want to set up the equipment.
21:27 xHans ththandle: ok
21:28 toddc2 great news
21:28 xHans turbidtux: I would like all the groups to work together to some extent
21:28 ththandle That will be a focus of mine going forward but I will work with Ryan to help keep the info lines open.
21:28 turbidtux cool
21:28 toddc2 we do plan to I did miss the first meeting but hope to help in some way
21:29 toddc2 Tagose planning and development meeting on March 9 10am-4 pm 2625 W Baseline Rd 85283 Room 208 across the street from Fry's Electronics
21:29 toddc2 The next Server Emphasis Installfest will be Saturday March 16 at UAT 10AM to 4M 2625 W Baseline Rd 85283 Room 208 across the street from Fry's Electronics enter from the rear of the front building we will do desktops/laptops as time permits
21:29 ththandle The base issue is that the group wants to stay focused on security and we are about open software. there are many ways that we can work together though.
21:29 toddc2 For more info see calender at 
21:30 toddc2 Please note that that we have had to cancel the April 13th installfest since UAT will be need all of there rooms that day.
21:30 toddc2 UBUNTU TRAINING
21:31 toddc2 several ubuntu google hangouts this week
21:31 xHans ththandle: every part of the stack has security implications
21:31 toddc2 ubuntu deveopment hang out tuesday
21:31 ththandle toddc2: I will be passing this info on to the Ethical hackers group.
21:31 toddc2 Jono Bacon O&A wedsday
21:31 toddc2 ththandle: great 
21:32 ththandle xHans: you are so right, we should have you in as a speaker to highlight that fact .
21:32 toddc2 FUTURE EVENTS 
21:32 toddc2 Any thoughts on other events or projects???
21:32 _ericcc yeah
21:32 xHans ththandle: cool, I'll demonstrate how to poorly plan out security
21:32 ththandle time permitting
21:33 toddc2 giggiles
21:33 turbidtux 12456
21:33 xHans 8673509
21:33 toddc2 xHans would you like to tell us about other events?
21:33 xHans wonders how many here recognize that one
21:33 xHans toddc: sure
21:33 _ericcc i was thinking we could do a install video, so anyone with video experience, send me an email. it has no rush but i will figure details before next week.
21:33 pjdamws turbidtux how did you guess my password
21:33 xHans PLUG east side is a week from Thursday
21:34 xHans we will probably be meeting at Iguana Macks
21:34 ththandle I loved the SCALE convention! I suggest everyone go to the next one. You really can't put it into words.
21:34 xHans that decision might have already been made, but I was out of town and offline for the weekend   and the voices in my head weren't coherent
21:34 toddc2 I heard from dennis there is a room at mcc
21:34 xHans ththandle: yeah, SCaLE is awesome
21:34 dennisk xHans: I think Colleen has a room in BA for us.
21:34 xHans toddc: I have room starting in April
21:35 xHans dennisk: campus is entirely closed on March 14th
21:35 turbidtux will the map be updated on the website?
21:35 ththandle great on the news dennisk
21:35 xHans dennisk: but, let's stay at MCC if we can. I was waiting for confirmation from Colleen
21:36 dennisk xHans: hab' schon vergessen.
21:36 xHans turbidtux: the map is done with hypnotic electrons, they'll tell you what we want you to see
21:36 xHans Stammtisch is two weeks from Tuesday
21:36 xHans it is definitely at Iguana Macks
21:36 xHans GNU/Linux security class starts in a couple of weeks at Mesa Community College
21:36 xHans take that class if you can because the old instructor sucked and the new guy rocks
21:37 xHans pokes the old instructor
21:37 xHans Ouch!
21:37 toddc2 you?
21:37 xHans perhaps
21:37 xHans The Student Ethical Hacker club has started at MCC
21:37 xHans the club has already been mentioned, but more will be announced when it's decided
21:38 xHans CactusCon is in a couple of weeks, but I'm too tired to look it up right now
21:38 turbidtux Sold out as far as I know....
21:39 toddc2 When: March 22, 2013 Where: Tempe, AZ Cost: Free
21:39 ththandle I will be taking that class next semester no doubt with the new instructor
21:39 xHans also, speaking of out of town conferences and the security class and the hackers club, and the keynote at CactusCon: DefCon is coming up this summer, I believe we'll have a decent sized contigent heading up
21:39 toddc2
21:39 xHans turbidtux: yeah, but it's a hacker's convention, figure out a way to hack your way in
21:40 xHans dress up as a waiter
21:40 turbidtux That would be Social Eng.
21:40 xHans hop in an upside down Dalek and pose as a trash can, etc.
21:40 xHans :)
21:40 toddc2 NO COMMENT
21:40 toddc2 Developer Meeting Thursday March 7 7-9pm
21:40 toddc2 University of Advancing Technology, 2625 West Baseline Road Tempe AZ 85283. This is close to the US 60 and Interstate 10 by Fry's Electronics. Meetings are held in room 245.
21:40 toddc2 The developer group is adding bar codes reading features to cheese
21:40 xHans I'm going to follow up with the CactusCon team directly and see if there will be room for more
21:41 xHans maybe I'll auction off my ticket
21:41 xHans oh, toddc, aside from bad jokes and other irrelelevancies I'm done
21:41 xHans thanks again for cross-promoting events!
21:41 toddc2 xHans Thanks for keeping us up to date on plug/training events and classes at local Colleges 
21:42 toddc2 that is all I have any questions or comments or other news or ideas?
21:42 xHans bbiab
21:42 dennisk LibrePlanet 2013: Commit Change is later this month in Boston. This is the annual membership meeting of FSF. More information at
21:42 toddc2 road trip?
21:43 dennisk toddc2: air trip more likely
21:43 toddc2 thanks dennisk
21:43 toddc2 I like my bike rides
21:44 toddc2 Thanks for coming tonight. I will be here a while if anyone needs help or has a question

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